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Post by Link on Thu Feb 11, 2016 10:38 pm

The area was silent as the knights stood firm and straight. To say he was not nervous would be a complete lie, but this was his first real mission and it being in another land was another issue itself. Though the 14 year old trainee was nervous, he was also ready to do what was needed. He needed to become a knight, he needed to become stronger. He left his dear little sister for this, he could not fail, and he was doing it for their wellbeing.

The young trainee named Link stood among the other knights, both knights of Hyrule and Holodrum stood side by side. For the knights of Hyrule this mission was more so a mission in order to strengthen the fragile bond between Hyrule and Holodrum. Under the order of King Daphnes himself, Hyrule sent for some of its own knights to help the cause of Holodrum. Though this was a mission that was meant to strengthen the bonds of Hyrule and Holodrum, Hyrule was not too keen on sending their best knights to Holodrum. In the end Link traversed with less than a handful of knights and arrived at Holodrum.

“Alright men listen up!”

A loud and booming voice yelled out to the knights and the knights stood firm as they stared upon the man that walk up to them. The man before them was coated in armour of great quality, his face holding experience in combat. It was clear that the man before them was the captain and their leader in this mission.

“Normally I would not repeat myself, but since we have…guests…I’ll do so. Here in Horon City a group of rebels have been causing a great deal of problems….numerous people of high class have been assassinated and king Rikel wants us to capture them alive. Recon states that they are planning something big and we need to stop whatever it is they are planning” the captain spoke as he glanced over at a certain knight before glancing over at all the knights “I will be splitting you up into squads…once you are teamed up you will move out immediately! Do you hear me?!” The captain yelled as the knights yelled out with a yes sir!

With the orders having been given to the group of knights, the knights began shuffling around, moving as directed to the other knights they were paired up with. In the end Link was the last person to be issued a squad. As the only trainee there he knew he had to pull his own weight in order to not slow down the others, but what he saw next was unexpected.

Normally the squads held around 3 to 4 people, but the squad Link was assigned to was something Link basically could not call a squad. The so called squad he was assigned to had only one person, a knight from Holodrum dressed in a standard Holodrum armour and a helmet that covered his head, making it hard to see the face.  The only features he could really note was that the knight before him had long blond hair that managed to be seen a bit from the helmet and he did look pretty young, but other than that he seemed to look like nothing more than a normal grunt.

“Ah! So you’re working with me!” The knight said with a bright smile. Most of the knights were either cocky or very serious, but this knight before him was different. The knight held a kind and friendly aura and it kind of surprised the young trainee a bit, not expecting to see such an upbeat person.  “My name is…Tharas…pleasure to meet you!” the knight spoke taking a momentary pause as if thinking about his name before he grinned nonchalantly and placed out his hand to shake.

To say the least, Link was still a bit surprised, but he couldn’t help but smile back at the man “Nice to meet you too, my name is Link” Link said shaking his hand. Though the nerves he felt were still there, he felt a bit at ease being with this man.

Tharas said closing his eyes for a moment as if in thought, but suddenly grinned once more. “Nice name!” Tharas said before turning around “Alright! Lets not waste any time! Lets go!” Tharas said with glee before rushing off forward.

“H-hey wait!”
Link yelled out rushing forward trying his best catch up to him. It was clear that Tharas was going to be quite the trouble.

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