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Prince Perseus

Post by Perseus on Sun Feb 22, 2015 5:19 pm

Name: Perseus
Alias: Percy
Age: 21
Class: Ranger
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Human
Kingdom: Labrynna
Special features: N/A

Personality: The best way to describe Percy would be that he is independent, yet incredibly loyal. While he follows his duties as a prince to the Land of Labrynna, he also goes his own way to make his own story. He didn't choose to be apart of royalty, but that does not mean he cannot choose his own path as well. While he is very kind and selfless to his people, he can be stubborn and rather argumentative with his family. He does not get along with his father, at all due to the fact that he expects everything of him. He is the only son and heir to the throne, and because of this, his father is incredibly demanding of him.

While there are many things that Perseus does not agree with when it comes to the choices his father makes for him, there is one thing that he knows in his heart that he truly does desire that was set for him since the the day they first met - Perseus was arranged to be married to Princess Zelda of Hyrule. From the moment he had laid eyes on her, he could tell that there was something quite... enamoring about her. He fell in love with her instantly, though in his heart, he knows that she does not love him in the same way back. While the two do seem to get along fine, he can tell that her heart is not into the arranged marriage in any way.

Perseus is very determined and focused while in battle. Maintaining a generally calm demeanor, he tries not to let his emotions get the best of him, for he knows they are his greatest weakness. As a child, he often let his emotions get the better of him, so his father has spent countless hours training him to refine his ability to keep composure in high stress situations. Still, if his nerve is struck enough, Percy may find himself losing his control while in combat.
Likes: Nature, Adventure, Music
Dislikes: Dishonesty, Cold/Snow, His Father
To Keep Princess Zelda safe - one of Percy's greatest wishes is to keep the princess safe. After learning of her destiny, he now knows that this is needed more than ever before.
To Be Free - Perseus wants a life of adventure. He does not want to be stuck in a castle for the rest of his life.
Death of Zelda - Perseaus is afraid, more than anything, of any harm coming to Zelda.
Becoming like his father - Perseus has a deep dislike for his father and wishes to never end up like him and treat his own kin the way he does.

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 182 lbs.
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde

History: Perseus, son of King Galadhion and Queen Esmeras of Labrynna was born on a very stormy night within the castle. While his mother had been very ill, there were complications at birth and the doctors were required to remove him from her in an emergency cesarean section procedure. She died almost immediately after her son had arrived into the world, though Perseus did not seem to have much hope either.

Perseus was born silently. No tears, no screaming, barely even a breath of life. In a panic, the King had made arrangements to bring him to their sacred springs, hoping that perhaps the Gods would feel sympathy for the family. As they had set the dying infant into the pool of water, it was as though a miracle had happened. Blessed and given strength by the forest sage herself, Perseus began to cry, taking a large breath of life.

Ever since that night, King Galadhion was incredibly protective of his only child. Not allowing him to very much access to the general public, he was incredibly sheltered, given education from within the castle walls. He had spent most of his life there, not even knowing what life was like outside their own little world. That was until he was about ten years old. King Galadhion had made plans to visit the King of Hyrule and would have his son accompany him.

Discussing terms of trade and peaceful business, this was Perseus's first real look at what the real world was like. When they had arrived to the castle, Perseus was given life when he had met a young girl, about his age. While she was only a year or so younger, Perseus had felt as though there was something about her that was life changing. Something beautiful. He could feel the potential within her.

It wasn't long after that, the two became very good friends. They wrote to each other and often spent most of their time together when their father's were visiting each other. When Perseus had turned 16, that was when he had found out of their fathers' plans. The two were arranged to be married when they came of age, or when one of them had an untimely passing. Rather excited about this, Perseus had immediately written to Zelda to see if she had found out.

She had, though she didn't have quite the answer he was expecting. While she did value his friendship and was very fond of him, she did not have the same feelings for him that he had for her, which was disappointing to him. He did not wish to force this upon her though, and he knew that until that time, unless things were changing, he'd let her figure things out for herself.

Now 21 years old, the young prince is free to roam the land as much as he wants. Since he is an adult, his father no longer holds any restraints on him, though he does often speak his mind when it comes to Perseus doing things that he does not agree with. When the King of Hyrule had passed away and with Zelda's coronation drawing near, King Galadhion continues to talk of their wedding and how it must come in time before she becomes the Queen. That way, Hyrule would have a fit ruler, though Perseus believes that Zelda is incredibly capable of running Hyrule herself.

RP Sample: Many people often considered these forests to be dangerous. They were just another adventure to Percy, though. Maybe he was just lucky, but the young prince seemed to have a pretty good memory of the forest. He always had a hunch of where things might be or where to go whenever he felt even remotely lost. Riding on the back of his favorite horse, Marrowack, he took a deep breath, taking in the smells and sounds of nature as he closed his eyes, smirking lightly. This place was always so beautiful to him.

Percy had been on his way to Hyrule to attend the funeral for the King. He was deeply saddened to learn of his death and was incredibly worried for Zelda - he knew how close the two were. It seemed so strange to him that the King had died so suddenly of a sickness that had seemed to come out of nowhere. Then again, everything happened for a reason, did it not?

What seemed to annoy Percy about this situation the most though, was the fact that his father always claimed to be incredibly close to the King of Hyrule refused to even attend the funeral. He was always full of excuses - claiming that the city needed him. If it had happened at any other time, he would have gone. It was really just a load of bullshit to Percy - it heavily irritated him that his father was acting as though the King of Hyrule's death was an inconvenience to him, rather than a terrible loss.

In the letters that Zelda had wrote, she seemed to be worrying about some nightmares she was having. Though she didn't go into much detail about them, she had mentioned that upon his arrival, the two would need to talk in private. It made Percy a bit nervous, not because it was something she wanted to discuss privately, but because he was worried that they were taking a toll on her composure. She seemed so much more restless ever since she had even mentioned the dreams. He just wanted her to be okay.

That's when he suddenly remembered - the wedding. Zelda was to have her coronation soon, and if the two were still arranged to be married... that would make him the King. Of Hyrule. That put a nasty taste in Percy's mouth, putting a thick lump in his throat as he huffed out a nervous breath... what if this was his father's plan? He knew that Zelda was destined to stay in Hyrule. Was he planning to have his family expand onto other kingdoms?

His father wasn't that evil. Sure, he could be greedy at times and was incredibly sheltering, but he wasn't as low as to do something like that... perhaps the two of them actually truly wanted their children to end up together. If they claimed to be as close as they were... but Percy wasn't even sure if he could go through with such a wedding when Zelda didn't even want it. Despite his love for her, he knew when he wasn't loved back.
Reference: Found site through an ad
Face claim: Legolas/Lord of the Rings/Perseus

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Re: Prince Perseus

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