The Hero's Reveal Ceremony! [Event Info]

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The Hero's Reveal Ceremony! [Event Info] Empty The Hero's Reveal Ceremony! [Event Info]

Post by Zelda on Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:49 am

Alright everyone! Today is the day that the even shall begin! And so, I shall post up some information as to how this is going to go.

There are going to be four separate threads, to ensure that there are not too many people in each thread. I have divided everyone as best as I can equally, based on their social statuses (which would effect where in the audience they are sitting).

Please note, that if there is someone you wanted to thread with personally, they are allowed to join your thread. This is simply the backbone of each thread.

Royalty and High Status



So I have divided everyone in groups of 3-4 people,  and if there are certain royalty you want in your thread, they are welcome to join.

So this is how threads will go, in this posting order. If someone neglects to respond within 24 hours, the next person is welcome to post.

Thread One: The Dance
Galadhion (King of Labrynna)
Link (The Hero)
Zelda (Hylian Princess)
This is considered the main thread, and all should read it to know what goes on during the actual ceremony. There will be some guest stars that are not included in the main three of this list.

Thread Two: Table of Guests
Saria (Sage of the Forest)
Konungr (Goron Chieftain)
Aryll (Link's Sister/Sage of Light)
Chase (Friend of Saria's associated with Kokiri)
This is the row of guests that sit at the table along with the highest royalty. This thread takes place during the feast after the ceremony. Guest appearances may be involved.

Thread Three: Table of Royalty
Asthar (King of Holodrum
Perseus (Prince of Labrynna)
Killian (Hylian Royal Advisor)
Zelda will occasionally pop in this thread, though she'll be mingling with the crowd mostly. This thread will take place during the feast after the ceremony with Galadhion guest appearing as well.

Thread Four: Table of Civilians
Seith (Commander of the Guard)
Ratatosk (Civilian)
Aberham (Civilian)
Ehrandil (Civilian)
Taking place during the feast after the ceremony, there will be guest appearances. If there are certain people of royalty you wish to talk to, simply message them!

That is how this will work for the most part. Aside from some special guests making surprise appearances in all the threads (and they will most likely say the exact same thing to ensure that everyone has a reaction to the event), it's fairly simple. The way the threads are set up in this event are above, meaning the first people of each thread are going to be the starters. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and the next poster may post over someone if they neglect to respond in 24 hours.

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