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Post by The Old Gods on Thu Feb 12, 2015 11:08 pm

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We request that all members under the age of 16 are granted parental permission to be on this forum due to our latency for gore/violence and profane language.


 Respect all STAFF members. The staff of this site have worked very hard to put this together. While it may not be perfect and please everyone, please respect any and all decisions a staff member makes. If you are having any issues with a staff member, please alert another member of the staff kindly and calmly.

 Respect all PLAYERS. We do not tolerate any players being disrespectful to one another for any reason. If you are having any issues with any given player, please notify a staff member to take care of it as quietly as possible. We want this site to be friendly and welcoming, so please do not treat anyone poorly!

 Abide by all Forumotion Terms of Service. It is not only up to the creators of this site's duty, but also each of our members' duties to respect the rules made by Forumotion in order to keep this forum up and running!

 No Chatbox/Emoticon Spamming. In order to keep our chatbox running smoothly and orderly, please refrain from spamming. If you are posting a large picture onto the chatbox, please put it under a spoiler so that it does not stretch the chatbox.

 Please refrain from hassling Staff Members. While it's okay to kindly remind staff that you have content that needs to be checked over and reviewed, do not make it a habit to remind them constantly. If your content is not checked within 24 hours of posting, you're welcome to remind once again. If it still goes unchecked, proceed by requesting it to be checked by another staff member or the head administrator, Zelda


 The main reason we're here is to have a good time and enjoy each other's companies, right? So let's make sure we all make any newcomers feel welcome and invited onto our humble little site! The main priority is to have fun and make friends.

 Because the appearance of our site is our biggest hit or miss in getting someone interested into our RPG, please do not double post or spam message. We want to keep this forum clean and orderly. If everything looks organized and updated, it will draw in more members!

 If you feel that there are staff members who are abusing their power, please report it to the head administrator, Zelda.  She will further the investigation as well as hear both sides of the story upon deciding on how to take action.

 This site is meant to be an escape from any real life problems you are dealing with. Let's do everyone a favor by making the chatbox as comfortable and calm as possible and leaving our personal business aside that may create tension. If you have made friends with people within the forum, you're welcome to continue your talking in private, but since we want to try to include everyone who is within the chatbox into conversation, we should leave the conversations open and for all to discuss.


 All members are required to have their characters accepted by an administrator or moderator before they roleplay ANYWHERE. Please direct yourself to the Character Creation Section to create your character and wait for it to be accepted.

 Each account is only allowed ONE character. If you wish to create a new character, please create a new account. We have no limits to how many characters you can make. When choosing an appearance, using celebrity/real face claims is prohibited. We ask that you either use fan art, an anime/cartoon face claim, or give a detailed description.

 Players may only make a character one of the following races described. Human, Zora, Goron, Kokiri, Twili, Sheikah, and Gerudo. We do allow members to make deities, but only with staff given permission. Since deities are rare and mostly locked within the sacred realm, an in depth background is needed. Deities are currently on hold until the next arc.

 Characters and backgrounds must be original. We do not allow rip offs of characters from other animes/games. Be original and creative. We do allow characters to come from kingdoms other than the main three! We simply ask that you do not use real life locations and keep the technological advances to extremely minimal. No robots, no guns, etc. This is a medieval RPG. CURRENTLY NO CANON CHARACTERS FROM ANY ZELDA GAMES ARE ALLOWED.
***NOTE: We currently have a ban on characters from outside the island. You must have your character be from one of the three territories.***

While this site does allow combat roleplay and encourage ranking up your character, this site is primarily social. Because of this, killing another player without permission is not allowed. This rule is a MUST follow. It's no fun when you put hard work into a character and have them killed by someone else. This does NOT mean, however, that your character is invincible. Take precaution when doing missions of higher rank and fighting higher ranked NPC's. You can still be fatally injured by these by not using common sense.

 Members are allowed to roleplay in as many threads as they desire if they are socials. Mission and dungeon threads are not included. You are only allowed to be in two mission threads at a time as well, and only one dungeon thread. We require 200 words minimum per post in a roleplay thread.

 The use of NPC's in threads as attackers must be approved. To have an NPC attacker, you must make an application for them, as well as stats and a weapon. You CANNOT give blessings to NPC's. Players may not use NPC's in the surrounding area to attack another player unless the situation is reasonable - for example: if you try to attack a royalty within their castle, guard NPC's will obviously attack and you will be considered outnumbered. It is otherwise unacceptable to have NPC's appear from nowhere to attack your opponent unless you created them and had them approved.

 Godmodding and metagaming are prohibited. Having your character magically know something out of nowhere and dodging every attack is unrealistic and rather annoying for other members.

 If you plan on creating a thread that will include detailed gore/violence, please give it the appropriate tags, such as (Mature). Sexual threads are prohibited on the board. If you and another member wish to take part in a sexual thread, please take it somewhere else, or in the private messages. If you happen to stumble upon a sexual thread that was unnoticed by staff, please report it immediately for the safety and continuation of our forum.

 Please refrain from using "txt talk". Use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Nobody's perfect, but the effort is appreciated. While we appreciate different styles of writing, our site requires posts to be written in third person. Please remember to respect the posting order. However, we have a 24 hour rule that states that if a person in the topic didn't post within 24 hours and it's already their turn to post, the rest of the members can continue without them whereby they can just catch up later when they get on. If you, for any reason find yourself rping with somebody who refuses to die, please inform a mod or admin to check over the thread.

If a member violates a rule, they will receive a warning. A warning has to be clearly spoken. In example: "This is a warning," should always be added into telling the member to stop. If a member violates a rule after being warned, a ban can and will follow.

 First offense banOne Hour Ban

 Second offense ban: 24 Hour Ban

 Third offense ban: 72 Hour Ban

 Fourth offense ban: Site Ban across all linked accounts

Deliberately and repeatedly disrespecting the Staff can and will earn you a permanent IP ban regardless of the number of offenses. If Staff violate the rules, they will be stripped of their position immediately without warnings, then get treated as a member. If staff violates rules, they don't deserve to be staff.
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