The civilian party! (Seith, Ratatosk, Aberham, Ehrandil.)

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The civilian party! (Seith, Ratatosk, Aberham, Ehrandil.) Empty The civilian party! (Seith, Ratatosk, Aberham, Ehrandil.)

Post by Aberham on Fri Mar 04, 2016 8:29 pm

Let's face it, this was where the real party was. Music and the sound of laughter filled the feast hall, seemingly no man could be found unhappy. For their savior had arived, hope. If nothing else, permeated the room in overabundance. And the greatest part of all?

The doors stood open so that anyone in the kingdom could attend, should they find a way in before it was full of course. Among those lucky few, was a giant of a man who clearly had not trouble wading through even the thickest of crowds. A man names Aberham, who looked like he dragged wagons in his spare time and ate a dozen eggs as a light snack. He was in his finest attire, which was to say. His cleanest tunic. The wealth of being a mercenary definitely did not radiate from his form. However, he smelled nice and gave off a rare aura of elation. No, he had no fear for a day that might come without a hero to save them. He just really quite liked parties.

Certainly if this had been a normal affair as he was expecting it to be, then merely standing anyplace in this palace would be a massive opportunity to make waves with even minor nobility. Fame holding great sway to his heart. However, he had gotten cought up in the spirit of things. And on the walk (well, half of a walk and half trampling the people who did not get out of his way) over he had consumed three drinks easily. Unwilling to turn down any free food or drink he could stomach. He found himself dancing to the lively music, a man had to be happy sometimes in life. To remind himself what he lived for.


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