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Map of the Three Kingdoms Empty Map of the Three Kingdoms

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The Isle of the Old Gods is a large island surrounded by deadly waters that even the Zora people are afraid to swim too far into. While it is said that there is land beyond this Isle, none have ever survived a journey beyond it. It is as though a supernatural force is keeping the people of the Isle from leaving. It takes about a week of travel to get from Lynna City to Hyrule Castle Town. It takes about 3 days from Castle Town to get to Horon City.

Is there a world beyond The Isle of the Old Gods?
Absolutely. We have several characters who were born beyond our world who were shipwrecked or brought to this land by some strange circumstance. Whether or not we will expand to other lands in the future has not been decided. We currently have a ban on any more characters being from outside the island. In order to ensure the site population primarily from the three kingdoms, this will be held until the site grows a bit more.

Does the rest of the world know about this Island?
While we cannot say for sure since not many know of the outside world's existance, it is safe to say that that the island is protected by an unnatural force. While it may keep the insiders from leaving... it also keeps the outsiders from arriving (unless by accidental means and barely surviving). It could be that it is the Old Gods' attempts at keeping the secret of the Triforce safe, as well as keeping the Hylians pure of corruption.

Was the rest of the world created by the Gods?
Yes, however, just as our world works, legends die and religion fades. Some humans living on the Isle who do believe in a world beyond the waters say that the reason that they cannot leave is because the Goddesses are keeping them safe from the evils of man. The rest of the world went corrupt in the chaos of war and greed, and in an attempts to keep the Triforce and its faithful followers from becoming tarnished, the seas around them became consumed by never ending storms. Hyrule, the Goddesses, and the Triforce are just a legend to their world, which is said to be absent of spiritual faith and gods alike.
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