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Kingdom & Culture Information Hyrule
Kingdom & Culture Information Hyrulecastle
According to legend of the creation of the world, Hyrule is the first established kingdom in all the lands. It was established roughly 2,000 years ago by the descendants of the reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia, who later became known as the Royal Family. This family is sacred to the cycle of peace, because of the reoccuring roll of the Goddess reincarnated being reborn within their blood ever few centuries. It is a safe haven for the Triforce and the center of all trade with all other lands.

The humans of Hyrule are very distinct - as physical appearance suggests, the longer the ears, the more hylian blood you have in your ancestry. Native humans to Hyrule are known for their long, pointed ears. While cultures differ with each kingdom, Hyrule prides itself on its high moral mediums, magic practice, and knighthood. Hyrule's main militia consists of knights and casters. Hyrule has recently lost their leader, King Daphnes, though his only daughter, Princess Zelda will soon be taking his place and become Queen.

Hyrule is a very spiritual and religious territory. Many people who reside in these lands are very thankful and giving to the Golden Goddesses because of how prominent the Legend of the Triforce is.

With each region, culture changes with each race, as well.The Lake Zoras of Hyrule are very social and open, being very close to the humans of this Kingdom. They are very inviting and though they have established a city of their own, they still consider themselves proud hylians. The Gorons of this region are no different - while they live in a very dry, earthy climate outside of Kakariko village, they still openly welcome guests and never turn away a stranger.

The Sheikah of Hyrule hold an oath that has been kept for thousands of years - when one comes of age, they must take responsibility and fulfill their duties as a guardian of the Royal Family.

Kingdom & Culture Information Labrynaaa
Kingdom & Culture Information Labrynna
Labrynna was first established by Queen Ambi, nearly 1,000 years ago. Though considered the twin city of Holodrum, the two are very different from each other. They are only connected in such a way because they were both established around the same time, by two rivals who wished to go separate ways. Physically, Labrynnan humans have shorter ears, though they still come to a point. Labrynna prides itself on knowledge and connecting with nature, and while Hyrule bases its military on knights and magic, a Labrynna focuses on the art of archery and a naval militia. Lynna City is the capital of Labrynna and is located within a lush forest off the coast of an ocean, with many sea ports and forest trails.

Labrynna is ruled by King Galadhion and no longer has a queen, as she has passed away. He has a son named Perseus, who is prince. Galadhion is known for being secretive and makes very irrational decisions based on his emotions, so many people refer to him as "The Mad King". He has yet to prove bad leadership to his people though, so despite his poor decisions and possible power trip, he is very fair to his people and is respected.

Currently, an alliance takes place between Hyrule and Labrynna, and they intend on sealing this alliance by the marriage of Prince Perseus and Princess Zelda, though the date of the marriage has not yet been reported.

The Gorons of Labrynna are very primal and proud people, and due to Labrynna being very connected with nature, they have established tribes within the Rolling Ridge. Many could compare the culture of these gorons to be that of Native Americans, being very spiritual and often giving back to the lands. The ocean Zora of Labrynna are unfortunately much more closed off. Ruled by the Zora King Dray, they do not partake in much trade with Labrynna and are incredibly private. Not much is known about them due to their secretive behavior.

Sheikah who live in Labrynna are mostly retired workers of the Royal Family. Since Sheikah were considered a dying race, many of them lived in Kakariko Village of Hyrule and then moved to Labrynna to retire.

Kingdom & Culture Information Holodrumm
Kingdom & Culture Information Holodrum
Established roughly 1,000 years ago around the same time as Labrynna, Holodrum has remained a rival to Labrynna ever since. Due to the feud between Queen Ambi and Queen Nessa, the two kingdoms have never found peace, even with its current rulers. Holodrum is considered the "pot luck" kingdom, where all races come together and live among each other. Strong and prideful, many may consider the Holodrum people to be rather rude and overconfident. Physically, humans appear to have rounder ears, being the farthest from the hylian ancestry. As for it's militia, Holodrum mainly focuses on cavalry, equestrianism, and swordsmanship due to their vast plains.

Overtime, the royal family of Holodrum have been known for being incredibly snobby, materialistic, and lacking in helping their kingdom. The current ruler of Holodrum is a very young King by the name of Asthar. Due to their very strict regulations over the kingdom, poverty is common, as there is a huge gap between the lower and middle class and the rich. Because of this, there is a large Black Market that is ran throughout Horon City, as well as other shady business affairs. Horon has become known as a Mercenary town.

Most Sheikah who live in Holodrum are outcasts who have been exiled from Hyrule. Whether it was because of treason or they refused to fulfill their calling as servants to the Royal Family, Holodrum is the only place they can really find a home in due to the alliance between Labrynna and Hyrule being so strong.

The Zora of Holodrum typically reside in the Sunken City. Rather skittish and afraid of strangers, they have lived detached from the rest of the world for most of their lives. With a lack of a functioning government and no aid from the Royal Family of Holodrum, they have grown comfortable in their poverty and feel that strangers are a threat.

The Gorons of Holodrum have adapted to live in snowy conditions, and are therefor much paler than normal gorons. They have very nordic culture incorporated in them - animal hides to keep warm, hunting, and music is very important to them. The Gorons don't really associate with the people of Holodrum due to a century old feud with a past chief and the King. The Holodrum people are rather prejudice toward Gorons, frowning upon them due to this feud, and because of it, they are often outcast within the cities themselves.

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