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Oliver Windhelm

Post by Oliver Windhelm on Sat Feb 13, 2016 9:14 pm

Name: Oliver Windhelm
Alias: N/A
Age: 19
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Race: Human
Kingdom: N/A

Personality:  Oliver Is a very determined individual who tries his best to finish everything that he starts, no matter how long it takes and no matter what must be done to finish it. He tries to be kind to people when he can, as he is a very social person who doesn't like being alone, but he is a very blunt and honest person who will tell it like it is. If you aren't acting like yourself, he will cut to the chase and ask you what in the world is going on, and he will be persistent about it to, not caring about you wanting to keep it to yourself. If you are being a bully to others for no reason, he will be on your case about it, and will even resort to physical assault if he has to. If you are doing something that annoys him, he will ask you kindly to stop. If that doesn't work, he will challenge you to a duel (it can be anything, really) and if he wins, you must stop (that was how he was raised unfortunately). There are plenty of other things he will call you out on as well (too many to write down, I am afraid).

While being kind and caring, Oliver can be rather cruel when it is deemed necessary. His duty is to keep the peace, as he was raised as a guardian who protects whatever country he lives in. He was taught that if the land is in chaos from war, it will be much harder for anyone to get the materials they need in a peaceful manner, and that many innocent civilians who didn't want any trouble in the first place would die, so it is best to not let war occur at all. If he has to kill someone to prevent chaos from occurring, he will. He would also kill you to protect himself if you came at him with murderous intent.

During a fight, Oliver will use anything he can to win. He isn't as traditional as most people from his homeland, but fighting like this has saved his life many times. When fighting his allies he does his best to listen to the leader, doing almost everything that is asked of him. If he is leading the fight, he will do so tactically, not always rushing his soldiers in blindly.

- Socializing
- Games
- Fighting
- Training
- Hunting
- Reading
- Betting
- Learning New Things
- All kinds of music
- Honesty
- Meat
- Daytime
- Rain

- Cocky People
- Reckless People
- Loud people
- Bullies
- Loud Gum Chewers
- Leaders being Cowardly
- Dragging Your Feet
- Lying (unless it is to protect someone)
- Euphemisms
- Not directly saying what you mean
- Nighttime
- Intense Heat
- Killing People

- Peace: Oliver longs for a life where he doesn't have to use his blade against people just to ensure another's survival. He wants everyone to get along, so he will do many things to get to that life, and when he finds it, he will go back to his homeland and bring all of his friends with him.

- Exploration: It has only been a day since Oliver came to the Isle of the Old Gods, and since he can't leave the place, he might as well explore every inch of it, learning all that he can.

- To Lift The Storm: Even if Oliver succeeds in trying to bring peace to the Isle of the Old Gods, it wouldn't matter if he can't leave it momentarily to bring his friends so that they may have a break from constant fighting.

- Pure Chaos: Oliver used to live in a corrupted land where the fighting never stopped. Seeing the looks on the faces of the innocent as they were subjected to die by the hands of tyrants is a sight that  Oliver dreads and never wishes to see again.

- Becoming Emotionless: Oliver has had to kill many people over the years to protect others. Though what he did could be considered a heroic act, killing is still generally looked upon as the most evil power that every person is able to use. He feels more depressed with every kill, so sometimes the young man just wants to turn off his emotions, but to do that would make him into a monster with no morals. Oliver tries his hardest to fight this urge, but he doesn't know how much longer he can fight for.

Height: 5'11
Weight: 155 lbs
Eye color: Light Brown
Hair color: Blue
Special features:
Attire: Oliver wears a light blue yukata (with a dark blue cape attached to his back) with a red hakama. Underneath the Yukata is a black undershirt with a red lining going down it. He wears long black gloves on his arms with finger holes in them, long black socks, and sandals.

History: Oliver wasn't born on the Isle of the Old Gods. He comes from a war torn land far north of the island. His mother, Sylvia, was a woman who resorted in becoming apart of a vicious group of bandits in order to survive the cruel world. She had little to no combat skills, so she had to become the group's whore, which wasn't a very respectable or pleasant job, but she felt that dying would lead to a fate much worse. Not having access to any sort of protection, she eventually got pregnant and gave birth to Oliver. There was no way to tell who the father was, and even if there was, none of the bandits wanted to take care of a child, so Sylvia had to take care of him by herself. It was a hard task, as she had to do this while keeping up with her job, but it was manageable for the most part  The mother was able to salvage baby food from the villages that were pillaged by her group.  

By the time Oliver turned five, the bandits agreed with each other that he would just be a hassle to the entire group if he kept taking away from the food that could've been theirs without even working for it, so they taught him how to fight with a knife and some other small weapons. Within just a few weeks, he was tasked with going wild when the group ran rampant through towns of innocent people, stabbing whoever he could and taking their valuables. Of course, he was taught to go after those who didn't look like they could put up a fight, such as women and children. Oliver was very young, so he didn't really think that what he was doing was a bad thing. The bandits tried their best to turn him into a wild animal who thought that pillaging and taking away the lives of others was common. Within a few years, his talent with a blade allowed him to upgrade from killing defenseless people to killing trained guardians who protected their villages. At the age of ten, Oliver was already as skilled with the sword as some of the bandits were.

