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Name: Brynna
Alias: Bryn
Age: 627 (Appears about 22)
Class: Assassin
Sexuality: Pansexual
Race: Sheikah
Kingdom: Exiled (Hyrule)
Special features: Large scar along the side of her cheek and stomach.

Personality: Calculative and cunning, Brynna is a very calm and collected woman, appearing stern and often stoic at all times. She is very serious and does not enjoy playing games or beating around the bush. She would much rather have quick interactions, being straightforward so that she can be on her way. She can be impatient and often gets annoyed when people are unaware that their presence is unwanted by her - which is often. She can be rather stubborn and close-minded on certain situations, often believing that things must go according to her plans. She is a very "my way or the highway" kind of person and doesn't like when people try to act superior to her.

Because of her past, she holds a grudge for the Royal Family, though she would never actually bring harm to them. Since she is considered an outsider, to many she would be a criminal, or accused of treason because of her history with the the family and her people. Though she does not enjoy the presence of the Royal Family, nor would she ever attempt to make amends with them by signing her life away as a guard, she understands what chaos would come if harm were to come to the goddess's reincarnation. Though she would never personally wish to work under them, she would not stand idly by if something were to happen to the princess and she was there to see it.
Likes: Exploring, Magic, Music
Dislikes: Arrogance, The Royal Family, Ganondorf
Motivations: Return of the Hero - Being incredibly old (though not appearing so), Brynna has a lot of history and has a lot of experience, living to see the coming and going of two Legendary Heroes. Because of this, she holds a strong belief that he will return to the world and bring balance.
Revival of the Sheikah Clan - over the years, the Sheikah clan has dwindled down to only a few being left within the world. Ganondorf and his armies, over the last few cycles have wiped out a very hefty amount of their tribe, which left a large imprint within their ranks. Only now, more Sheikah are starting to appear, not only within Hyrule, but within Labrynna and Holodrum as well.
Fears: Death of the Princess - while Brynna would most likely deny it out loud, and even to herself, Brynna would feel as though she failed as a Sheikah if something were to happen to Zelda. Despite her refusal to protect the royal family, she knows in her heart that she feels some sort of obligation to make sure she is safe.
Fall of Hyrule - If Hyrule falls to darkness, there is little hope for the world. Unless the Legendary Hero returns to the world, Brynna feels that there is little that they will be able to do to bring peace and balance once more.

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eye color: Red
Hair color: White

History: Brynna was born within the Sheikah Clan and raised within Kakariko Village for a good majority of her childhood. Her parents had been Sheikah from the land of Labrynna, though after they had been called to protect the Princess. Though she spent most of her time aspiring to one day protect the princess herself, it began to sink in with her as she grew older just how trapped her future really was. She was a Sheikah. Because of this, she had her entire life planned out - to be a slave of the Royal Family. From that point on in Brynna's young adulthood, she wanted nothing to do with it. Even though she wouldn't be called for several centuries, she often made as many excuses as possible to meet with the Princess or the Royal Family. That was when she came across a young boy and his fairy.

While she had found herself stumbling upon the Temple of Time, just praying to the Gods, she had felt the strange presence of someone near by. It was a young boy clothed in green, with a fairy aiding him. She knew that a boy of his appearance, with the escort of a fairy was usually the key signature of a Kokiri child, though she was under the knowledge that they were not permitted to leave the forests due to a powerful spell that would surely kill them if they tried.

She had never seen that boy again until years later. And in that time, darkness fell, and fires burned over the city of Hyrule. After that, Brynna stayed mostly within Kakariko Village. Her parents, along with Zelda's nursemaid and several other Sheikah were entrusted with the Princess, keeping her hidden and under disguise as her alter ego - Sheik. She looked very believable, and Brynna had even had several conversations with her. She seemed so hopeful that the hero would return. That little boy dressed in green.

When the princess had went off to begin her journey and duties as the seventh sage and reincarnation of the Goddess, Brynna had then found herself meeting up with a familiar face. That kokiri child, though now he was grown up. Baffled by such a flook in nature, she wasn't quite sure what to make of it. It was then when her parents had told her the story of the child being a Hylian who was entrusted to the Deku Tree.

In the final moments of darkness before the hero defeated Ganondorf, Brynna's parents were executed by the dark leader himself. Because of Sheik was under a disguise... and even played it off as though she was a traitor to her people so that Ganondorf would trust her, she was the one who had to call the orders for them to be murdered. While her parents were the ones who agreed for her to do this, Brynna could not see any sense in the situation. For that, she hated the princess. For that, she hated the Royal Family.

