Tale Of Eradan and Freya

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Tale Of Eradan and Freya

Post by Ehrandil on Sat Mar 28, 2015 12:23 pm

You’re asking how did Eradan and the female Hylian knight met before they fall in love and married? Ah I see, you are one of those who fancied in romantic tales aye? Well unlike other love stories you’ve heard of, these two lovebirds did not fall in love instantly upon their first met but rather… not in good terms at the beginning. However! As your acquainted bard, I shall tell you the story of a Waystrider ranger captain and a Hylian lady knight, Eradan and Freya so… pay attention.

A Waystrider Captain And A Hylian Knight

”Freya was a beautiful and elegant Hylian but she was known as a fiery and willful knight within the order. Despite that, her loyalty to the royal family and her kingdom was unwavering and incorruptible.

Within the royal court of Hyrule, there was an order of knights which dedicated to protect the royal family and the people of Hyrule. These knights were known as Hylian Knights and they defeated the King of Evil Ganon and his army during the Imprisoning War, a great battle for the realm long time ago. Freya Laderiel was one of them, a Hylian who was a knight in the order and she was a warrior who fiercely dedicated to protect her beloved kingdom and people from any threats. Freya was brave, focus and skilled warrior but she was also quick-tempered and willful, these traits had clouded her judgment towards other people. Despite she was a Hylian Knight, Freya had a little experience in battle as she mostly guarded the palace and took her role as an escort for the royal family members.

”Even though he dressed in ragged cloak, the charming features of Eradan was distracted by the women of Hyrule Castle Town where he often entered. Described as gentle and modest, Eradan was known for being doubtful about himself and his pacifist views.”

Eradan was Geodarin’s (who was the first chieftain of the Waystriders) younger brother. Since Geodarin was a bold, charismatic and daring warrior, Eradan was gentle in nature, modest and soft-spoken but sometimes doubtful about himself and his abilities. However, Eradan was a fine archer and a skilled swordsman who able to wield two swords or daggers at once in combat. Eradan was a war veteran since he fought alongside with his brother against the rebels back in the civil war at Laria before the fall of the kingdom. Although he fought in wars and battles, Eradan did not enjoy in fighting a lot and disliked unnecessary bloodshed.

After the King of Hyrule allowed the Larians to settle in the kingdom, Freya and the other Hylian Knights respected his decision but within her heart, Freya distrusted the Larians since they were foreigners. When the Larians assembled a small army in the forest of Hyrule, Freya rode to the Larians’ encampment alone without any permission from her commander or the king. After she arrived at the entrance of the encampment, Freya demanded to see Geodarin. However it was not Geodarin but Eradan himself who emerged at the opened gates of the Larians’ encampment. Geodarin was away to see the king of Hyrule and Eradan was in charge in the encampment, much to Freya’s anger. Despite she had a choice to leave, Freya challenged Eradan in a duel and if she won, the Larians have to leave Hyrule forever. At first the hot-headed female Hylian thought that the young ranger did not dare to say anything but she was wrong, Eradan accepted the duel meekly without set any bet that if Freya lost the duel.

Freya was armed with her best sword and Hylian shield while Eradan armed with both of his old short blades. When the duel started, both of the Hylian and the Larian clashed their weapons against each other while the other Larians looked on without cheering on. Despite that Freya was armed with her best weapons, she was lacked of combat experience which Eradan had. He overpowered her and sent both of her sword and shield off, Eradan aimed his sword at Freya and declared that the duel was over. After the duel was over, Geodarin and Freya’s commander arrived to the scene after they heard about the duel. Despite she was lost, Freya was refused to admit defeat and she left the Larians’ encampment, vowed that she will surpass Eradan in combat one day. The day of her defeat made Freya trained herself harshly, completed the quests which was given to her and she killed several monsters around Hyrule.

After a year of the Waystriders’ establishment in Hyrule, Eradan became the chieftain Geodarin’s ranger captain while Freya became a Hylian knight captain. However, Freya was missing along with other Hylian Knights after they completed their quest to escort an envoy to Kingdom of Labrynna but they did not return. Feared for the safety of the missing Hylian Knights, the King pleaded the Geodarin to seek for them and Eradan, along with a few Waystrider Rangers, volunteered to search for the missing Hylian Knights. With the help of a group of Labrynna elite archers, Eradan tracked down the knights’ whereabouts and much to his shock, they became prisoners to a group of cultists who worshipped the King of Evil Ganon. With the help of the Labrynna archers, Eradan and his fellow Waystriders launched an assault on the cultists’ encampment and defeated them. Despite she was saved along with her fellow knights, Freya was discontent about been rescued by Eradan who she declared him as her sworn rival after the duel in the past.