Oliver's mom died of an unknown disease when he was eleven, but seeing as the bandits took him under their wing before he could even think for himself, they made him despise whores like Sylvia anyway, teaching him that they were only good for one thing. He felt no emotion towards her death, and kept living just like the bandits wanted him to, which was under their tutelage. Everything stayed the same until the next year, when the bandits made a fatal mistake.

The bandits targeted Salem, an average size village and expected everything to go well, just like every other pillage, but what was different was that this village actually had a competent group of fighters that went by the name of the Salem Defenders, who were able to successfully defend their home, killing everyone but the young boy on the order of their leader, Nathan Windhelm.

Nathan was against killing children, no matter how aggressive they were towards the village's people, since he knew first-hand how easy it was to moralize them, teaching them proper respect. All Oliver was at that point was a broken kid who could still be fixed.

Oliver was captured and brought to the main hall of the base of the Salem Defenders, which was a large dojo located at the center of the village. People of all ages were members of the Salem Defenders. They were people from all over the land that somehow found their way to the village and was able to call it their new home thanks to Nathan, who showed them nothing but compassion. It was because he was able to gather so many that cherished Salem that it was probably the toughest place in the land to invade, therefore being the safest place to live. The forest surrounding it was full of wild life, meaning they never needed to go far to get food, and there was also a river nearby that provided drinkable water.

At first, Oliver hated the Salem Defenders with a passion. They killed the only family that he ever had, and that would make anyone furious. Nathan, understanding the boy's weird love for his group of late bandits, tried his best to explain that the bandits were the worst thing that happened to him, and that they completely turned the innocence of him, a child, into a weapon that they only used for their own gain. Not wanting to understand the man at all, Oliver continuously yelled hateful comments at Nathan. The expert swordsman understood that the only way to get through to this youth was beat him at what he thought he was good at. He and Oliver fought each other with wooden swords in a one on one match. Nathan promised that if the kid beat him, he would let him go and do what he pleased. At the time, Oliver only thought of getting his revenge, so he would run wild around the village and finish what his allies started. However, if he lost the fight, Nathan told him that he would have to join the Salem Defenders. Bizarrely assuming that he could defeat Nathan (with ease), the man that killed the leader of the bandits, after seeing him in combat just once, Oliver accepted the deal and soon after,realized just how powerless he was. Nathan disarmed him and whacked him unconscious with his wooden sword in just a few seconds, easily able to get around his opponent's clumsy fighting style that had numerous openings and focused almost entirely on offense.

Oliver began his training in the dojo woth the others almost as soon as he woke up. At first he was shocked at the event that forced him to sleep, but during his training, he thought to himself that after training with the very people who killed his allies, he would become as strong as them, then go for the kills. Within the first year of being a Salem Defender however, he changed his mind.

Oliver's seven years with the Salem Defenders were the best years of his life. When he wasn't learning various martial arts, he was either being taught life lessons by Nathan, Socializing with the others around the dojo, or defending the village from the once-in-a-while attacks from bandits, both sides of a war that would benefit from taking the area as a base, or some other kind of group. Of course, his first year was pretty rough, as he was still in savage mode, but the cleansing process didn't take too long. Oliver saw how happy everyone seemed, Socializing with each other, as well as playing various games. He was envious of a relationship like that, especially since he never really saw anything like it. The person he bonded the most with was Nathan, as the man was also once like him. A wild boy who just needed proper guidance. They were able to easily relate. Oliver was so close to Nathan that he even started using his leader's last name as his own.

At the age of nineteen, Oliver was close to Nathan in terms of combat strength, and he got along with everyone in Salem village. Unfortunately, the attacks on Salem got more frequent and tougher, causing the Salem Defenders to lose more of their soldiers at a quicker pace. One day, a few bandits decided to pay the village a visit in order to find a new woman that would be their plaything. They knew from the stories that they wouldn't get far into the village before dying, so their best bet was to just overpower both of the females standing guard at the southern entrance, then running off. A civilian spotted the bandits running off and alerted Nathan. Knowing for certain that it would be dangerous leaving the village to go and save the women with too many people which would leave it defenseless, he picked himself and four elite soldiers to go and get them, including Oliver.

They traveled south of the village where the bandits took off, and eventually did find their camp, but upon arriving, the group of five knew that it was a setup all along. The civilian who spotted the bandits from earlier told Nathan that there were only six men, but the camp had dozens of people walking around it. Stealth wasn't an option since elusive bandits had been stationed to look out for any intruders from the trees, and their skills allowed them to remain invisible as the small number of Salem Defenders went pass them. They had to fight

Nathan and his men were able to slaughter the bandits, but three died during the battle and Nathan was going to die from blood loss. Oliver had wounds on him, but none of them were big enough to make him bleed out as fast as his leader was. Before he died, Nathan told Oliver something;

"You don't deserve this life of endless battle, Oliver. Nor do the people of Salem deserve it. Promise me that you will find a land devoid of all war, and then come back to take our village there."

