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Name: Aryll
Alias: Ary
Age: 18
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Human
Kingdom: Hyrule

Personality: Aryll is a very kind, mature, and thoughtful person who is eager to help others, especially her brother. One of her favorite hobbies is to go exploring in the vast forests outside of Hyrule Castle Town. She often likes to collect things she finds on her adventures and gives them to children who come across the tavern she works at.

Aryll looks up to her brother more than anyone in the world and wants nothing but the world for him. She thinks its very noble of him to work under Princess Zelda and wishes she could be as courageous as him. She also praises Princess Zelda heavily, being very inspired by her, seeing her as a very strong and beautiful woman.

Though unknowingly, due to Aryll being the Sage of Light, she has a strong sense of duty to protect the Hylian people, especially from those who threaten the use of the Triforce. Being the last sage (and trial) to face before being judged as worthy to use it, she feels incredibly threatened by people who wish to take the golden relic by force.

-Exploring: Aryll enjoys nature and adventures, almost as though she were the hero herself, running along forest paths and daydreaming about saving the world from evil.
-Archery: Though she herself has never had professional training or intended to join the royal guard, Aryll knows her way around a crossbow and is considered to be very good.
-Music: Aryll loves dancing and music and can play the ocarina very well.
-Fire: due to being exposed to a house fire as a child, Aryll has a slight fear of fire and finds herself very wary in its presence.
-Darkness: Being naturally drawn to light, Aryll feels very out of her element when engulfed by darkness. She fears the unknown, the undead, and anything that is of shadow.
-War: due to Aryll's sense of safety for Hyrule, she feels threatened by the idea of war.
-Her Brother: Aryll wants nothing more than for her brother to succeed and has faith in his duties as the hero.
-Independence: Due to her kindness and need to repay debts, Aryll wants nothing more than to prove that she can survive on her own without having things handed to her.
-Death of her brother: being the only family that she has left, Aryll would do anything to protect her brother from harm and does not want to see anything happen to him.
-Fall of Hyrule: The fall of Hyrule would mean the fall of all of her people, and she does not want to see the suffering of light.

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 102 lbs.
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Special features: n/a

History: Born the younger of two, Aryll is the young sister of the Legendary Hero, Link. Her mother died when she was just an infant, and with her father being heavily active in the royal guard, she looked up to her big brother more than anyone.

She spent most of her early life daydreaming of one day becoming an adventurer, or even being apart of the royal guard herself, however due to the royal guard consisting of mostly men, and women only being allowed to be part of the tactician teams and casters, her father disallowed her to become consumed by the ways of magic and war.

When Aryll was 5 years old, her father had gone on a mission, never returning. This left a heavy burden on Link, leaving him to take care of his younger sister and provide for her as well as himself. The two did find shelter with one of their father's friends, though once they were old enough to work, Aryll felt the need to repay the debt, immediately getting a job as a barmaid and paying every cent she made to her new guardian to help with paying for their food and rent.

With Link following their father's footsteps in becoming a knight, Aryll had a lot more free time on her hands, and also was living on her own since he had moved into the barracks. After paying off her debt to her father's friend, she had moved into the inn that she had worked at, bunking down there to work full time. She also spent much more of her time practicing her archery skills and adventuring through Hyrule.  
RP Sample: She was alone in a dark room, and though she could barely see, she knew she was the only one within it. She stood incredibly still, a heavy pressure closing on her throat as she felt her heart beat intensely. She didn't remember where she was before this - only that this was where she was trapped. She could barely move, but felt herself against the wall, moving her hands in such a way to feel for some kind of latch to open a door or find some source of light.

Aryll... sister of courage... descendant of light... reach for the stars beyond the clouds and come to me... a distorted voice echoed as a blinding light suddenly engulfed the room.

With the sudden change in lightly, Aryll covered her eyes as the floor caved in, and suddenly she was falling down into a dark abyss - the light of the room suddenly falling further and further from her grasped as she screamed.

Even the purest of hearts can be corrupted and destroyed.... if the Triforce is held by the evils of man, you will perish in sea of flames...

And suddenly Aryll was gazing upon the Hyrule Castle in flames, people screaming and running in all directions as a large, ominous creature stood before the castle, almost equal in size. She turned around, feeling a source of power fading as she could see Link, cradling the body of a blonde haired woman, a glowing symbol appearing on both of their hands... and as she looked closer, she noticed royal garbs on the woman.

"Zelda... no, no... no, that's not possible--" she murmured, running toward them, "What happened!? Link!?"

"I tried to stop her, but she..." he mumbled. "She sacrificed herself in an attempts to seal the Triforce..."

"How... is it safe...?" Aryll fell to her knees, putting her hands on Zelda's face, hoping to see a ray of light in her eyes.

He had winced, a tear running down his face as he shook his head resentfully. "She was too late."--

Aryll awoke, sitting straight up in her bed as sweat fell from her cheek and she breathed heavily. Looking around at the small bedroom of hers, she opened the shutters of her window, looking out into the bustling town with a sigh in relief.

It was only a dream.
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