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Lys Orrin[WIP] L6f3Cx0
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Name: Lys Orrin.
Alias: N/A.
Age: Twenty-two.
Sexuality: Hetero, probably.
Race: Human.
Kingdom: Hyrule.

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Personality: 200 word minimum. Explain your character's personality. How do they act around the people they care about? People they hate? Are they a coward or are they courageous?
Likes: List 3 minimum.
Dislikes: List 3 minimum.
- Wealth: Who doesn't like money? Lys has spent enough of her life in the poor house. Gorging on expensive food and lining her pockets in shiny things is way more fun.
- Excitement: Life's too short to accept boredom. If it's not entertaining, it's not worth doing; and, a good rush of adrenaline helps remind you're you're alive. At least, that's what Lys believes.
- Prison: Lys likes to do whatever she wants wherever she wants. Being tied down in any fashion is frightening. A dark damp cell in the castle dungeon? That's nightmare fuel. Armed guards? Even worse.
- Heights: There's no tragic backstory to explain Lys's fear of heights. High places have just always freaked her out, much to her embarrassment. The farther she is from the ground, the more likely she is to freeze up.

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Height: Five-foot. Three-inches.
Weight: One-hundred and thirty-five pounds.
Eye color: Green.
Hair color: Brown.
Special features: What is notable about your character's physical features?
Appearance: Explain what you look like, 75 word minimum. If you use a picture you don't need to explain your looks.

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History: Lys grew up in the less savory districts of Castle Town. As the youngest of three children in a dirt poor family, her childhood was filled with hard work and hand-me-downs.

RP Sample: Create an rp sample of THIS character, 300 words minimum. If applying for a canon, Sage, or Noble Figure, you must make a sample that is 500 words minimum.

Lys Orrin[WIP] Untitled-5_1
Reference: I don't remember which site I saw the advert on. I was just kinda jumping around.
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