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Oddyss Amori

Post by KingWestie on Wed Mar 25, 2015 2:23 pm

(Not everything for the character is the same as in the picture, such as eye colour or hair colour)
Name: Oddyss Amori
Alias: N/A
Age: 18 years old.
Class: Caster
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Twili
Kingdom: The Lands of Holodrum
Special features: One red eye and one purple eye, the purple eye being the left eye and the red eye being the right eye. He also has some strange runic symbols along his right arm.

Personality: Oddyss is usually quite quiet and reserved and spends much of his time reading, thinking or studying his magic. He also usually doesn't show much emotion to strangers or people who are just barely friends and usually leaves it up to others to decide whether they want to find the end to that emotionless layer. When he shows emotion, though, he is usually quite happy and friendly. He will also be quick to protect his friends, despite his weak body, and always gives his all in battle and anything else he does. Around people he hates, he will usually be even quieter, usually pulling a part of his robe up, to cover his mouth and he sometimes straight up leaves the room if he has the choice to. He is generally courageous, and usually only fights to protect others an also tries to ignore his fears when he is with others. He is also very giving, usually giving a helping hand to those in need or giving money to people who have no money at all. He may end up coming off as uncaring and emotionless to people at first, but if you get to know him, he will be like a whole other person. He also loves learning things as it increases his power and efficiency at using magic.
Likes: Books, Knowledge and Water.
Dislikes: Alcohol, Loud noises and blood, specifically his own.
Knowledge: Oddyss started adventuring mostly because of his love of knowledge, which caused him to love searching old ruins, looking for ancient texts. He also seeks out knowledge on all the civilized races of the three kingdoms.
The marks on his arm: Unaware of when he gained these marks, or if they were there since he was born, Oddyss looks for a book or creature that can teach him how to read the marks. Despite most people saying the shape of the marks is a coincidence, he denies to believe this, and wonders if they somehow tie into his past.
Dogs: This ties in the his hating of loud noises. He generally is more nervous around most canines, sometimes to the point of a breakdown. This goes for all canines, but mostly with dogs and is caused by how most animals seem to get a bad vibe from him and dogs most commonly growl at him.
Nightmares: Due to something that happened in his childhood, Oddyss is constantly plagued by nightmares. These nightmares often leave him nervous and somewhat suspicious at a glance, not helping with his other fear. This nervousness is often caused by hallucinations he used to have, after the event which created the nightmares, which he worries have come back to haunt him.
Heights: Also tying in with his childhood, Oddyss is permanently afraid of heights. If he is at the top of a tower or mountain or anything in between, he will break out of his usual calm and collected behavior and instead be nervous, clutching to a rock or something to steady himself. The severity of the effects of this fear go from being slightly uncomfortable at the top of a tower, to the effects mentioned earlier from anything like a mountain, or a floating island.

Height: 6' 9".
Weight: 205 lbs.
Eye color: The right eye is red and the left is purple.
Hair color: Blonde, but with brown at the ends of strands that hang down in front of his ears.
Appearance: Oddyss often wears a long robe, split into two parts. The two pieces of the robe are connected with two clips, one section being a small poncho-like scarf that is easy to pull over the mouth and nose. The second section, which is the rest of the robe and covers the legs, a fraction of the torso and most of the arms. The robe  Underneath the robe, he wears his amour, usually consisting of leather, providing little protection, but getting the job done.

History: Oddyss was born in the Twilight Realm, and had one brother. His mother died during child birth and his father was left to care for him and his brother. Him and his brother both dreamed of leaving the Twilight Realm and traveling the world in search of treasure, training each other by play fighting, his brother training to be a swordsman and Oddyss training as a Caster, and using things they found lying around. His father died of an illness when he was 10 years old and Oddyss and his brother lived on their own. When they were 11, they would play-fight atop one of the towers of the Palace of Twilight instead of in the plaza. One day, when they were playing, an accident occurred that killed his brother and changed Oddyss and his life forever. After the accident, a strange set of marking appeared on his right arm and he began to have nightmares about the incident. He also began trying a lot harder at learning magic and studying and after 7 years, finally deemed himself ready to leave the Twilight Realm and fulfill his, and his brother's, dreams.

RP Sample: The sun beat down on the Oddyss as he trudged through the Samasa Desert, the heat and intensity of the sun taking it's toll. The Twili raised a hand to cover his face as he looked around the desert looking for anything out of the ordinary signifying the hidden library he was searching for. "Don't tell me that lead was a lie..." He sighed, ready to give up all hope and turn around just as something caught his eye. There was something sticking out of a pit of quicksand, shining in the glaring sun. Oddyss sprinted towards the pit, stopping before the edge and seeing that the object was the remains of a golden banister rail. He then began to look at the ruins around him and realized that this was the entrance room to the library and that the stairs went down to the main library. "Well...here goes nothing!" Oddyss shouted, as he jumped into the pit, sinking down in a way that caused him to fall down the stairs, into the ruined library. The young Twili began looking through books strewn across the floor, trying to jog his memory on the finer details the Zora woman he had met in a bar had given him, including the name, and whereabouts of the book he was supposedly searching for. "Now, what was it she said?!" he shouted, falling to his knees before jumping back up and remembering that a bookcase was supposedly easy to move, and hid a secret he would find valuable. After an hour or two of searching, the pale Twili found a bookcase which was attached to a mechanism in the wall that allowed the bookcase to be slid to the side, revealing a passageway. He then walked through the passageway and found a lone book on a pedestal. Despite the book not containing the information he was looking for, he still took it with him. "Well, she didn't exactly lie...this can be of some use to me" he chuckled, putting the book away, before making his way out of the library and the quicksand pit before he then set off again, heading back towards Horon City.

Reference: I found an ad on another rp site.
Face claim: Joshua West/Oddyss Amori anime/Characters name.

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Re: Oddyss Amori

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How mysterious~ I wonder what -that's- about~
Anyway, you have been approved.

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