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Name: Seto

Alias: Blondie, Big Bro, Boss. He lacks a Sir name (Being a child of the Deku Tree and all that) but if he’s trying to be a bit more secretive of his heritage, he will claim it's Falcher.

Age: Numerous Centuries. (Is treated as “Older” among the Kokiri due to his relative maturity, rather than who’s got 200 years on who)

Sexuality: Pansexual (Seto is very affectionate, though while he considers himself more mature than his appearance would suggest, he is rather innocent in his intentions)

Race: Kokiri

Kingdom: The Lost Woods of Hyrule

Seto Untitled-2_1
Personality: Seto is very much a boy of duality, being conflicted between his heritage and personal desires. He is after all a proud Kokiri, a bit of a wild child of the forest. But despite this he also desires to be formal, studies, and mature. He is quite old, certainly older than most, and has a great deal of wisdom. He wants to be treated with respect, but he can’t help but be distracted by things like toys or candy. Such feelings often leave him highly uncertain, as he both enjoys cutting lose and having a good time as the child he is persevered (And is, in a way) and being a studious scholar, and the two are a bit hard to mesh.

He tries to be kind and understanding, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be fierce. He values life, but isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, the law of the wild and all that. And he’s certainly not above being a cunning trickster, whether the circumstance happens to be innocent, or to get the drop on an enemy. Overall he’s very mellow though, enjoying reading, playing his Kokiri violin, either with himself, or others. Though he has a fascination with life outside the forest, from the mortals (For lack of a better term) he’s met over his many, many years their lives seem to move so fast, and it seems very exciting.

His child like nature does have its pros and cons. He’s well meaning, optimistic, quick to learn, and overall very affectionate. But he’s naturally a bit self-centered, and selfish (While being a bit oblivious to this fact) and not in the best control of his emotions (Even when he’s composed, and together, he’s more than likely to show a subtle pout when he doesn’t get his way.) and his attention span can be a bit short, unless he’s captivated by the subject matter. While he has a sense of duty, and steps up with full force when he’s needed; his utter lack of interests in his assigned position does make him come off as lazy.

On the other hand, you also had Synph, his guardian fairy. While there relationship started with him as the teacher and guide, Seto was soon out passing him, and showing a strong degree of independence. Synph never stopped caring for his charge during the transition, but he will voice his annoyance. He now spends far more time teasing the boy, taking him down a few pegs, but also keeping him grounded. He tends to be sarcastic, and seems very put upon. And though Synph wish’s Seto would act a bit more like a normal child, he does rather enjoy the sense of adventure that comes along with the troublesome bravado.


1. His books, playing and listening to music, farming as well as hunting. These are the hobbies that keep him preoccupied within the lost woods.

2. Mortal culture, tales from the outside world. It’s certainly the easiest way to distract him.

3. Adventure. A vague complex to be sure, Seto especially likes the idea of being dragged along into new situations, blazing a fresh trail that hasn’t been ventured in ages


1. Being treated as a child. (Though this can be dependent on his mood, if addressed from the right angle, this could be flipped as a like, much to the forest Childs disdain)

2.Anyone who’s boring, lacking unique thoughts, and unable to add to a conversation.

3. Being conflicted. Seto’s likes to think things through but then leap straight forward. Indecisiveness can be a major pain, leaving him at a standstill for far too long.


1. To see the world, explore, gain new knowledge and experiences. And to have a life worth writing about.

2. To make new friends, connections and bonds.


1. Being confided. This can range from never getting to leave the Lost Woods, to being trapped by any means, whether it pertain to being captured or jailed, anything that imposes upon his freedom.

2. Being powerless. Both in a literal and more abstract sense, not being able to have agencies during a dire situation.

Seto Untitled-3_1

Height: 3’ 11”

Weight: 68 Pounds.

Eye color: An amber shade of red

Hair color: Blond

Special features: His waist length hair (Which he sometimes hides.) a Green bandana that changes appearance depending on how it’s tied or worn.


Kokiri Tunic

(Matches well, naturally it would be green rather than white, the trim would be orange rather than blue. He also tends to go barefoot unless such is not an option.)

Better Character View :
Seto Afuro.Terumi.full.1904918_zpslea0x3w6

Better Clothing View:
Seto Afuro.Terumi.full.461206_zpsvouzfozz


(When he may want to pose as a normal child, he’ll also hide his long hair under his bandana.)

Seto Afuro.Terumi.full.428325_zpsrpkkajyv

Two of his most defining and changing features would be his hair, reach below his waist and his bandana, enchanted with a bit of illusion magic. His hair normally hangs free, but if he wears his bandana in a head wrap fashion it will hide it's impressive length, making him stand out a bit less. He also sometimes wears it as a hair tie, wearing his locks into a more manageable ponytail. He also tends to wear his reading glasses with this look, in hopes to look more mature, and to be taken more seriously. When not on his head, he tends to wear his bandana in a classic neck triangle. But he can also wear it as a bit of an infinity scarf-esc style. This looks similar to most scarfs, though it lacks a "tail." There is also the“Hero” variant, which displaces a v like bunny ear knot very prominently. It should be noted that his guardian Synph looks like most other glowing light orb fairies, though his coloration in particular is a sunburst orange.

