Agnes's spychic powers

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Agnes's spychic powers

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 26, 2015 8:06 pm

Name: Telekinesis.
Rank: Amateur
Description: You can move things with your mind! However you are only just grasping this power and cannot finely manipulate anything yet.
Duration and cooldown: One post cooldown
Strengths: Can move up to three items at a time within a fifteen yard radius.
Weakness: 300 pound weight limit on all items. If you are lifting a 300 pound rock you can not also lift another 300 pound stone, or even a pencil really. While you can lift things up to three hundred pounds you you wanted to move something you can only move it at twenty miles per hour. You cannot use other ability's while using this one since it is so mentally taxing. You cannot lift up people, yet.

Name: Psychic sense.
Rank: Amateur.
Description: You can now magically detect danger three seconds before it strikes or is about to become dangerous. It exists in the form of a tingle in the back of your head. You get no other warning on it's nature or any clues on avoiding it. The bigger the tingle the greater the threat.
Duration and cooldown: Three post cool down after one use. Use is not voluntary.
Strengths: A heads up warning, great for knowing when to hit the deck.
Weakness: You get nothing specific from the danger at all. Merely a little tingle in your head that tells you it's coming.

Name: Blink
Rank: Amateur
Description: A teliportation from one place to another. It is instant and makes very little sound. Grab one or two people and take them with you. Though a third wheel will get left behind.
Duration and cooldown: Three post cool down.
Strengths: Instant transmission, great for making breathing room.
Weakness: You can't teliport into anything besides air and water. If there is some dust or a fly where you end up it will turn tingly for a moment before passing though you. You need a one foot in diameter opening to teliport through something. The only exemption of this would be rectangular openings like prison bars.

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Re: Agnes's spychic powers

Post by Saria on Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:05 pm

Approved! Abilities will be added soon!

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