The slightly less great training (me and Emera)

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The slightly less great training (me and Emera)

Post by Aberham on Sat Mar 07, 2015 1:25 pm

Aberham wrote:Mission Name: The slightly less great training!
Mission Rank: Amatuer
Location: Crecoint island
Description: Train Emera how you have been training the last week. Only to a lesser extent.
Requirements: four three hundred word posts
Player Count: 2
Reward: 100k rupees and 75 xp
Word Count: 1200
Mission Boss: N/A

Well it looked like Emera wanted a piece of Aberhams cake.

Training incredibly heavily with out much clothing on all day for a week had clearly brought attention to him. If not that then it was the 45 moblins he beat in hand to hand combat the other day. Or the eight who he fended off with a stick for twenty minutes, or it could have been all the strength training he did at knight.

Well for better or for worse he had been asked to train Ganondorfs woman himself. She could certainly handle herself. Their encounter a week ago had showed him that despite her low strength in general she can use what she had well.

He hefted several items out far away from the village, where no one could see or bother them. A mile out atleast. There were barrels three filled with rocks, parachutes, sticks, he had drawn circles of dirt in the sand, there as even a barbell with some weight on the side. He did not want to carry a bench, so she would have to do those on the floor. He hoped that the woman was as strong as any Gerudo. Because if she even wanted to do a fraction of the training he was currently occupied with then she would need to give it her all, or risk having her willpower broken.

He sat on one of the heavy rock filled barrels and ate his breakfast. The sun was about to rise and he had told her to come right around this time early in the morning, and to not eat breakfast. For if she did she might throw up, Aberham had done such to himself a few times last week until he learned to eat only after he had run. He was having a sandwich, made on rough bread with egg, ham, and cheese. It was a far cry from the inn houses in Hyrule. Aberham may have been a dirt farmer for most of his life but boy had he gotten used to being rich quickly. He had been making so much money as of late with his mercinary contracts and other jobs that he was an off and on millionaire. He loved the feeling, he had fought many great foes. He waited for her to show up, and got the equipment ready.

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