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Amaris WIP

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Name: Amaris
Alias: Ris
Age: 21
Class: Assassin
Sexuality: Bisexual
Race: Gerudo
Kingdom: Gerudo Valley
Special features: Her bright red hair, tan skin, and her strangely darker brown eyes.

Personality: When Amaris was a young girl, many of her people were imprisoned by Hyrule when they were accused of planning a raid on their kingdom. While many did not return, others had been rescued and described the horrors of which they went through while imprisoned. Her mother had been one of the victims who had disappeared. This event had a tremendous impact on Amaris's life and personality and arguably shaped her into the person she became. She was emotionally driven, involving herself completely in the heartache and needs of those around her. Placing her whole heart in the affairs of others, as well as bearing her own heartache, she was often easily reduced to tears. According to her sister, Samara, Amaris largely prevented their family from falling apart and took on many responsibilities to the point where she filled the void left by their mother. As such, Amaris had a maternal personality and often acted as a motherly figure to her people. Her loss was also part of what drove her in her to unite her people with the offensive kingdom, in hopes that they may look past their differences and work together.

On the other hand, Amaris could be overly domineering. For all her kindness and compassion, she was sometimes self-righteous, had a nasty temper, and could be fierce when provoked. With lack of sleep, this side of her can quickly become more apparent. She was also set in her ideals and frequently refused to relent on her views in the face of opposition. Combined with her strong sense of compassion, this gave her a strong sense of justice and she would run headlong into often dangerous situations to help others.
+Music - it calms her down and she connects with it on a spiritual level.
+Training - Amaris wants to be known as one of her tribe's greatest warriors.
+Adventures - She enjoys travel and discovering new places.
+Tension between The Gerudo and Another Land - Amaris simply wishes to end the bad blood between her land and the others, for no evil has slept within their tribe in centuries.
+King Daphnes - While King Daphnes was unwilling to negotiate terms of peace with Amaris, she has high hopes for Zelda once she becomes queen.
+Most Men - Amaris has only had very few experiences with men and they were all terrible. They degraded her, sexualized her, and made her to be a fool for living in a tribe primarily of women.
+Peace for the Gerudo and the other Kingdoms
+Aiding the Hero on his journey to avoid a World War
+The Gerudo People going extinct
+The Lands unwilling to be peaceful

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 125 lbs
Eye color: Burgundy
Hair color: Red

History: Born into the diminished Gerudo Tribe, Amaris faced the reality of her tribe's dwindling strength from an early age. At the time of her birth, forty-five years of repeated Hylian invasions intended to capture and imprison the tribe's male who was set to be King had left them devoid of many of their child bearers. The tribe's defenses would have crumbled under the might of the Hylian Army; however, because of their relative inaccessibility in the Desert, and the perception that they were no longer a threat, they were mostly left alone. However, when Amaris was eight, the Hylians again raided the village when charged by King Daphnes to find and dispose of the lone male of their tribe. During the battle, they had once again taken many of the parental figures of the tribe hostage, never to return. Seeking shelter with her mother, Amaris ran back to her home and interrupted their exchange. Amaris ran to find their head guard, but by the time they returned, her mother was gone. The disappearance of their mother had a profound impact on both Amaris and Samara.

Amaris began to take on many of the domestic responsibilities expected of women of the Gerudo Tribe, despite her young age. Living in a tribe consisting almost entirely of women, children, and elderly, Amaris took care of not only her own family, but aided others as well. She developed a protective and motherly personality which she would carry with her for the remainder of her life. Even to her own elder sister, Samara, she was sometimes seen as a maternal figure.

As she grew older, she began to work very closely with the Tribe Leaders, hoping to settle the tension between her people and the Hylians. Rather than holding a grudge, she wished to peacefully join together in an alliance to set things for the better. She became the Ambassador of Peace among her tribe, traveling to the different Kingdoms to negotiate terms of trade and establish trust.

What Amaris does not realize is that deep in her bloodline is her ancestor, Nabooru, the Spirit Sage. Because this is within her bloodline, she now possesses the abilities of the sage, being one herself. Though she has not been awakened as such, she will soon be thrown into a world of war where her abilities are needed.
RP Sample: Create an rp sample of THIS character, 300 words minimum. If applying for a canon, Sage, or Noble Figure, you must make a sample that is 500 words minimum.

Reference: ZELDA
Face claim: Morgiana from MAGI

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