Zeran The Sheikah

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Zeran The Sheikah

Post by Zeran on Sat Jun 13, 2015 12:04 pm

Name: Zeran
Alias: The Dancing Phantom. It's not exactly a nickname, but most information you'd get about her would be gathered by calling her as such.
Age: How dare you ask a lady her age! I mean.. I guess if she was a human she'd be approx. 25.. She's been around for longer than she's willing to toss out.
Class: Assassin
Sexuality: Demisexual. She requires a deep connection with the other's personality before she's capable of considering anything, and even then, she prefers friends to romantic relationships anyways.
Race: Sheikah.
Kingdom: Hyrule.
Special features:  Most warriors aiming to get in a fight battle with armor or mail on, but Zeran much prefers her wolfos attire. Meant to make her steps silent and motions obscurred, her wolfos accents also make her stand out among other Sheikah.

Not particularly odd, but most people would be quick to note Zeran's lazy appearance. She always looks out from behind her cap as if she's about to fall over from exhaustion.

Personality: Zeran is the most approachable person you'll ever meet. She's always happy to help and even happier to communicate, though you won't get any words out of her. She's always welcoming and willing to at least try to communicate before acting rashly or violently, though she doesnt necessarily prefer diplomacy over simple action.
When in calmer more comfortable situations, she prefers to joke around, often signing innappropriate or suggestive things to get a quick laugh or a bizzarre stare. She also enjoys making impressions of people using hand and eye gestures when applicable. Her forte is Link, her mock dodge rolls always get bursts of laughter.
In tenser situations she actually tends to act similarly. Often cracking jokes with comrades or even between her aggressor and herself. A good laugh on either side is always a nice way to raise morale, and she knows this well. If you can't go into a fight with a cocky grin, you're probably better off on the side lines.. at least that's what she believes.
The only time she'll go about a serious attitude is during interactions with other Sheikah. Despite her silly tendencies, she takes her people seriously and retains a sort of attitude that requires her respect. Though honestly she'd rather just avoid running into them in the first place if she can manage it.

Likes: Intricate Meals with Meat in them, Fun Music Played by any Instrument, Hunting [ specifically in her free time, in any other situation it's less of a thrill ], Dancing [ In fact, one of the best ways to lure her out is through energetic music. If she's there, you'll see her ], Protecting the Princess, the Company of Anyone Who's Patient Enough to Communicate with her
Dislikes: The Feeling You Get When Someone Tells You Something You Forgot or Missed, Avid Music Haters, The Stigma that Comes with Murdering People Silently, Heartfelt Stories that Sound More Like Ironic Humour, Intricate Meals that Taste Bad, Manufactured Sweetness [Like Candies]  
Motivations: As a Sheikah she takes her dedication to the royal family seriously. She has a fondness for Zelda and often finds herself in stalker like situations in her rather amusing attempts to keep tabs on her. Her reasoning for her value towards the royal family simply goes back to her Sheikah roots.
Zeran also promised to keep watch of the kokiri peoples for one of her old friends. While not being a consistancy, she remains aware and on guard whenever informed of the people's situations inside the forect and would be quick to act if she caught wind of troubles.
She has very little personal motivation other than her love for food and sound. She does strive to locate and consume the best meal she can find, but such an endless task just keeps her going. It gives her a drive to continue living, no matter how simple or silly it may sound or seem to others.
Her mildest of motivations would be her wish to locate the perfect partner to have her back, though her hope regarding resolution to this particular issue is miniscule. She cannot imagine it happening, but still somewhere wants it to.
Fears: As silly as the primise is, she fears she'll die hungry. The idea of going out in the worst possible place for her always daunts her, but she's unconcerned with the 'afterlife' and te actual act of dying.
She's also -of course- haunted by the concept of failing to save Zelda when she needs her help the most. Being as distractable as she is, she can easily imagine making a foolish decision that would end in Zelda's or her own death. Though this may be a fear, she doesn't like to give it weight and often tells herself that it simply cannot happen.
Zeran has no irrational fears, most odd sudden frights come from some sort of odd consideration for a scenario. For example she may exhibit sudden fear of a horse for the situation that she happens to get trampled one time, while happily riding or interacting with one another.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: [160]lbs.
Eye color: A deep scarlet accented with brighter reds and faint pinks that make looking deep an experience. Her stare is worth a thousand words and if you look hard enough she'll happily give you access to the novel.
Hair color: A pale orange that's often mistaken for a cream. She's surprisingly a red head.

History: Zeran had a particularly typical upbringing.. while she remained with the other Sheikah. She actually left her people at a young age and isn't exactly considered kindly by most of them. It's debated whether she's technically a 'traitor' or not, especially due to her rather eccentric way of putting her choice.
Zeran lived in the lost woods for most of her life, often finding herself pulled further in by the melodies so particular to the mysterious area. She soon grew into the habit of ridding the place of unwanted guests, often opting to off them before they got any further into the mysterious maze of the forest.
After making a pact of sorts with one of the residents of Kokiri Village, she decided to move on with herself.
Zeran lived as the equvilant of a backpacker for the majority of her life. Going from place to place, enchanting the residents with her odd appearances and making a phantom of herself. Many many things happened in her travels and her mind is full of these wonderful tales, but rarely will she bother herself with the task of reliving them with others. The most you'll manage to pull out of her are Death Mountain tales and some names that seem to have meaning to her. But explainations are rare and her lack of value for the past as compared to the present keeps this particular section short.
RP Sample:  Pure uncontainable joy. Her hands danced through the air faster than she could comprehend her intended communicative outcome, but then it didn't even matter. Before her sat the loveliest roast pig she'd ever seen. It's tender cheeks looked like dreams and the hog itself simply appeared top notch. Her fingers moved in vein, trying desprately to describe her excitement to the laughing cheif before her. The lovely man was used to her silly antics and quickly urged her to consume the damn pig before it got cold and all his efforts would be for not. In typical fashion, she presented her thank you, gently placing her palms together before rotating her left hand in the air to raise it into a sudo salute, to which the cheif gave a light nod.
Fork in hand, heart a'beating, she plunged into the porcine. The pronged device in her hand slid through the pork with ease, presenting her with a delicious portion of the creature's cheek. Of course, as was with every time she went out to eat, the utensil swiftly came to a stop at her scarf. A pitiful frown danced through her eyes as the action once more pulled a chuckle from the cheif. Her pupils skated to the side to give him a grumpy glare as she pulled the food blocking cloth down with her free hand. After solidifying her dislike for his amusment, she proceeded to send her taste buds into ecstacy, the tender flesh sending shivers up her spine. The seasoning was simply perfect, allowing the normally dull pork to shine.
With such a perfect start to the day, what could possibly go wrong?

Reference: Saria brought me~
Face claim: I drew her myself.

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Re: Zeran The Sheikah

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