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Alias: The Deceiver
Age: 20
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Race: Twili
Kingdom: The Twilight Realm

Personality: Rima seems to subscribe to a morally nihilistic mindset and is obsessed with the limits of mortality. Rima is described as having "zero empathy", which is shown throughout as being true, unless it has to do with his twin sister, Riikoh. Rima also seems to be quite masochistic and immune to pain and intimidation. He believes that with every impact on his body, the stronger he will become, as his ultimate goal is to become a godly being. He had heard the stories of the Goddess Hylia becoming human, and that through the ages many demons have tried to sacrifice her to become more powerful. Rima has become obsessed with this idea, wanting Zelda for himself so that he may take her power as well.

Rima claims to not be insane, but rather just "ahead of the curve". This proves to be legitimately true, being he is extremely calculating, cunning and a really good strategist. Rima also seems to be quite knowledgeable in psychology and people's weaknesses and motivations. He has no problems getting underneath people's skin, and could easily manipulate people into corruption. In addition to this, he is also skilled at appealing to mentally unstable people, manipulating them by promising that he would make their mental problems go away. This extreme scenario of cruelty, sadism and precision proves that Rima is more in a realm of a psychopath/sociopath than insanity, as he is neither delusional nor has he lost his grip on reality.

Becoming a Deity - Rima has a dream of becoming a god. His plans of doing so involve devouring Hylia's spirit, becoming as powerful as he possibly can, through any means.
Creating Chaos - Rima feels secure when he creates disarray. When he can create an environment that panics the hearts of others, he knows he has truly gotten under their skin.
Losing Rikkoh - Rikkoh is the only person that Rima truly cares for,  because the two of them share so many of the same beliefs. Without her, he'd have no one by his side to share his passions.
Losing Power - Rima would not be who he is without his power, and if he were to lose it, he wouldn't know how to handle it.

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 214 lbs
Eye color: Yellow
Hair color: Orange
Special features: The thick black lines along his body meet in the center of his chest, creating what appears to look like a void.

History: Rima was born oldest of two, to a family of outcasts who claimed to be related to the late King Zant who attempted to fuse together the world of Light and Shadow. While they generally frowned upon their ancestry and were shunned from the Kingdom of Twilight because of it, Rima found a deeper connection to these stories, admiring the hard work Zant had gone through in his attempts to become a godly king.

Rima spent most of his times as the odd one out, not able to make friends easily or connect with people with common interests. While most kids were interested in playing and interacting with the world, Rima was merely creating fantasies in his head where he became very powerful and everyone was forced to do everything he commanded. Because of his influence on his younger sister, it is possible that her admiration for him was adorned by his aggressive behavior and distorted ideals for punishments and rewards. He was generally a very cruel child, though incredibly charming and nice when he got what he wanted.

As he grew older, he began to master the art of magic slowly, learning everything he could about the world of light, and their goddess reincarnated - Zelda. One thing that Rima had known was that Zant had harbored the power of Ganondorf, though he felt that this was the flaw in his tactics - he should not have harbored the soul of a demon, but the soul of a god. Rima began to fantasize on the ideas of being able to harvest Zelda's divine soul to make himself a deity.

He began working closely with his sister in terms of practicing magic and doing everything they can to become more powerful.

RP Sample:
There wasn't much left for Rima in his broken world. The Twilight Realm had become so... insignificant since the peace between the Hylians and the Twili had taken place, nearly 200 years before. He often talked of this outrage - how in the world could the twili forget that it was the very Hylians who cast them away? The Gods had punished them for their attempts at taking the Triforce, but it was the people of Hyrule who continued to shun them and talk horribly. The idea of the Twili and the humans coming to peace was just a hopeless cause... but for it to actually happen...

Queen Midna was foolish. Despite the fact that she had shattered the mirror of twilight, there were still ways to get to and from the twilight realm, and if the humans had figured it out... there would surely be a war again.

This was why Rima had to do something about it. He had to become as powerful as he possible could, and stop the humans before they got their hands on  a new mirror. He meant to eradicate them, so the twili could return to the world of white.

"Soon, your power will be mine,"
Rima murmured as he looked into the fountain of fortunes, a visual of Princess Zelda shimmering in it. "Your soul will be mine to sacrifice for our people's greater good." He waved his hand as a portal appeared before him, showing the world of Light before him. With the hero's ceremony drawing near, all he had to do was say the words and Riikoh would be by his side. With her obsession with the hero, she would surely draw him away from the princess, distracting her enough for him to take her away.

They had to plan carefully.

Reference: Zelda
Face claim: Rima/Bleach/Hollow Ichigo

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Re: Rima

Post by Zelda on Sat Mar 19, 2016 11:31 pm

A C C E P T E D ~

I love it. This character is very well thought out, and I LOOOOVE the FC.

Please make sure to create your stats, weapons, and add your character to the face claim!

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