The Hero's Ceremony Royalty Thread (Asthar, Perseus, Killian)

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The Hero's Ceremony Royalty Thread (Asthar, Perseus, Killian) Empty The Hero's Ceremony Royalty Thread (Asthar, Perseus, Killian)

Post by Asthar on Tue Mar 22, 2016 12:18 am

It was truly amazing how little had changed ever since his last visit to the land of Hyrule. Though his travels to the land were unfortunately sparse, the land did manage to hold in mind a vivid memory of the very few times he spent in such a land. Even so, though the land did look the same, there were notable differences from that time. The first was the sudden excitement that spread throughout the entire kingdom of Hyrule due to the ceremony of the hero, and secondly though they were minor, he could see that the death of King Daphnes had some effect on the kingdom. For such an effect to have been so hard to see really said something about the young soon to be queen of Hyrule.

For the young king Asthar, it was his duty to attend the sudden ceremony that the princess Zelda had set up for the hero. While he attended due to his duty, he couldn’t necessarily say it wasn’t like he didn’t wish to come. Though the people of his land didn’t give much care or devotion to the legends like the other lands, Asthar could say he was quite different.

Having made his appearance into the banquet hall, the graceful king of Holodrum casually walked into the hallway, one hand resting in one pocket. Of course numerous eyes begun to direct themselves over toward the young king, but most of those eyes belong mostly to women. His eyes closed calmly and a warm smile upon his face, his long hair calmly moving slightly as he walked along, the bangs of hair while long enough to reach his eyes, managed to not cover the important details of his face. There were dreamy sighs that were escaping the lips of numerous women, but Asthar merely ignored it for now as he reached his designated seat.

His eyes calmly glanced over to the side as he stood beside his seat. His gaze stared over at the three others that were to sit with him, but more so his eyes stared over at the king of Labrynna himself. Asthar couldn’t help but narrow his eyes as a sly smirk formed upon his face. “Well well well, long time no see…Galady…” Asthar said, his voice filled with childishness. Closing his eyes with a smile he sat upon his seat and crossed his arms. Opening one eye he stared over towards the young prince Perseus and Killian and grinned happily “Nice to see you boys too” Asthar said before closing his eyes once more. Gracefully, Asthar brushed the bangs of hair that covered his face and opened his eyes as he stared over at the girls staring over at him. With a charming smile Asthar gave the girls a wink, causing the hearts of the girls to flutter in delight. His night had hardly started, but it seemed that he would be interrupted as the princess would make her appearance.

Eyes closed and arms crossed with a smile, the young prince listened to her words of the princess Zelda and then to his surprise, Galadhion made his own speak. With the cue given to the very hero this ceremony was for, all eyes were directed to the young knight. Asthar’s eyes opened as he chose to look over at the knight, but his eyes widened slightly as he noticed just who it was. “…I was right…” Asthar muttered quietly under his breath. He closed his eyes once more and couldn’t help but let out a soft chuckle. “I knew that kid was special” Asthar said quietly as he watched the two begin their dance.

“Nice speech out there Galady, reaaaaaaally makes me feel you actually mean those words, good work!” Asthar said to the king, whether there was sarcasm in his voice or whether it was actual praise was something of a mystery. With this Asthar closed his eyes once more and listened to the music. “But still I must say, those two are truly quite a pair. Those two really are meant for each other, the passion they share…its hidden quite well but you can still see how strong it truly is…wouldn’t you said Galady?” Asthar said glancing over at Galadhion from the corner of his eye, his sly smirk forming on his face. "Look at them...this is more than just some destiny that has brought them together..." Asthar said as he witnessed the coronation of Link take place and draw to an end


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