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Name: Aberrond (pronounced Ah-Burr-Rawnd)
Alias: People refer to him as "the Wandering Twili"
Age: 25
Class: Knight
Sexuality: straight
Race: Twili
Kingdom: Twilight Realm
Special features: Missing ring finger on left hand

Personality: Aberrond was never really a talker, he mainly liked to keep to himself. However, when the situation calls for it, he becomes devoted to his loved ones. He is very serious, as he feels tragedy struck him one too many times. Perhaps it was losing his closest friend in battle, or being forced to remove his ring finger out of devotion to a cause he didn't believe in, it didn't matter. What mattered now was that he was alive and that if he learned anything in life, it's that one must keep going, no matter how dire the situation seems. When he feels that situations get too dire, even for him, he enjoys reading. Specifically tales of the before times--when Twili and Hylian were one and the same--a simpler time. Those tales seem to be the only thing to make him smile. When around those he hates, Aberrond gets quiet; he believes that he shouldn't even entertain them with a response and if they really antagonize him, he'll draw his sword (which he dubbed Shadows Oath after the promise he made to his late friend to keep living) and, well... However, Aberrond does consider himself a pacifist, even if violence is the only way to achieve said peace. After all, if your intentions are good, then your actions are good, n'est-ce-pas?
Likes: Power, Protection, Reading
Dislikes: Incompetence, Recklessness, Light
Motivations: Aberrond seeks power to protect those important to him. In fact, when he lost his best friend, he vowed to himself to keep living and seek power. Not absolute power, but enough to protect himself and those around him. He also seeks peace; forced to take part in a battle for a cause he didn't approve of, Aberrond removed his left ring finger out of "devotion". This batle also cost the life of his best friend. Once he survived the battle, he vowed to gain power for peace.
Fears: Aberrond fears Light. Being a Twili, he is used to shadow and dusk, but an over abundance of light (similar to a regular day in Hyrule) would not only terrify him, but also hurt him physically. He is also afraid of commitement, seeing as that's what caused him to lose his friend and finger in the first place

Height: 6 Feet and 0 Inches.
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eye color: Yellow
Hair color: White
Appearance: Aberrond without armor has an oval head with white hair and yellow eyes. He is missing his left ring finger but otherwise has no defining characteristics. Has slightly pointed ears, and a muscular build. He has a pointed nose and seems to enjoy wearing blue earrings often. Aside from his missing finger, there is also a small scar on his left hand, presumably from a battle he once fought in, however it is unknown to anyone but Aberrond himself.  
History: Born to a simple family, Aberrond enjoyed his life. Growing up, he made only a single friend, but bonded with this friend for years to come. As soon as they were of age, Aberrond and his friend joined a group known as the Harbingers of Shadow. This group was a semi-military unit, operating on jobs and generally protecting the population of Aberrond's hometown. The only process to join was to cut off your left ring finger in an act of devotion. However, the group had more sinister plans; it was actually a extremist group which had the ideal of wiping out all non-members, regardless of relation to said members. Confiding this newfound secret with his friend and together they planned to escape. This failed due to the leader finding out and after a battle for their lives (in which Aberrond lands the killing blow), Aberrond watches as his best friend dies in his arms. Taking his best friend's sword and renaming it Shadows Oath, Aberrond now wanders the Twilight Realm in search for the power to protect not only himself, but also those he cares about. His ultimate goal? Use Power to promote peace. He's travelled so much, other Twili have taken to calling him "The Wandering Twili".
RP Sample: Rubbing his left hand for what felt like the hundredth time, Aberrond couldn't help but feel as if his life could've gone differently. He didn't have to join the Harbingers, he didn't have to make his friend join him, he friend didn't have to... He shook his head. What happened in the past didn't matter; what mattered was survival and his goal of seeking power. No matter the cost. He picked up his sword Shadows Oath and let it rest in his hand before sheathing it. It felt different somehow; like there was some strange energy emanating off it. He shrugged it off and sheathed the blade; he'd need all his wits about him if he wants to survive, no time to think about other things. Walking out of his home, Aberrond noticed there was water trailing from the door off into the nearby woods. Normally, this wouldn't strike him as strange-there's a lake in the woods that people go swimming in all the time. However this was different as well: the drops of water seemed sporadic in their placement, as if the person was running from something. Usually, Aberrond wouldn't bother with anyone else's problems, but he is a pacifist and if someone or something was disturbing the peace, it would have to answer to him. Following the trail, Aberrond ran into the woods. Soon after, he found the largest amount of water near the lake, and saw someone being pulled to the bottom. Without thinking, he threw his gear on the ground and dived in after them. Mentally thanking Hylia for blessing him with Water's Flow, he approached the bottom of the lake with surprising speed, and he didn't even feel the slightest pressure. Looking around, he noticed the water was incredibly murky, however seeing as he was Twili it didn't bother him much. You get used to the dark in the Twilight Realm. Finding the person, he rose toward them and grabbed onto them firmly. The creature that attacked the other man noticed Aberrond and began attacking him. However, Aberrond was an experienced combatant as well as swimmer and kicked the creature off of him and down toward the bottom of the lake. As they reached the shore, Aberrond set the man down and placed his ear on his chest; good, still breathing. Suddenly, the creature burst out the water and lunged toward them. Without thinking, Aberrond drew Shadows Oath and plunged it deep into the creature's torso. The creature burst into shadows before fading away, as Aberrond helped the man gain conciousness once more. As soon as the man seemed awake, Aberrond turned and left, as if he was never even there.

Reference: Killian brought me~
Face claim: Uh this is just a picture I found on google, but it's temporary anyway. I plan on making my own eventually. I googled "Twili fan art" and found that. more at:here

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