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Gray Haven Academy - A Pokemon RP Empty Gray Haven Academy - A Pokemon RP

Post by Kitten4u on Tue Feb 09, 2016 10:18 pm

Harmonia Island is one of the few places in the world where every pokemon lives. With this many species available to study it has become the epitome of pokemon research. People of all backgrounds have congregated on the island, transforming Harmonia from an ecosystem untouched by man to a thriving metropolis that has still retained its connection to nature in order to preserve pokemon habitats. About thirty years ago, Gray Haven Academy was founded in order to teach students about the world of pokemon, its location an idyll place to refine students' skills.  In recent years, however, crime has spiked and a new organization named Team Origin threatens life on Harmonia. Now the Academy and the island has no choice but to face Team Origin or relinquish their hold on this slice of paradise.

-An open-ended, character driven plot.
-A battle system that gives enough structure to keep things fair and interesting, without having to track tedious things like HP.
-An extensive breeding system.
-An extensive coordination system.
-A simple way to learn moves and evolve pokemon.  There's no level up system!
-Missions that offer new plot ideas for characters.
-A laid back community where your character doesn't have to be a battler or even good at raising pokemon to be accepted and find people to play with.
-Multiple character groups to choose from-- play as a student, teacher, gym leader, or even one of the notorious Team Origin.

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