The Hunt; Such Nostalgia [Mission]

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The Hunt; Such Nostalgia [Mission] Empty The Hunt; Such Nostalgia [Mission]

Post by Oliver Windhelm on Sat Feb 20, 2016 2:39 am

Mission Details:
Mission Name: The Hunt; Such Nostalgia
Location: Hyrule
Description: While Oliver trecks through the forest beyond the beach he woke up on, He realizes that he is hungry, so he does what he is good at; hunting. The best part is that his prey consists of lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
Requirements: 600 Words
Player Count: 1
Reward: 10k Rupees; 350 Exp
Mission Boss: No

Leaves constantly fell off of the tall trees standing firmly in their place, Passing through the rather narrow pathways within the forest with the help of the roaring wind that the nearby storm caused. Oliver trekked through the area, trying his best not to get annoyed as dozens of leaves would be stopped right in their tracks due to the impact with the swordsmen's body. The wind passing through also made him very cold, so the only thing he wanted to do was get out of their as fast as he could. Also, The young man couldn't tell if it was daytime or nighttime either because of the dark clouds that formed from the storm. He had been walking for about half an hour, walking at a slow pace to ensure that he didn't miss out on a snack. Oliver has been hungry ever since he woke up on the beach far behind him, so his best bet was to hunt for an animal with plenty of meat so that he wouldn't need to make several stops to eat. Instead, he would be full enough to carry on for hours and hours if he had to. There was no telling just how big this forest was, and if there was some kind of large mountain that ended up blocking his path, he would have to change his direction from North to East or West.

An hour passed, and Oliver has only seen small animals like squirrels, rabbits, and skunks(who were easy to avoid), but he just knew that with a forest this big, there had to be even bigger animals, so the swordsman kept his blades in their scabbards, sparing the others. He didn't regret this once he finally spotted a female grizzly bear caring for her two bear cubs on the side of a stream opposite to him. Not only was he able to spot a large food source, but water was nearby as well! This was a perfect score for Oliver, and all he had to do was cross the stream and get to cutting. He went toe to toe with bears before, so he knew how to get close to them without getting hurt.

"One, two, three, four..." Oliver counted as he jumped from rock to rock that stuck out of the stream, allowing him to get by without having to get his sandals wet. His jump from the final rock to the other side of the stream put him just a few meters away from the bears now, so the mother began to eye him, cautious of what this human would do next. The field around the stream was devoid of any trees for several meters from all directions, so Oliver had enough space to avoid the attacks that would come his way once he made the mother bear hostile towards him. He had a smile on his face, attempting to trick the bear into thinking he was just a harmless human. Just as he put his hand on the handle of one of his katanas however, it appeared that he wasn't the only predator that the bears had to worry about. Behind the bears, a male lion and tiger randomly started running out of the trees from nowhere, oddly seeming to have allied together to face their large for. The bear heard their loud yet fast movements and quickly turned her head. Once she realized what she was up against, the mammal turned her body after alerting her cubs to run to the east. Oliver was interest in how this turned out, so he just watched near the stream.

The lion and tiger had a good running start, but the shear strength of their prey was enough to get them to slow down and cycle around her instead of going for a direct assault, waiting for an opening. This was a very odd occurrence, since Oliver was certain that most animals wouldn't dare to make a bear their prey. This island was definitely stranger than he thought, and he knew that it would only get stranger.

After a few times of attempting to get close but failing, the lion and tiger had deep wounds running across their bodies, but the bear also had a few nasty ones. Finally starting to go on the offensive, the grizzly bear charged at the lion, who was too surprised to quickly evade his prey. Because of that, he fell victim to the bear's fatal claws. The tiger finally went ahead and pounced on the bear due to her being distracted, biting away at her body, but a simple roll on her back allowed the bear to simply crush the desperate enemy. Once the fight was over, Oliver made his move. A quick-draw vertical slash from top to bottom directed towards the right side of the bear's neck was enough to bring the wounded thing to death. The swordsman was too quick for the bear to respond. The cubs were long gone, and would probably come back much later, but wouldn't have a parental figure to guide them any longer.

Oliver had a great feast that night, and afterwards, he kept moving north, hoping to find a village soon.


WC: 869

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