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Post by Ratatosk on Wed Feb 24, 2016 1:35 am

The mountain mists swept down the sides of the peaks into the Valley of Twins like a river of cloud filling the area with a thick fog as the morning dew evaporated. A massive figure was glad he had avoided the worst of it as he ascended along a narrow pass, the top of the mist barely grazing his knees.

In all it was an impressive sight. For all the grand achievements of mortals, their grand castles and reality warping spells, the Old Gods could still create something so breath taking and powerful without even trying.

One would assume that someone seeking to be Emperor would vow to surpass their power and become a God in his own right, but Ratatosk Vorlent had no such lofty goals. His ambitions where rooted firmly within the realm of possibility. He was a mortal and he would rule the mortal realms. The Gods, their realm and their affairs he would happily leave to the Gods.

It was his mortal ambitions that had brought him to these mountains. There where three things that could be found here. The first was Gorons, which he had no business with. The second where wild tribes of Steppe Nomads, who Ratatosk intended to entreat sooner or later. The third was the Darknuts, which where who he sought.

His intentions where simply; he was going to recruit them to his cause. With Darknut heavy infantry leading the charge of his army he would be one step closer to conquering these lands...

Now he just had to find their damn Den...

"Some are born Legends, handed fame and destiny on a silver platter. Others fight their way through life, forging their own Legend by their own blood, sweat and tears. I am the Later, and I intend to forge a Legend far surpassing that of the 'Hero' who was simply handed his."

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