Seto Untitled-4_1

History:  Seto’s early life was uneventful, honestly, as he would claim many Kokiri lives are. Many many years, simply playing music, doing chores among the community, it wasn’t bad, but it seems like a blur among his memories. His life changed the first time he engaged in a pass time many (Though not all) of the more social Kokiri take part in, helping a wayward traveler lost within their woods. He soon distracted an anger group of Skull Kid’s with his playing, and the grateful old man gifted him with a few books. Enchanted with the literature, I soon made bartering with traveling peddlers a regular hobby. It was quite a fascinating experience and gave him an interesting viewpoint. He even got to meet that particular traveler’s descendant, something that confused him at first but gave him a greater understanding of the mortal condition.
While this did make him a bit of a reclusive scholar at times, this didn’t persist forever. While it’s not unlikely for this new hobby to become all consuming, and that be the end of it, this was not the case for Seto. Soon it developed into a desire to adventure, for a life beyond the forest. And thus got to work, purposely venturing to the forest edge, away from the Great Deku Tree’s protecting eye. He learned to farm and fend for himself, to hunt and becoming more independent. One useful venture was figuring a safe way to extract the seeds from a bomb flower, the seeds making a sling shot more viable of a weapon, among many other uses.  

He even made himself a weapon, taking a hand scythe used for his crops, and attaching some of the Great Deku tree’s vines, weaver into a rope (Making it more durable than rope, but not as strong as a steel chain) with a piece of iron ore at the end. This makes a somewhat crude Kusarigama, or chain scythe, a traditionally Sheikah weapon. He hopes to one day get a genuine crafted version, both as a better means of combat, and a personal keepsake. However, he’s was at least proud he made the weapon and tool his own.

Many years he spent, showing he could survive beyond the forest, and how was be repaid? He was made the head of the Kokiri tribe. Now while there was a sense of honor to this, it was a bit outweighed by the resentment. While he still loves both Saria and The Great Deku tree, he can’t help but feel that they both make him unneeded. Not to mention it achieved the opposite effect, tying him further to the village. For now, he simply drifts along, hoping for an inciting incident, wanting his position to become more diplomatic. But as much as it bothered him, he honestly did have all the time in the world.

RP Sample: The forest seemed quite, like it often did. Its gentle song could be deafening to the unfamiliar, but to those of Seto origins it became much like a heartbeat. It blended into the background, only being noted when truly listening, often during a moment of introspection. It was all very beautiful, yet dull in its way. The forest child kicked his bare feet back in forth in the air, lounging onto of a tree branch, still looking a bit groggy. He smiled in self-satisfactory manner, rubbing his eyes and giving a rather overdramatic stretch.

“I see you’re napping somewhere strange in order to shirk your duties.” A voice chimed from seemingly nowhere, soon buzzing in front of the small blond boys face, with a bright orange flicker. Showing little concern, he casual waved the fairy away, as if he was swatting at a bothersome insect. “Quite right Synph, as if I’m not entitled to a bit of alone time.” He quipped, simply jumping off the branch, wiggling he toes on the grass bellow, getting his long blond locks in order.

“Oh you know that’s not the point, why do you treat your own very own people like such a bother? Don’t you think you’ld have more fun with them, and not acting all lethargic with your lone wolf complex?” He questioned, fluttering from side to side, the glittering sunset colored orb chimed in his usual tone. It could be quite annoying, but he did mean well in his own way. The two trotted along as they debated. All the while he put his hands behind his head, having an ever so slight pout on his face.

“You know I love the others, I just can’t always relate. I mean a lot of them are great, but so many seem to just drag along, it can be hard to relate sometimes.” He noted, having gone about this conversation a few times already, albeit in different contexts and ways. Seto was in no way ashamed of his heritage, he wouldn’t really want to be any other way, and hell he felt his hair was proof enough of that. His long flowing blond hair gave him a very distinct presence, and though he at times had to hide it, due to not always wanting such attention from outsiders, he was still quite proud and felt rather unique.  

“I swear, I worry so much introspection may not be good for you, a bit shocked you haven’t gone mad actually. But I guess it’s being in a manner such as this that got you where you are today. Just try not live inside your own head so much, you’re not planning to do that whenever we finally set of on our first journey together are you?” The small fairy said, belaboring his point yes, but sprinkling just a bit of hope for the young immortal to grasp onto. Despite being at odds, the same as many long time friends, they were, naturally, on the same side.

“I suppose you might be right, though don’t try turning things around with sweet talk, you know I’m far too smart for that, plus it doesn’t really suit you any-.” I was about to retort, when he noticed that he had inadvertently been led back to the village as they spoke. “I should bottle you for that.” He noted with a distinct grumble, folding his arms and turning his head. “Even you’re not that quick, now why don’t you see if anyone needs anything, whether it be tracking down a lost item, or joining in some sort of game, perhaps it won’t be as bad as you’ve made it out for yourself. Or you know, you could turn tell and let it get out that great boss Seto’s been tricked.” The male fairy noted with particular glee. This cause a chill to run up Seto’s spine, sure, reputation was certainly not his top priority, but that’s the sort of thing he'd be listening to for goodness knows how long. Not to mention, he felt if he simply yield, he wouldn’t have to even hear to further from Synph. As much as it hurt his pride, he knew it was the better deal, he used that thought to comfort himself, as he head into the village.

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