Saki Cross "Creep"

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Saki Cross "Creep"

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 18, 2015 6:11 pm

Name: Saki Cross
Alias: "Creep"
Age: Doesn't tell anybody, he likes to keep it a secret
Class: Swordsman
Sexuality: Bisexual (He's also into... y'know.. playing with dead bodies, if you will.)
Race: Sheikah
Special features: N/A


Saki is often described as a creep and for a good reason too. He often ends his sentences with "mmm" and enjoys to lick his lips whilst meeting people he's interested in. Saki is a sucker for terrible jokes so you can often find him telling some, though it may seem terrible in other people's ears, it's absolute gold in his ears. Saki prefers to be in quite and isolated places over the rowdy and loud type however he doesn't really mind. Saki is more attracted to his enemies rather than friends, this is because he can cause harm to his enemies and get a good feeling out of it but causing harm to allies is not as enjoyable.

When in battle, Saki is the type to actually take in his environment and make use of it not the type who charge in carelessly. Whilst in the heat of battle, he comes up with some plans to turn the tables in his favor. His twisted mind is actually quite sharp and not to be taken lightly. If he ends up killing the enemy, then he'll simply persevere the body and use it for his own pleasure later on.

Blood spill is art in Saki's eyes. He'll usually try and contain his thirst his blood but there are times when he.. loses control and begins to act like the maniac that he is.

- Apple Pie: Apple is good. Pie is good. Putting them together is even better.
- Dead People: I'm not gonna explain this one for you. Trust me, you don't wanna know.
- Quiet Places: Puts his mind to rest
- Oranges: Apples are better
- Not knowing stuff: A annoying feeling which he can't get rid off until he learns the thing he doesn't currently know
- The Color Orange: Reminds him of the fruit.
- Clocks: This may seem weird but they actually motivate him. Looking at clocks remind him that time is still going on and that people are slowly aging. It reminds him that death is inevitable and that life should be lived to it's fullest. They also remind him about how he gets to live longer than the average human, this gives him a nice feeling inside.

- Living a quiet life: Saki simply wants to live a quiet life. A life with no obstacles, a life where he can just give up and lay down for as long as he wants. He can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Saki slowly strives to achieve this life of his and he has a feeling that it's not too far.


- Falling in Love: Love is fickle thing. It weakens the mind and weakens the heart, if Saki ever finds himself falling for someone it will be a sign that he is not yet strong enough. He wants to avoid feeling such feelings for someone ever.

A Fear he's not even aware of himself:

- Losing someone who he is close to: Saki avoids getting too close to someone because of this. He doesn't want to lose someone he cares about again. If this does happen again, it will damage his mind severely and it will stir up bad memories.

Height: 6 ft 9 inches
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eye color: Red
Hair color: Jet Black


(I've only played 2 games in the Zelda series so please excuse my lack of knowledge)

I'm sure you're familiar with the Sheikah culture and know that young males must pierce their ears at a young age as a rite of passage and introduction onto adulthood. Saki grew up fast, too fast in fact. Not physically but mentally. He had no choice but to quit acting as a child from such a young age since being a Sheikah wasn't all fun and games and his parents wanted him to become a strong guardian for the Hyrulian Royal Family. Saki's "childhood" was short lived and he had no choice but to start acting like a mature adult. Saki pretended that he was looking forward to being a guardian in order to make his parents smile but deep down, he simply wants to live a peaceful and quiet life. He had no say when it came to his opinions and his parents were the leader of his life. It was as if he was a slave.

Saki came into contact with weaponry quite early on in his life and he was made to practice how to handle and use them. Saki developed a interest with weaponry over time due to him being in contact with them for quite some time. Saki did not like being around his strict and rough father and he couldn't care less when he died from his job, Saki preferred to be around his kind and gentle mother and it was truly a pain and sad moment when she followed his father into the afterlife. Although Saki was shedding tears, he couldn't help but smile and chuckle at the same time. He had no idea why or how this was even possible but he just let it happen.

As time went on, Saki was used to handling weapons now and saw them as a piece of clothing. He couldn't leave home without a knife or some sort weapon to help in battle. Without his parents around, Saki was left alone. He enjoyed this kind of environment since it put his mind to rest and he could really take in the environment around him but some may argue that he was a little too alone for he began to develop some weird and unusual habits such as spending nights in the graveyard beside his mother's grave.

The time for when Saki was meant to guard the royal family grew closer as each year elapsed, he knew that when this time came it would ruin his silent and quiet atmosphere but he knew that no one could stop time and his fate was inevitable. His life was already written out for him as soon as he was born, he had no choice but to follow the script. Though some thoughts developed at the back of his head... was it possible to edit this script of his..?

RP Sample:
(I'm assuming Saki is outside the castle gates guarding during this post)

What a dull day it was. It was the same as yesterday, he was told to stand put and not let anyone who looked suspicious in. Such a simple and easy job, though this simple and easy job brought no excitement. Everyday was a copy of the last, it was similar to a broken record. Though this job wasn't really that bad, it had it's perks. It provided a calm and quiet environment for Saki and this allowed his mind to wander free into the happy land of imagination before he was brought back to Earth by the barking of a fellow guard. He let out a sigh and continued to keep watch of the never changing environment before him.

Oh wait, what was this?

Saki clutched his weapon's hilt, it was the first time he had actually touched it this month! Oh boy, oh boy! A gang of thieves were attempting to charge in through the front gates of the palace. Finally, some fun! Saki charged at them, dodging the horizontal strike made by the man at the front of the back and digging his sword into the man's stomach. This caused the rest of the group to run for their lives.

"Oh no, you don-"

Saki was interrupted from chasing the men by a hand on his right shoulder, he was told to get back in line. The thieves had admitted defeat and there was no point in chasing after them. He looked at the man he had injured and allowed the man to crawl away. If only it happened elsewhere, in another time. Saki would've definitely let his blood thirst out of it's cage.

Reference: Axel Rover though Skype
Face claim: Uta/Tokyo Ghoul

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Re: Saki Cross "Creep"

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Done with this.

I done pretty badly. DDDDD:

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Re: Saki Cross "Creep"

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Looks all gucci top me! Approved and moved.


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Re: Saki Cross "Creep"

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