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Chase Airsu

Post by Chase on Tue Feb 17, 2015 10:48 pm

Name: Chase Airsu
Alias: None
Age: 17
Class: Fighter
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Human
Special features: Has a sharp tooth that is easily view able on the right side of his mouth.

Personality: Chase is an extremely Cocky fellow. He toots his own horn whenever he feels like it, no matter who he in front of. It could be in front of the highest power, in the world actually. He wouldn't care. He thinks he is always the best in the room at the time. And that is basically his default personality. He doesn't really take anything seriously unless it calls for it. The closer he gets to people the more open he will be with them, meaning the closer you get with him, the more serious he will be with you when you and him are alone together. He takes first impressions fairly seriously. If you seem like a dick at first glance, he will act like a dick towards you unless you show a massive personality switch. He also takes friends very seriously, dropping almost everything if it involves helping one of them, even if it means not being able to see his mother, even if it is forever. Another common thing with him is, if he meets somebody as cocky, or (If possible) Cockier that he, would not, ever be on the best of terms with them. Since he is, in his mind, The Best.
-Food (Weird obsession)
-Oceans, Lakes, Rivers. Anything containing water
-Making friends
-Transportation involving vehicles
- Death (Mostly involving innocent people)
-Nature (Doesnt really hate it, just not the best in it)
-To prove he is THE best adventurer, the best fighter, the best knight. To Just prove he is the best.
-Also to hopefully one day, meet his mother one more time.
-For his friends to all die around
-Not be strong enough to protect him, or anybody else

Height: 5'10
Weight: 110lbs.
Eye color: Grey
Hair color: Brown
Appearance: Just like the picture.

History: Chase was born like any baby. By the birds and the bees, literately. When Chase was born, from what he was told, birds were flying all over the place eating up some bees. And surprisingly, that wasn't all the nature lesson Chase got when he was a baby. By the time he was three his farther decided to test Chase. So, the greatest idea in his mind at the time was to just, chuck his only son into a raging river. Chase's little body should have not been able to withstand all of the crashes of water, he didn't even stay up all that long, he sank within seconds. He was underwater for, what seemed like minutes. While he was down there, Chase saw what he now describes as a blue lady right before he passed out from the lack of oxygen. Hours later, Chase washed up back on shore, where he was still alive. After that, extremely stupid plan, Chases father got kicked out of there home by his mom.
      Years after that, when he was seven, Chase was simply, getting into loads of trouble. Stealing, picking fights with some kids. He was just being a really bad child. But alas, his mother never did scold him, She still thought he was her precious child. And Chase wanted to shape up just for her, just for his mom. Which Chase did, until he turned eleven. Chase decided to steal from the wrong group. All he wanted was a piece of bread. Which he decided to steal from some lowly bandits. He tried to fight them off, but eventually they overpowered them with numbers, and just by size. Chase then saw a brick hit one of them upside the head, and from what he saw, it was his mother. She then started to bolt to the nearest woods, where the bandits followed her. Chase got up, and cleaned himself off. And he waited. he waited for months for his mother to come home. But, it sadly never happened. After that, Chase trained his hardest so nothing like that never happened again. so he could protect the people he love. He then decided that the best way to find his mother, is to travel the world. Lets wait and see what impacts he might make.....
RP Sample: (For this sake, I'm going to say this is taking place before he got to Hyrule) Chase was walking down his long, long road of his emotions. Well, he was actually walking down a long long road don't get him wrong, but he was really thinking about his emotions. Which, was mostly because he hasn't eaten in days. "Ugh, why is it that everybody makes being a adventurer look so easy? All they do is set off, and luck will find them. But no, not for me I need to walk in the hot hot sun. Of course it cant be chilly when I walk. But it can totally rain for when important people walk. Well, important people are most likely using vehicles to get places. Man, I really need to stop talking to myself, I'm really starting to feel like i'm going crazy. Am I going crazy world? Have I angered you lately? All I want is a cool, easy trip to Hyrule. But, obviously that wont work for you." Chase then stopped talking. All that mouth flapping was making him hungry and thirsty. That was, until he felt a drop of rain. which lasted for one second ad the sun glared even harder. "Oh, hardy har har. Fuck you nature." Chase grumbled. He looked left and right to see if he could possibly hunt for some food. But, because Mother Nature hated him deeply, there was nothing in sight. "You know what Nature? I don't need you food, I don't need yo water. I can run all the way to Hyrule if I wanted to, then by myself some grub that they got, from the wild. OH SNAP! You! You just got served by yours truly, Chase Airsu. get wrecked son!" And with that, Chase got in his running position, and full on sprinted to where he thought Hyrule was at. His first stop for his world travel.

Reference: Another Site
Face claim: N/A

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Re: Chase Airsu

Post by Zelda on Tue Feb 17, 2015 11:08 pm

Everything looks to be in order! Approved!

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