The first story (mission)

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The first story (mission)

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 10, 2015 9:47 pm

The inmates of the Grey Rock prison were released from their chains three times a month. During this time they are escorted by armed guards into a cramped room where they were allowed to talk and commune for three hours before they would be taken one by one back to their cells.

Thomas grunted in relief as his breathtakingly tight shackles were removed. He had heavy marks on his wrists that were on the brink of bleeding and scabbing up. the marks he had here would be on his body and on his soul for the rest of his life. He got poked in the back with a spear and was lead by torchlight by three heavily armed men who's sole job here was to make everyone miserable, prevent escape, and keep the inmates from dieing. If you got sent to grey rock, a place that very few people in Hyrule even knew about, then you were not to be executed, you would live out the rest of your days in pain and suffering before you pass.

As he was lead through the winding cooradoors he could practically lead the guards there himself. The entire underground section of the prison, where all of the cells were. Was made like a maze, but ten years and three hundred and sixty trips meant he knew these paths like the back of his hand. Still, he got jabbed with a spear in the back whenever he went in the direction he knew that lead to the meeting place, then lead in a different few paths until they walked right down the one he had suggested, it was not that the guards did not know their way, they had maps and torches to find their way around, but they wanted him to be clueless. A younger guard smirked at him when they went through a bad path, it made him groan. It had worked for three years before he started a good mental map of the place. After fifteen minutes (he could probably have walked there himself in three) his back was bleeding lightly and he was lead into the meeting place.

The light was blinding to his eyes when he walked in. It was a small stone room on the ground floor. There was uncomfortable wooden chairs and tables everywhere, the chatter was a welcome sound to his ears. He was pushed in and a metal door was closed behind him, guards knew better than to come in here. If they tried to stop anything illegal from happening inside this room three times a month they would get their own teeth fed to them by the inmates, if they let them live. The prisoners knew whatever they did they would not be executed, and the extra rounds of beatings and short rations never seemed to persuade murderers, traitors, and master thieves to stop.

He sat down at the biggest table in the middle of the entire room, he had fought hard to get a good seat. One with all the splinters painstakingly picked out. Everyone here was a lifer and if you did not have the ability or the willpower to fight someone off with your bare hands when they came for your stuff. He knew everyone by their name, or rather, their nickname. Tony the fox was cunning, he was the mastermind of several daring robbery's and even once bragged to have stolen the kings crown and replaced it with a fake. There was steevy fast hands, a young kid who had been in here for the terrible crime of killing his entire family. He was shaky, and you could never leave anything you intended to keep around him because he was a known thief. Big Backato was a very tall Gerudo man, seven feet tall easily. If you needed protection, you got it from Bakato.

"Hey it's the masta." Said Steevy, eyeing his pockets to see if he had any stuff. They were friends, but a klepto was a klepto. Tony the fox was easily his best friend, he owned the prison economy and if you did something for him there was very little that he could not get you. He reached in from the seat next to him and shook his hand. "Hows it doing Tom? Shackles aren't cutting you anymore right?" Six months ago there was a guard that shunned any bribes from Tony, totally neglecting his part in the prison economy. Tom had broken his legs and in exchange he got some of the loosest chains in the place. They still hurt, but unlike the others his wrists were not covered in blood. Tom nodded and rubbed his sore wrist, but not that sore wrists.

Everything got quiet, Tom was the last person who would show up every day. For other people when they were asked what they did the answer could be given in a single sentence, for him it was hardly the case. Last meeting he mad promised to go into greater detail over why he was here, and it was time to give it up. Thomas sighed.

"It all started in the throne room of castle Hyrule. The king, my boss had called me in for a special assignment. I was hardly thrilled to be doing more of his dirty work, the job I got as a royal guard involved a breathtakingly poor amount of royal guarding. I was not given much information, I was simply told that a man had been protesting for a terrorist cause. That he was a traitor to the throne and it was time he met his end. He lived in castle town you see, so it would not be very hard to find him. I was given an address and was told not to come back until he was dead. So I slipped on the ol' power gloves and went to the address."

"I arrived in the dead of night. I had only trained as a fighter, I was no assassin. I walked around the place a few times while the lamps were still lit. It was a tiny one room house in the poorest part of town. I walked up to the door, readied my fists, and used an extra powerful punch to go right through the door. It flew open off it's hinges and smashed into a painting. I heard him yell out for me, then he ran into the front room out of the kitchen and looked pissed. But when he saw my weapons and looked into the eye to see my intent he started to run. He ran back into his kitchen but I followed right behind him. He fiddled with a cheap glass window trying to get it open but I just jumped over his crappy table. Probably made by the same people who made this one, and I struck him in the chest."

"He fell over, I doubt he had been hit so hard in his life. He stood up and reached for a knife. He was fast than me in this respect and I did not anticipate it. He slashed at me with his knife but I grabbed the blade in my gauntlets. The claws on the fingertips dug into his hand and he dropped his weapon. I pushed him back, did a leopard combination attack which finished with me hitting him with both fists and watching as he slumped to the floor. I was exhausted, and a total chump back then. I threw up right on the floor, cleaned my weapons with a bucket of water I found inside, then stumbled out like a chump."

Everyone was silent and relatively respectful as he told the story. He turned to his friend Tom. "So how did you get caught that embezzlement with the crown?"

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Re: The first story (mission)

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 10, 2015 9:53 pm

The Master wrote:Mission Name: The first story
Mission Rank: Amatuer
Location: It is being told in the sea of storms, but it takes place in Castle town ten years ago.
Description: It's that one time of month when they let the prisoners talk to each other, it keeps them from going mad. Tell this rough assortment of thirty murderers and traitors the very first story about them men you killed for the now dead king.
Requirements: Complete the story/Kill the man.
Player Count: 1
Reward: 100k rupees, 75 xp.
Word Count: 1200, one post.
Mission Boss: N/A

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Re: The first story (mission)

Post by Saria on Tue Mar 10, 2015 9:56 pm

Accepted, and locked! Your rewards shall be distributed soon!

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Re: The first story (mission)

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