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Post by Oliver Windhelm on Mon Feb 22, 2016 11:37 am

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The sky got became clearer as Oliver the swordsman journeyed further into the forest. It had now been about three hours since he decided to make the trek from the beach, hoping to find a village home to many kind individuals who knew where he exactly was at the moment. After his encounter with a lion, tiger and bear however, the young man assumed the oddest and worst things, like a village of savage men who bring together the toughest animals and put them in the same forest to eventually do battle, or something just as immoral. There was always the chance that humans had nothing to do with such a strange occurrence like a lion and tiger versus a bear, but Oliver wanted to doubt such a thing.  It was just too strange. Then again, if his doubts were correct, then he would have to fight even more, which he didn't feel like doing. He was now able to discern night from day, and it was just getting dark out, so the only thing he wanted to do was go to sleep. The Blue-Haired boy wanted nothing more than an inn to sleep at. It was a good thing that he had a nice amount of rupees on him.

Just as Oliver was deciding to just stop for the night and sleep on a tree branch, he saw that the trees just about a dozen meters ahead of him got much looser, and that beyond them seemed to be open space. Wanting that space to contain what he has been wanting to see all day, Oliver ran forward as fast as he could, almost running right into a tree or two before he saw with his very own eyes a very spacious and grassy village with buildings having several meters in-between them. Even though it was dark out, the hanging lights on all of the buildings allowed the young man to see what they looked like. Most of them were just basic houses with four walls and a nice sturdy triangular-shaped roof, but between them were various stores for different things, and in the middle of the town seemed to be an inn that many people came out of and into. It was that building that Oliver was drawn to so that he may finally sleep, but with it being as active as it was at the moment, there wasn’t a better chance to get some answers.

“Oh, look at that honey. It seems that those Rockmore brothers failed to do ‘what was right for the Isle, heheh,” commented an old smiling man sitting on a rocking chair on his front porch alongside his wife, who giggled at her husband’s comment. Oliver was passing by the house to get to the inn, but the man’s words seemed to bring back the memories of the men he had to kill upon arriving on the beach that was now miles behind him. Now that he thought about it, the trio looked awfully alike. He took off his blank expression and put on a curious one before turning his body and heading towards the kind-looking folks. He stopped once he was just before their porch

“Um, excuse me sir, but you don’t happen to be talking about three brothers, do you?” the swordsman asked. The old man nodded with a smile, glancing at his swords before looking up at the young man’s face. Oliver was certain that this guy caught on to what happened. What they were known for was not a surprise to them or anyone else in town that they ended up dead.

“They go by the name, ‘The Rockmore Trio.’ They are a bunch of no-good egotistic psychos who pick a fight with every poor soul that washes up on this island. If you did what I think you did to them, then good on you, son. We don’t need those antagonists blabbering on any more about how we are ‘the chosen people of the old gods’ and all of that bullshit,” the old man thanked Oliver, with a serious facial expression replacing the kind one he had previously shown. The old woman had the same expression. Oliver didn’t know what to think about the situation, so he thanked the man for his information, smiled and then left, continuing onward to the inn. To meet someone who was actually happy about the death of anyone brought too many memories of his homeland back to him. ‘Well, they did try to kill people over insane reasoning, so I guess I can’t blame the old guy,’ Oliver thought to himself, trying to find the positive in the situation. He personally didn’t feel well after killing anyone. It was just something that had to be done to prevent chaos, ‘but to each their own,’ he always thought.

Oliver felt the wind slowly but sure pass him, headed south where the presence of the storm would enhance it's speed. He felt relieved that he didn't have to face such severe weather anymore, now that the storm was miles away. Oliver then thought that It was a good thing that there wasn't a port city. Now he walked steadily towards the inn where it would most likely be warm, a sensation he has been meaning to remember. All of the people outside getting in or out of the inn looked at Oliver with a puzzled and smiling expression, waving at him, in which he would wave back. He saw that the clothing styles around the village were diverse, but he had been the only person wearing a blue yukata and red hakama. It must have only been a traditional clothing style in his home land, so everyone didn't know what to think of the boy.

