Mission: Shady Business (In progress)

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Mission: Shady Business (In progress)

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 05, 2015 2:37 pm

Mission Briefing:
Mission Name: Shady Business
Mission Rank: Amateur
Location: Hyrule Town
There have been sightings of some "gangs" forming behind buildings and in alleyways. Rumor has it that these gangs are plotting to overtake the kingdom. Though rumors are rumors, so one cannot be too sure. Saki has been sent to investigate these matters and if it posses a threat against the kingdom/royal family, he will have to put a end to their plans.

And so Detective Saki sets out...

Requirements: 1200 words minimum
Player Count: 1
> 75 exp
> 70k Rupees if he puts an end to their plans
Word Count:
One big post, with 1200 words minimum
Mission Boss: Nope~


Oh man, guarding has never been this boring. I know, I know, Saki normally complains about how dull this job was but this day was the most boring day ever. All the other days seemed fun compared to this. Saki had no idea on why this day was so different to the others.. guess it was the fact that toady he was guarding indoors? Maybe? Outdoors was so much better, more things happened out there than in here. This was tiring and the scenery was pulling Saki's eye lids down, forcing him to go to sleep! But he had to fight against this feeling, as much as he wanted to submit to this tempting feeling which was calling to him, Saki decided to ignore it for if he were to get fired... finding another job would be a little difficult for a person like him. As he stared at a wall, he could overhear some fellow guards chatting amongst themselves beside him.

"Hey, apparently there's some group forming in this town that want to challenge the royal family..."
"What!? Oh man, if this crap is true then this is gonna lead to some intense stuff."
"No sh*t, Sherlock"

Saki couldn't help but smile. This was music to his ears! A possible fight was about to emerge and he'd surely be involved. Though he could only wait and hope that these rumors were true, since one can't be too sure about things people here in the streets nowadays. A few silent minutes passed and a man made his way down the staircase, he looked at Saki and signaled for him to come. Saki raised an eyebrow, why would someone want to talk to a creep like him? Whatever. He approached the man and followed him up some steps and into a room.

[color=#cc0000]"So, what is it..?"[/color] Saki would ask, before he would casually sit on a chair.
"I believe you're familiar with the rumors which have been going on, hm?" the man would say, before folding his arms, expecting for Saki to reply with a Yes.

Saki loved where this conversation was going, this man was going to reveal that the whole rumor was actually a fact. It was obvious. Saki replied with a nod, trying not to seem too excited or that would kind of disturb the man.


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