The Great Fairy System

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The Great Fairy System

Post by The Old Gods on Mon Feb 08, 2016 8:33 pm

The Great Fairy System

The Great Fairy has been known to grant extravagant gifts to our hero throughout The Legend of Zelda. It usually has something to do with magic and making the hero more powerful overall. As such, an NPC account known as The Great Fairy, our staff members in charge of moderating over character creations are able to give EXP or Gratitude Crystals to your characters when they complete mission threads.

In order to gain Gratitude Crystals, you must turn in several missions. You will earn the crystals as follows:
3 Amateur Missions = 1 Crystal
3 Advanced Missions = 3 Crystals
3 Master Missions = 5 Crystals

While we know that there are players who lean toward social RP over combat/mission based, TGF will also give EXP for every completed thread you turn in. You will earn exp based on the total word count of your character's side of the RP. For every 5 words, you earn 1 EXP.

In order to be rewarded by the TGF, you must make a request for the EXP in the Request Thread. Post the link(s) to your threads/missions in order to earn your EXP (and gratitude crystals if it applies).
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