News comes to the new king. (No kill. Aberham, Axel, Neah, Emera, Cassidy)

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News comes to the new king. (No kill. Aberham, Axel, Neah, Emera, Cassidy)

Post by Aberham on Thu Mar 05, 2015 10:22 pm

Aberhams barely made his way through the gate with his horse and armor still on.

He wasn't thrilled to loose all of his weapons walking in, especially in the home of the king of thieves. But that king was his king so he figured he could give it a shot. He did not even want to stop here, he was just traveling through when he realized he forgot to fill up on water in the last town and needed a drink. Almost an hour of dehydration later and he made it here. The knight was wearing a dark robe over his armor, which gave out his pressance. His own cape was long enough to go passed the robe as his horse trotted in past the people going about their day.

He made his way to the center of the fortress where a beautiful fountain was positioned. It's pure blue water was a godsend to poor dehydrated, hot Aberham. He was not terribly sweaty due to his hood but it was still bad... He hopped off his horse, kept a good eye on his wallet, and reached his armored hands in for a drink. He took a sip and he could feel the strength return to him.

He looked around and noticed there were quite a lot of people around who normally wouldn't be here. He filled up his canteen and sent his horse to the stables for a drink before elbowing his way through a small crowd. He was tall enough to see the sign over the many peaple. There was a sign.

"Royal guard needed. Rigorous application process required. Will you defend your king? Inquire within...."

Abe smilled, the facial expression hidden behind his helm, and he got in the short line. Most of the people just wanted to look, and many backed out. He looked at the people around him in great detail.

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