Study time (mission)

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Study time (mission)

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 26, 2015 7:31 pm

Agnes wrote:Mission Name: Study time
Mission Rank: Amatuer
Location: Castle town
Description: Well Agnes you are out of school and now it is time to expand he min  even morel.start prmilinary work on a couples eperemens. Who knows? They could be great one day...
Requirements: Start researching water purification through Magic and build a model of a submersible craft
Player Count: 1
Reward: 100k rupees and 75xp
Word Count: 1500
Mission Boss: N/A

Agnes placed the books on her table.

She had been looking forward to this, she was out of school and her own witch! She wanted to do her own research and experiments on elemental magic and no one could stop her now! Truth be told she wanted to learn everything about her chosen element, she had everything from an assorted atlas to the seas of the world to a book on how to raise and summon kraken, and how to raise a water dragon from an egg to a mighty war beast.

It the average uneducated sort the amount of books she had in front of her would seem unapproachable. But she had a simple plan, start with the magic then work on to everything else.

She opened up a scroll on water manipulation for advanced and basic water mages alike. She had read through many of the basic passages in great length before so. Now she felt ready to move on to something more advanced. Namely purifying water, this was a tricky business because it involved bending something besides water to her will. Fortunately it would allow her to take care of her fish better.

Her eyes wandered to a medium sized aquarium she had. Bringing it up to her third story home had really been a pain, but cleaning the water on a weekly basis was much more difficult. If she mastered the ability to clean it with magic then she would be able to spend the hours and hours she would be gathering suitable salt water for them reading a good book or swimming at the lake. The spell would also be able to put fresh oxygen right back into the water.

She took out a bottle of slightly murky salt water to practice on first. She did not want to mess this up, if she ended up botching the spell because she overestimated her talents it could turn the water into a black muck and hurt her poor fish! She put both of her hands over it and gathered a little bit of the cleanest salt water available to her, levitating it out of its own bottle on her hip and bringing it to her hands. She brought her hands together and the water started glowing. A wing blew through the room out of nowhere, it had to be magical in nature because all her windows were shut up tight.

It turned the pages over on the few books she had left open all over her room and knocked down a few paperweights including an unfinished letter to her parents. She made a note that she would need to do a bit of retrofitting in her home so that her experiments would it mean a big clean up job after every new magical attempt. But she quickly quelled this thought and focused on her work. After a few seconds the water in front of her had a faint glow as she pulled her hands away and allowed the already clean water to fall back into its respective bottles.

She inspected the water and was happy to find not the least bit of muck inside! If it were pure water she would have been happy to take a sip of it. "Now to test it again!" She took out another dirty bottle of water and tried cleaning it as well. She had ten bottles of the stuff. This woman was not about to try anything on her fish until she had extensively tested it!

Several minutes later when she had several jars of clean salty water worthy of filling up half the tank. She felt a little tired after that ordeal. She recorded the water purification tests as a complete success in her journal and placed all the jars back in their cabinets where they belonged. Aside from four of the best samples.

She walked over to the fish tank and placed the four open jars around the entire thing. Her fish, mostly a few endangered specimens that she was looking over as their environment a, their true homes recovered from whatever plague that had gotten them in such trouble to begin with, looked at her intently.

Agnes clapped her hands together. "Don't worry Tom, Dick, Larry, Gary, Aberham, and Shannon! I'm not going to hurt you, just try out a little new way of getting you all a nice clean place to live. Just bare with me for a minute." She raised her arms and the water from the jars floated of their containers into the air. They formed a ring around the tank and started rotating and glowing brightly, illuminating the room much better than her candles were. The wind was much stronger now, but she had changed her spell a bit to minimize the amount of magic that got vented in the form of wind into the air so it was only a bit worse than her tests.

A full minute later her work was done. The tanks water was as clean as the day she got it and was glowing a quickly receding blue. She nodded and bowed, thanking her pets for their time by feeding them for the night with a series of not at all complex spoonfuls of different fish food.

Next she moved over to a big book of maps, or an atlas. She flipped on over to a map of foreign seas, she thought they were more easily navigable than Hyrule. She had pinned several pieces of paper to the big page. They all represented ships that she was following of several types. There were ancient ships that were thought to have discovered the other two kingdoms made after Hyrule.

She charted admirals who at their time has been great assets to seafaring kingdoms. She particularly focused on one scientist who won every war they had ever been a part of. The inventor was famous for their new ship design. Imagine for a moment, a great ship built by the Zora that could actually submerge itself. There were so many rumors about the ships she developed that it was genuinely difficult to discern fact from fiction. They say it could go all the way to the bottom of the deepest ocean. That had to be false, unless every ship made this way was blessed by the God of wisdom herself there was no way they could go below sixty fathoms deep.

Still, she wanted to try making one. Not a full on ship, but a sort of submersible toy. A scale model if you will. These ships were a closely guarded military secret lost to the raw amount of time and history. There were no paintings of these ships of course, so she would have to take her best stab at a number of possible designs.

She took out a bit of wood and tools that were normally used by carpenters, it had been a long time since anyone had tried to replicate this technology. But they did not have modern technology! Or rather modern materials. The first one would be simple. A wooden ball a bit larger than a deku nut that could be easily held in one hand. She put it in a small tank of water and.... It floated.

She put her palm on her face, of course it would float! What was she thinking? She decided to scrap her notes and start fresh, this time modifying her prototype so it was full of sand. It sunk like a stone. "This is going to take a lot more work....."

Hours later she had made a great little prototype. She had started freshly this time with a pinewood base. It had a parcel of sand in it and had been weighed carefully. It had two little release knobs on the side, she dropped it into the tank and was very pleased to see it bob midway in the water. Then after she jotted something down in her journal she reached in and turned the knob on the left side. It clicked and a little bit of sand floated to the top. The model also floated up a bit higher.

She reached in and turned the one on the right. A few bubbles came up to the top. Spreading the sand out. The model was a success. You could freely control it's elevation in the water. She pressed her hands together and the water fell off of them at her command. Right onto a small towel. She jotted down her newly discovered facts in her journal. Once she was done she also had an idea about something else.

She recalled in her college being thought that hot air rises above cold air, and she had adopted her ballast system from some book or another that she had read about. Perhaps she could develop some form of this pod that could change its elevation in the air? Well it would have to wait. It was getting late and she was very tired. Agnes stretched and walked to her bedroom. Putting out candles and lamps as she went by. She said goodnight to her fish as the last one went off. It had been a good day.

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Re: Study time (mission)

Post by Oliver Windhelm on Thu Mar 26, 2015 7:32 pm

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