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The Great Fairy System WIP

Post by Zelda on Mon Oct 19, 2015 2:12 am

The Great Fairy System

The Great Fairy System is much different than any mechanical system you may have used to on most roleplay forums. Since we are an RPG that encourages social over combat, we found that a mechanical system was too easy to take advantage of, giving competitive players an advantage over those who are not as experienced in combat.

In the world of Zelda, TGF is known for giving blessings and upgrades to our hero when he accomplishes different objectives. Our system works just the same. On an NPC account known as The Great Fairy, our staff members in charge of moderating over character creations are able to give upgrades or rare items to your characters based on their accomplishments. Every accomplishment counts. While there are no levels or ranks for characters, you may find that TGF is the main holder of Gratitude Crystals - a rare currency that allows users to buy or upgrade spells.

Anytime you feel that your character may have accomplished something - even if it is small - you are welcome to request a meeting with TGF. Whether you saved someone's life or crossed the elderly woman across the street, your actions do not go unnoticed. The Great Fairy is neutral and will grant all players of any alliance their prizes based on the greatness of their actions. Please note that depending on how big or small these actions are will determine the prizes you receive in turn. If you are approaching the fairy for helping a cat stuck in a tree, your reward will not be as glamorous as that of someone who saved someone of status from being murdered by bandits. You are also more likely to receive a reward of higher value if you save up your achievements overtime and come before the fairy later.

In order to be rewarded by the TGF, you must make a request for a meeting by filling out a small template in the Request Thread. You will list your actions you claim as accomplishments. A staff member will respond to you privately about them and inform you of whether or not your actions are worthy of a meeting. If they are, you will then act out a short RP of your character meeting TGF in The Fairy Fountain. At the end of the short meeting, TGF will list off your rewards that will be immediately added to your character inventory.

Rewards will vary on the greatness of your accomplishment, but are not limited to:
- Rupees
- A second blessing
- Gratitude Crystals
- A randomized Legendary Spell from the Spell Book
- Any items listed on the Black Market
- An upgrade to existing spells


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