When peace returned to Hyrule, and with a sudden drop in the Sheikah population, Brynna was called by the Royal Family as a new guard. Due to her grief and anger toward the princess, Brynna refused, and even called out the family, accusing them of using her people as slaves. While Zelda remained calm in the situation, her family did not. They scolded her, telling her she was no longer welcome within the walls of the city, banishing her for the rest of her life.

Brynna was not disappointed with their decisions to banish her, though she wasn't thrilled about it either. She felt a strange freedom though, and despite her not being welcome to enter the city, she still had the freedom to explore the rest of the world. For 200 years, Brynna lived her life exploring. She had met the Kokiri, even befriended the Gerudo thieves. She lived peacefully, though often times, it got lonely. Over the years, she eventually grew to be rather bitter and scrounging for money.

That was when she became a bounty hunter. She knew she needed money, and because she was good at what she did, people often payed up, for a very high price. She never asked for their story or what their intent was. She just did what she needed to do and made sure she got the money for it. Working undercover, and since much time has passed, she found it easy to sneak into the bar,  often spending her days within the tavern, awaiting the desperate public to approach her.

That was when the Twilight fell over the city. Trapped in this forever state of twilight, it seemed that no one really noticed it. All they felt was the bitter cold of the disappearing light and fear. No one truly knew what was going on - all except for Brynna. Because of her blessing from the Shadow Sage at birth, she was able to see the truth in this. They were intertwined in a world of Shadow, as if it was overflowing from its own realm. As the twilight continued to envelope their world, it seemed that no one could see what she could. The wolf and the imp that ran throughout the city - no one noticed.

As the shadow realm had faded from their city, Ganondorf's army began to settle within the castle. The Princess was missing, which put a fowl taste in Brynna's mouth. Looking for answers, Brynna headed to Kakariko Village, which had lost a mass amount of its population over the years due to the decline in Sheikah and the growth and economy boost within the city itself. Upon entering the city, Brynna saw that familiar face again - and maybe it was because of her blessing, but she could read his spirit so easily. It was that same spirit. That same hero... only in a different person.

Brynna was almost taken back by the incredible similarities of this hero and the last, though she'd dare not say anything about it. She immediately felt peace within herself when she saw him though, knowing that everything would be okay. The princess would be safe. The hero has returned. Not soon after that, peace seemed to return. Everything was good again within the world and the princess was safe.

Brynna returned to her career as a bounty hunter, for several centuries after. Hyrule seemed to be living in peace for far longer than usual, and this was strange to her. As the royal family continued to name their female children Zelda, it was almost a bit of a surprise to her that none of them ended up being the reincarnated goddess. And with the hero not returning, neither did darkness.

When the King of the Royal Family had passed away, it had then been announced that darkness was coming. While Brynna had promised herself she wouldn't get involved, she was incredibly curious to see if the hero would return. She now spends her days continuing to make money as a bounty hunter, but also keeps a look out for the new hero.
RP Sample: She was incredibly tired, and the constant walking was starting to get to her. The forest seemed never ending, and while that usually wasn't a problem for her... she was just too tired to keep moving. She had been through this forest hundreds upon hundreds of times before, yet due to the lack of focus, she just wasn't able to find her away around this time. It was incredibly aggravating to her, actually. She was already in a bad mood, and the fact that she couldn't find her way out made it even worse.

Despite going straight for the past several miles, she was still only going in circles. Ugh, this was getting rather annoying, and the sounds of the forest were starting to get to her head. Slumping down against the tree, Brynna sighed as she went through her bag, trying to find something to eat for the time being. She knew that it'd be dangerous to try sleeping within the forest without protection, but at this point she didn't have much of a choice, did she?

With the sun setting and light escaping through the trees, she could hear the changes in the noise - the transition of the daytime creatures beginning to rest as the nocturnal ones began to awaken. The forest was rather warm - the thickness of the trees blocking any outside wind. From the looks of it, she must have been pretty far into the forest, too. Maybe if she could just find a river... and follow that river. Usually towns found their way around water.

She'd surely get attacked by something if she tried to rest here for the night. Getting back up, she sighed, taking a deep breath as she started to walk once more, heading in a new direction she had not tried yet. Hopefully this time, she'd be able to find her way back around.
Reference: It's Zelda XD
Face claim: Female Prussia/Hetalia/Brynna

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