After Oliver was able to get past all of the traffic around the door to the inn, he finally got to admire the large main area of the place. The 'Grinning Inn'(an odd name, Oliver thought) was pretty plain on the outside. It had four white walls and a blue roof, but it was truly a sight inside. All of the walls were colored brown, but what made them most interesting were all of the different paintings and other objects on them. The paintings showed detailed lands which were simply beautiful. Places that a war torn land like Oliver's would never see, which gave the swordsman some extra hope about this land he landed on. On the wall to his right there was a greatly made family tree using pictures instead of just names. It was obvious at that point that this inn has been in the owner's family for quite some time. There were lamps that hung so that the darkness wouldn't consume everything. Animal head plaques were on the tops of the walls to show that the owners were hunters as well. Additional items on the walls included iron-made creations like flowers and whatnot that added to many other creative things next to it, and there was even the dart game if people wanted to play it.

There were several dozen tables spread out throughout the large first floor, most of them being filled. It made Oliver wonder if there were many villages around the area, since the one he was in seemed too small to have all of these people joined together. Drunken men danced on top of some of the tables while their friends laughed at them, some people played cards at their tables, others listened as men told their tales, and there were even children running around playing tag. People of all ages and genders were having the times of their lives, which made Oliver smile. He got some glances, but no one was rude to him or anything. He was an outsider, so he knew that it was normal. Besides, people that did speak to him said things like hi and complimented his style of clothing.

Making his way to the counter at the back wall where the married owners were selling alcohol (water and juice for the children) and renting out room keys while talking to the people sitting there,  Oliver wondered if he would get all of his questions answered tonight, allowing his brain to process it all during sleep. If not, there was always the next day, but the young man didn't want to wait. Maybe there would be some holiday tomorrow that he would not be able to celebrate until it was too late.

Upon the end of such thoughts, Oliver reached his destination, sitting at a seat near the counter. Behind it stood a man and woman. The man was a scrawny shaggy-haired blonde with a long narrow nose who wore a black long sleeve turtleneck, jeans, black socks, black boots and wore round shaped glasses. The woman was quite beautiful with her slender body, long black hair and smooth face, wearing a dress that went a bit below her knees with daisies dancing about the cloth. She also had on heels, a type of shoe that you wouldn’t see in Oliver’s homeland, so of course he admired the footwear for a few seconds before re-focusing on both of the owners. He noticed that their ears were quite… long. In fact, almost everyone at the inn’s ears was as long. After the two were done talking to someone else at the counter, their attention was drawn towards Oliver, the outsider. They had smiles on their faces as they began to speak to him.

“Hmm, I don’t remember seeing you around these parts, my friend. Where do you come from?” asked the man.

“Sweaty, where are your manners?” asked the woman to her husband before continuing. “I am Sarah Sky and this is my husband Will Sky,” she said, putting her left arm on Will’s right shoulder. “We own this place, so if you want something, just ask us,” she explained.

"Thank you mam. Also, I actually do need assistance, relating to what your husband asked. First, I would love a glass of water please,” Oliver replied, smiling at the two. Sarah nodded and went into the backroom to get some. When she came back and poured a glass of water for the swordsman, he took a sip and then continued to speak. “I was shipwrecked and landed on a beach behind the forest south of here. I come from a land to the far south and have been looking for a new place to settle down. I wish to learn more about this place, if you know much?” Oliver asked them with a serious and curious expression on his face. Will and Sarah looked at each other and smiled a little wider than usual. There hasn’t been a stranger of the isle of the old gods that came straight to their village in quite a while, and their favorite thing to do was speak of the isle’s lore. The others sitting at the counter started listening as well, since they were fond of hearing about the lore every now and then, no matter how many times their own parents drilled the info into their heads.


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