Rawlin (Done)

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Rawlin (Done)

Post by Rawlin on Sat Mar 26, 2016 1:04 pm

Name: Rawlin Sbatta
Alias: None
Age: 26
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Human
Kingdom: Hyrule.

Personality: Rawlin has always been a lazy guy although when things get bad he keeps a wide grin on his face to keep himself from feeling stress. Rawlin always tries to help people in need but it sometimes ends up backfiring on him mostly due to what he wears and his hair. Rawlin will stick to his ideals by helping his family, friends and often people he doesn't even know. If things go wrong for his he just keeps that big grin on his face and cheers up himself and sometimes others around him.
Rawlin is a brave young man with a tendency to slack around or not do what he is supposed to. Despite this he can be responsible when it comes down to it and will do his best when people are in need. Rawlin despite his age isn't very mature and will whine or complain if chores get too hard. Rawlin likes to eat and loves trying new foods coupled with making his own creations based on different things. Rawlin doesn't like it when he is judged by his hair or his looks and despises having that happen to anyone else should they have it happen to them.

Likes: Spicy foods, trying different kinds of foods, Fishing, Sailing, Hunting, Sparring and Training.
Dislikes: People judging him based on how he looks, foods he doesn't like, and training to hard.
To find his own path in life: Rawlin has gotten good at being the Errand boy but still he wants to make his own path in life and see what's out there to see and explore.
To stay true to himself no matter what happens: Even if bad things happen he will always stay a good person and true to himself.
Fears: Snakes and Heights.
Snakes: Those things freak Rawlin out with the teeth and the possible venom they could be holding in them along with their scaly skin and tails.
Heights: Rawlin doesn't look it but flying around on a bird or anything above the groud makes him fearful for his life.
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 160 pounds
Eye color: Emerald Green
Hair color: Bright Red
Special features: Rawlin normally wears a blue jean over-shirt over his black T-shirt and on the bottom he wears blue jeans and black and white sneakers.


History: Rawlin grew up in his parents lake house near Lake Hylia and he was said to have been blessed by Din because of his wild red hair. Rawlin's parents made their living by selling boats. Though they had originally started their business in Holodrum it ultimately failed and they later moved to Hyrule to try again. At first it was just a few at a time, handmade of course but it got rather tiresome with just Benjamin working on the boats. So after a few boats were sold more people were interested in joining and the Sbatta's had a few workers now.

Rawlin was about 6 at this point and watching everyone working so hard on the boats he wanted to help too. But even though he was to young Benjamin found him a small job for him simply be an 'Errand Boy'. The tasks given at each age were harder as he aged into a full grown adult. Now 16 the business has expanded and has more workers. Rawlin was getting sick of the errand boy setup until he had to deliver a set a letters to the lon lon family and back. Apparently they had worked out a deal to move into a union so that now 'Sbatta Sails' would be selling boats to the lon lon family and also helping provide trade goods to other sources.
Due to this new development Rawlin's family became rich, but even so Rawlin is still the 'Errand Boy'.

Current Age 26. Rawlin is now a full grown adult and the business is still doing great. Rawlin is sent out to explore the world and help others.

RP Sample: It was a calm day out on the sea as not much activity stirred in the ocean as the calm winds blew the sails of Rawlins boat toward his intended direction. It had been nearly two days since he had initially left his home in search of adventure and now out on the wide open sea to find his way to different parts of the world in search of his own path in life. As the sun shined down it's bright light onto the calm seas the reflection off the water got into Rawlin's eyes. "Darn it is bright today! I wonder if it would be a good day for fishing?" Rawlin said as he noticed different fish jumping from the sea around him. A bright smile cracked across his face as Rawlin fetched his fishing gear and readied the line. "I guess so then!" Rawlin said as he put on his custom fish bait on the hook to lure something good. "Here fishy fishy fishy!" Rawlin would say as he threw the line out and wait for it. At the large tug at the line Rawlin smirked his bright smile as he yanked at the line and pulled out a huge fish about the size of his head. "I'm eating well today!" Rawlin said with a grin.
As Rawlin neared land he took his catch and began to prepare his meal for the day. "Ugh! Fish and Water again today." Rawlin said as he skinned the fish after chopping off the tail and head. He began to grow sick of the same meal every time maybe somewhere on this island there would be some fresh fruit or maybe some wild animals to hunt. As the fish cooked over the hot fire it was just about ready to eat as Rawlin prepared some spices he had brought along the way to have his meal for the day.

Reference: Advert.
Face claim: Rawlin Sbatta. Original character art.

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Re: Rawlin (Done)

Post by Killian on Sun Mar 27, 2016 11:18 pm


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