Character Request: Bianca the Assassin

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Character Request: Bianca the Assassin

Post by Ehrandil on Fri Mar 27, 2015 5:17 am

Name: Bianca (Family name is optional)
Alias: The Shadow Blade
Age: 20
Class: Assassin
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Race: Gerudo+Hylian
Kingdom: Hyrule
Special features: Because of her Gerudo and Hylian heritage, Bianca's skin tone was slightly tanned along she possessed the ears of a Hylian.

Personality: I've provided a few traits and you can add more traits if you want to
- Playful
- Slightly flirtatious
- Brutal and merciless in combat
- Energetic and optimistic in battles
Likes: List 3 minimum. (Up to the player's choice)
Dislikes: List 3 minimum.  (Up to the player's choice)
Motivations: List and explain at least 2. (Up to the player's choice)
Fears: List and explain at least 2.  (Up to the player's choice)

Height: 5"7"
Weight: [x]lbs. [Player's Choice]
Eye color: Cyan
Hair color: White
Appearance: Explain what you look like, 75 word minimum. If you use a picture you don't need to explain your looks.

History: Reduced to info but you have to write the full biography by your own, add a few details if you want to
- Born to a Hylian father and a Gerudo mother
- Bianca's mother died in a battle with the Bulblins at Gerudo Desert when Bianca was still an infant.
- Bianca was raised in Hyrule by her father
- Trained and studied the arts of an assassin under the tutelage of a Sheikah
- Father went missing when Bianca was 16
- Left Hyrule at the age of 17 to search for her missing father
- Hoping to search for her father, Bianca joined a band of mercenaries and formed a close friendship with (and possibly developed feelings for) Bastian of the Waystriders during a civil war at Holodrum Plains
- Bianca left the mercenaries after Bastian at the end of civil war on Holodrum Plains.
- Became a lone wanderer and mercenary ever since, the search of Bianca's father had no avail
- Determined to look for Bastian and join him in his journey

RP Sample: Create an rp sample of THIS character, 300 words minimum. If applying for a canon, Sage, or Noble Figure, you must make a sample that is 500 words minimum.

Reference: Did you find this site on your own or were you brought here by a friend?
Face claim: Shadow Dancer from Dungeon Fighter Online.


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