Oliver, truly tired of this land for all of the grief it has caused him, especially now, promised Nathan that he would do what he asked of him. After untying the women, the young man told them to go back without him. They heard the conversation between him and Nathan, so they nodded and left.

Fortunately, the south coast of the land was just a few miles away from the village. Oliver fought his way there, stole a ship and went out to sea, in search for a place that he could one day take his friends to. A few days later, he came face to face with a storm that chewed his ship up and spit the young man onto the Isle of the Old Gods.

RP Sample: "Ugh, my head," Oliver groaned, his whole body aching, but he couldn't  remember what happened to put him in this kind of condition. He just woke up with his body laying stomach first on what felt like sand to him. Once he pushed his body up with his hands and opened his eyes, sure enough he was looking at the sandy floor of the beach he landed on upon being thrown by that storm he faced a few hours ago. Oliver continued to push himself upwards until he was standing on his feet. He looked forward at the violent sea that continued to rage on. Dark clouds gloomed over the young man's head. He wondered how long the storm would continue, but the greatest question he could think up was where he exactly landed.

Oliver looked around the rocky beach, and saw no one, as expected. Who would dare enjoy a day at the beach when there was a storm about anyway? The swordsman looked at the forest that appeared beyond the beach. He began walking in that direction, hoping that beyond the large group of tree was a town full of friendly people who would give him an answer to all of his questions. As he got half-way to the entrance of the forest however, three men stepped forward out of the shadows of the trees marking the entrance. They wore commoner's clothing, but had swords strapped to their waist. They all had mischievous grins on their faces as they looked at the confused Oliver.

"Uh, hello. Do you three happen to know where the nearest town is?" Oliver asked, suspicious of the men, but taking his chances anyway. They laughed at him once his words fully registered into their minds.

"Ha! Why would we let a demon like you near our families and friends? Go back into the storm you came from, or we will end your life right here!" shouted the man in the middle. Their grins got even wider as they placed their hands on the grips of their blades. Oliver did the same to one of the two of his, but before he had to kill anyone, he wondered why these guys were being so hostile to him.

"Demon? I had a shipwreck and landed on the beach. I assure you that I am no demon, but maybe you are masking your own demonic ways with ill reasoning," Oliver replied, the confused expression on his face turning into a serious one. The three laughed again, only making the young man angrier.

"The everlasting storm that surrounds the Isle of the Old Gods don't let humans in or out of the place, probably because we are the chosen few that will eventually rule humanity, heh," the man on the left stated in an arrogant matter. Isle of the Old Gods? Everlasting storm? Chosen few? Oliver was now certain that these men weren't entirely 'there,' and he knew firsthand that you couldn't argue with those kinds of people, so he was ready to fight.

"Well, in that case, I guess this 'demon' will have to force his way past you three," Oliver said jokingly, but it seems that these men took him completely seriously. He could see the murderous intent in their eyes as they released their blades from their scabbards and charged at him. The young swordsman didn't unsheath his blade yet however. He could see from their starting stance that had several openings and lousy strides towards him that he would only need three seconds to kill them all. A fight that quick only called for Laido. Oliver got into the appropriate stance and wait for the first enemy to approach him. Fortunately, one of the men dashed towards him, getting there way before the other two, so he could try out a technique he had been testing out for a while now. He was still on the beach just a few meters away from the forest, so there was plenty of space for him.

Oliver's opponent started with a diagonal strike going from his upper right to his lower left, hoping to cut the young swordsmen in two. He hand both of his hands on the grip to ensure that Oliver would be sliced open like butter, but that didn't happen. The blue-haired killer easily dodged the attack by dashing forward to the left quickly while ducking to ensure that the blade wouldn't cut his head. Now that he was behind his challenger, Oliver suddenly turned to his right, his eyes on the man's head, and quickly unsheathed one of his katanas, ending a life with a horizontal slash directed towards the neck. His head ended up beside his falling body. The other two men were just a few feet away from Oliver when they witnessed their friend die in the blink of an eye. They kept running, but now their terrible posture got even worse as they were shocked at what just happened. Oliver turned his attention to them and dashed in their direction, unsheathing his second blade with his left hand, quickly stabbing the enemy on the right in the head, pulling the blade out quickly, and stabbing the other in the same spot. They couldn't react quick enough since it was hard to see Oliver's movements with their eyes, especially with emotion clouding them. It seemed that the trio was pretty close together, and they just couldn't fight at 100% with the death of one of their own fresh in their minds. Even if they could, Oliver still would have been too fast for them.

The young man sheathed his swords as soon as the last man was dead and began to walk towards the forest, eager to find a village. He hated the fact that he already had to kill people before he could even process where he was.

"Nathan, this place may be worse than our homeland," Oliver said with surprise, as if he was speaking to his late leader, who was his best friend as well.

Oliver's gut told him to turn away and go find another location, but he couldn't go anywhere else until the storm let up, so he hesitantly continued forward.

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Oliver Windhelm

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