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Rank and Stat System

Post by The Old Gods on Sat Feb 13, 2016 9:49 pm


New members will be given five (5) free stat points for you to distribute among your stats in order to individualize them so that not everyone starts with the same exact stats. How these points will be distributed will be up to you. Each stat rank will cost you a certain amount of points, so this will help you decide the totals of what you want to spend the points on. Stat costs are as follows:

*Note: Returning members get 8 free stat points to spend instead of 5.


  • Poor is free (0 points).
  • Below average is 1 point.
  • Average is 2 points.
  • Above average is 3 points.
  • Excellent is 4 points.

These will be the starting stats for all new and returning members. As you progress with your character, you will be able to purchase upgrades for your stats in the Upgrade Shop.


  • Strength: The strength stat gauges how strong your character is physically, allowing them to use heavier weapons with ease, cause more physical damage, lift heavier things as well as allow them to jump higher.
  • Speed: The speed stat dictates how fast your character can move at top speed, as well as how long they can run at top speed. While you won't be able to move at your maximum speed for the entirety of a topic, the higher your speed stat is, the faster you can move for longer periods of time.
  • Stamina: Stamina pertains to your characters well-being, health, and defensive capabilities. The higher your stamina stat is, the longer you can continue on fighting while injured. You have greater resistance to poisons and status effectors, and have a better defense over all.
  • Mana: The mana stat allows you to use magic once it has reached a certain level. The higher your Mana stat is, the larger your mana pool will be, which will allow you to not only eventually gain the ability to cast magic, but to also be able to cast spells more times in one thread and cast stronger spells as well.
  • Intelligence: The Intelligence stat is what gives your character the ability of perception. The higher your characters Intelligence stat is, the greater their perception of things will be, such as strategy, noticing something that might be "off", as well as being able to perceive attacks that you would otherwise not notice or not be able to see.


There are three different character ranks starting at Amateur and on to Advanced and ending with Master rank. Each of these ranks hold a big difference in power because of the stat system. For an example; considering Amateur is rank 1 and Master is rank 3, a Master's strength stat at Excellent is actually 3x stronger than an Amateurs strength stat at Excellent rank, and an Advanced strength at Excellent would be 2x stronger. Ranks are used to discern the difference in power between players and cause a great deal of power spiking. Each rank allows you to have a blessing. At Amateur rank (starting rank) you are able to get a single blessing with the start of your character. Upon ranking up to Advanced and Master rank you will gain another blessing for each rank bringing your total blessing count to 3 blessings at Master rank. Please note that these blessings are not gifted to you unless done so by The Great Fairy. You will have to purchase your blessings upon ranking up.

In order to improve your rank you must earn EXP by roleplaying or doing missions. It takes 5,000 EXP to earn Advanced Rank (but you must also purchase it), and then 10,000 EXP to earn Master Rank.

Here at The Legend of Zelda: Shades of the Past we like to allow for the most possible free-form roleplaying experience and so with that said our stats do not take on defined points at each particular level, instead of making them completely defined the stat levels will simply be explained in a matter of a range within that particular rank of the stat. When roleplaying please be sure to keep in mind to stay within he range you are given, and to also take into account the acual level of your stat, as well as the rank of your character when deciding what your character can and can't do in character.

*Note: Din's fire, Farores wind and Nayrus's love can only be obtained with your starting Blessing role. At Advanced and Master rank those three blessings cannot be gained so you will have to reroll if you so happen to get them for you're 2nd and 3rd blessing.


  • Strength: Up to 500 LBS.
  • Speed: Up to 200 MPH.
  • Stamina: You are able to fight through minor injuries with little to no effort.
  • Mana: Amateur level characters no matter what level their Mana stat is are only capable of using Common level spells. (Can only cast 1 Legendary spell per thread.)
  • Intelligence: You are barely perceptive to things that would be considered beyond 'obviously' or blatant, you may not even be able to sense magical power yet at all.


  • Strength: Up to 1000 LBS.
  • Speed: Up to 400 MPH.
  • Stamina: You are able to fight through major injuries, being able to push yourself even though your body itself might be in danger.
  • Mana: Advanced level characters no matter what level their Mana stat is are capable of using up to Uncommon level spells. (Can cast 2 Legendary spell per thread.)
  • Intelligence: Your ability of perception is beginning to grow beyond what you thought it could, when magic is close to you, you are able to sense it. Complex things seem to be understandable by you easier as well.


  • Strength: Up to 2000 LBS.
  • Speed: Up to 800 MPH.
  • Stamina: You are able to fight through severe injuries, you could push your body beyond it's limits and keep fighting when others would think that you'd have long since died from your wounds.
  • Mana: Master level characters no matter what level their Mana stat is are capable of using up to Rare level spells. (Can cast 3 Legendary spell per thread.)
  • Intelligence: Your ability of perception is extremely sharp. You can sense magical forces from very far away as well as understand even the most complex things with relative ease, not even planes of existence could slip something past you.

*Note: Legendary level spells are in a class of their own as they are specially gifted to characters, no matter what your characters rank is they are capable of using a legendary spell.


Despite not having set values for the other stats, it is required that we go a little more into detail about Mana because this is the only stat that must be dealt with in terms of absolutes. When it comes down to how many spells you may cast per mana level, this cannot be left up to player interpretation, so it will be broken down for stat level and rank as follows:

Amateur character rank:
Amateur rank spell cast amount:

  • Poor: 0 spell cast per thread. - you are unable to use magic.
  • Below Average: 1 spell cast per thread.
  • Average: 2 spell cast per thread.
  • Above Average: 3 spell cast per thread.
  • Excellent: 4 spell cast per thread.

Advanced character rank:
Advanced rank spell cast amount:

  • Poor: 5 spell cast per thread.
  • Below Average: 6 spell cast per thread.
  • Average: 7 spell cast per thread.
  • Above Average: 8 spell cast per thread.
  • Excellent: 9 spell cast per thread.

Master character rank:
Master rank spell cast amount:

  • Poor: 10 spell cast per thread.
  • Below Average: 11 spell cast per thread.
  • Average: 12 spell cast per thread.
  • Above Average: 13 spell cast per thread.
  • Excellent: 14 spell cast per thread.

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