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Post by Krahno on Sun Mar 27, 2016 2:14 pm

Krahno Kalo (WIP) 54b9dd05-408d-4e7b-a5bb-67fdb514b1e5_zps2uebungj
Krahno Kalo (WIP) Untitled-1_1
Name: Krahno Kalo
Alias: None
Age: 18
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Zora/Sage
Kingdom: Hyrule
Krahno Kalo (WIP) Untitled-2_1
Personality: Often one not to speak unless spoken to Krahno is silent and not very willing to divulge information about himself unless he has a good reason to. Often in the permanent state between anger and sadness Krahno is constantly moody and is usually only happy if and only if he ever makes a friend. Sad thing about Krahno is he has no friends yet and his constant moodiness scares most away. Krahno is often defensive against people he doesn't know or ones he does not find trustworthy and will either stay his moody self or be a bit worse if it comes down to him being annoyed or pestered by them. If it is worse he will talk down to that person in attempts to shoo them away in a non violent manner.
Krahno dislikes violence despite being well versed in self defense from his spare time in book reading although he has never tested out any of these fighting styles in real combat before nor would he want to. The only training he has done at all was against a wooden dummy or rock while he was angry after being in a vocal fight with his parents over his magical studies.
Despite all this Krahno is a very caring person even though he has had a lot of hardships.
Likes: Studying Magic, Reading Books, Protecting others.
Dislikes: Selfish People, Being Judged, Violence without reason.
Motivations: To find a way to control his magical power, To prove his right to live to his parents.
Fears: That he will have died not accomplishing anything. That his parents will never love him.
Krahno Kalo (WIP) Untitled-3_1
Height: 5'9".
Weight: 140 pounds
Eye color: Violet
Hair color: White
Special features: His pale blue skin.
Krahno Kalo (WIP) Krahnofull_zpsfwhf8rnk
Krahno Kalo (WIP) Untitled-4_1
History: 150 word minimum.
RP Sample: 500 words minimum.

Krahno Kalo (WIP) Untitled-5_1
Reference: Advert
Face claim: Krahno Kalo, Original Character Art.

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