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Post by The Old Gods on Fri Feb 13, 2015 12:25 pm


30% - Forest's Faith
20% - Water's Flow
15% - Light's Guide
15% - Fire's Scorn
5% - Shadow's Sneak
5% - Spirit's Soul
1% - Nayru's Love
1% - Farore's Wind
1% - Din's Fire


Blessings Information ForestFaery
Element: Wind
Enchanted by the forest sage, you have the ability to navigate through the forests of this world with no trouble. You're a natural tracker, able to find your way back home without too much trouble. You are granted the ability to have an animal familiar - you may find that if you are ever in harms way, you can call for aid upon animals or sprites.

Blessings Information Water
Element: Water
If you are not a zora, you are given a blessing that allows you to hold your breath underwater for much longer--giving you just enough time to reach the bottom of Lake Hylia and back if you wished to. You are a very fast swimmer, and the extreme cold does not bother you. If you are a Zora, your ability to swim fast increases more so, leaving a destructive tide behind you.

Blessings Information Light
Element: Light
If you ever find yourself in the darkness, light will find its way to you. If you ever find yourself in a place of death or shadow, you are at an advantage. The darkness is weak to you, and while it may seem that you are losing hope and a battle may be lost, in your final moments of consciousness, light will be cast out, stunning all shadow beings around you. It will give you just enough time to escape.

Blessings Information Fire
Element: Fire
Like the depths of a fiery volcano, you are full of unpredictable potential. Extreme heat does not bother you, though that does not mean you should try to take a swim in lava. You are strong and sturdy, even if you're smaller than average.

Blessings Information Shadow
Element: Shadow
When darkness takes over, let your eyes see all. You are able to see all without the lens of truth. Whether it be the spirits of the dead, or just a simple dark tunnel that seems to have no way out, you can see past it. You are able to see through illusions.
**This blessing grants you a +1 buff for MANA!**

Blessings Information Spirit
Element: Earth
Communication with the dead is a dangerous practice if you do not know how to use it. With the blessing of the Spirit Sage, you are given the respect of the deceased--who will come to your aid when you need it most. Because you are in tune with the deceased, you are enlightened in a sense that brings harmony to your body. Pain may just be all in your head, and it is harder for poison to effect you.
**This blessing grants you a +1 buff for STAMINA!**

Blessings Information Nayru
Element: Water
The Goddess of Wisdom has given you a gift--incredibly wise and patient with the flow of time, you are under the protection of the Golden Goddess herself. You have incredible empathy, able to feel the emotions of the others around you and you are able to tell when those around you are lying to your face. Though because you have been chosen by the goddess, an incredible burden is upon you.
**This blessing grants you a +1 buff for INTELLIGENCE and you rank up from Amateur to Advance!**

Blessings Information Farore
Element: Wind
The Goddess of Courage has chosen you to become one of her great heroes. Though your courage may get you into situations unfavorable, you are a fabulous bluffer. You are excellent with a weapon, especially a sword. If you gain this blessing, you are able to start with one additional spell.
**This blessing grants you a +1 buff for SPEED and you rank up from Amateur to Advance!**

Blessings Information Din_1
Element: Fire
The Goddess of Power, though associated with the forces of Ganondorf, is not as terrible as people may make her out to be. She has chosen you and will guide you through all troubles you may come across. You are incredibly charming to others, and people will take notice in you and your potential. You are a quick learner. Power comes easy to one with this blessing. If you gain this blessing, you are able to start with one additional spell.
**This blessing grants you a +1 buff for STRENGTH and you rank up from Amateur to Advance!**

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