After they reached to the castle of Hyrule together, the king was pleased to see his loyal knights returned safely with the help of the Waystriders however after he heard about the cult in Labrynna, the king began to worried and decided to sent Freya to investigate more about the cultists and paired her with Eradan, much to the knight captain’s chagrin. When the two traveled together, Eradan tried to get along with Freya but she ignored him and told him to focus on their quest. When they discovered information about Gabrant, the cult leader’s whereabouts, Freya abandoned Eradan and went to the cult leader’s hideout in abandoned ruins at Gerudo Desert despite the Waystrider’s protest. A step ahead of Eradan, Freya arrived at the ruins and killed the cultists who stood in her way and she confronted the cult leader. Despite he was alone, Gabrant was a master in casting magic and sword user thus he managed to wound Freya severely. Before he could kill her, the cult leader was wounded by an arrow and he escaped, it was Eradan who shot the arrow from his hiding place. Freya was mortally wounded and dying but with Eradan’s skill as a healer, he managed to heal Freya’s wounds and nursed her to health in a Gerudo village.

Realized that she was saved by her sworn rival, Freya tearfully apologized to Eradan for treated him as her enemy but Eradan said that there was nothing to be forgiven for Freya did not wronged him in any ways. After that, the two became friends and they relied on each other.  When traveled with Eradan, Freya’s personality changed drastically. She learned patience and humility with the guidance of Eradan and slowly, the Hylian knight developed personal feelings for the Waystrider captain but she kept it to herself. As they founded Gabrant near the Death Mountain, Eradan and Freya realized that the cult leader possessed a relic which made him powerful; The Trinket Of Huderan, a relic that was worn by an ancient Hyrulean mage during the Imprisoning War and the Hyruleans believed that the relic was lost forever after the war. The relic made Gabrant’s spells more powerful and deadly, but Eradan and Freya managed to escape from him with slight injuries. In the middle of losing hope, Freya suggested that they should seek the Great Deku Tree for help in the Lost Woods where the Hyruleans and the Waystriders did not dare venture. Within the Lost Woods, Eradan and Freya managed to defeat every Stelfos they encountered and they arrived safely at the forest where the Kokiri and the Great Deku Tree resided. As they sought advice from the Great Deku Tree, the wise deity told Eradan and Freya that if the Trinket of Huderan come off from the user, it will weakened the user but both the Hylian and the Waystrider doubted that it will be easy since Gabrant was a powerful sorcerer and excellent swordsman.

When they returned to Hyrule Castle, Geodarin and a group of Hylian knights informed Eradan and Freya that Gabrant and his followers had taken the royal castle while the royal family managed to escape with the help of other Hylian knights. Without waste any time, Eradan and Freya went into the castle along with Geodarin and the Hylian knights thus they attacked Gabrant’s followers. At the high battlements of the Hyrule Castle, Gabrant tried to summon an army of demons but he failed to do so as Eradan and Freya interrupted the ritual. The clash between a dark sorcerer and the two heroes were lasted for hours, Freya managed to get close with Gabrant and managed to snatch the relic off the sorcerer’s neck but at the same time, Gabrant casted a spell and he mortally injured the Hylian knight. When he saw that his friend was hurt by the sorcerer, Eradan was filled with rage and he aimed his final arrow at Gabrant who was weakened, the Waystrider captain shouted in his tongue and his arrow was glowed. With his final and glowed arrow, Eradan unleashed it and it pierced through Gabrant’s heart, the sorcerer fell off from the battlements and the battle was over.

Eradan rushed to Freya but he realized that her body was cold, the Waystrider captain realized that the Hylian knight had died in his arms. Consumed by grief and sorrow, Eradan mourned and lamented by Freya’s death, told her that he loved and cared for her since their first met and unable to live without her. Then, the Trinket of Huderan shone and reduced to dust thus Freya opened her eyes, she was revived from her death. Some of the Waystrider bards said that Farore, the Goddess of Courage who watched from the heavens was deeply moved by Eradan’s love and grief for Freya, and she resurrected the Hylian knight by shattered the Trinket of Huderan and used its power. Others said it was the power of Huderan trinket that resurrected Freya but it became dusts after been used. After witnessed Freya’s resurrection, Eradan was in tears of joy and confessed his feelings to her and Freya did the same. Till then, both of the Waystrider and the Hylian knight were developed into romantic relationship and vowed never separated again until death.

During the war against the army of demons in Hyrule, both Eradan and Freya fought alongside with each other and supported the Hylian army and the Waystriders. However when he received the news of his brother’s heroic death at coast of Hyrule, Eradan lost his will to fight but it was Freya managed to comfort and helped him in his grief, Freya also supported Eradan to take Geodarin’s mantle and led his people. On the last day of the battle, Eradan and Freya led the survived Waystriders and the Hylian knights into the final battle and they emerged victoriously that day. During the day of celebration in Hyrule Castle Town, Eradan asked Freya’s hand in marriage and the Hylian agreed thus the two wed together and led the Waystriders at the Woods within Hyrule. Both Eradan and Freya had a son who they named Halbarad and he was the first Waystrider who was half human and half Hylian.

”Halbarad, the first Waystrider who inherited Hylian features from his mother.”

When both Eradan and Freya died in their old age, they were buried together in a tomb within the Lost Woods, with the magical weapons and armors they used during the war against demons. Some adventurers and treasure hunters of present were searching for them but no avail thus it is said that the spirits of Eradan and Freya were guarded the tomb and waited for their descendants to claim them, if they were worthy enough.


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