Torture part 2 (mission)

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Torture part 2 (mission)

Post by Aberham on Thu Mar 26, 2015 7:20 am

The Master wrote:Mission Name: Torture part 2: beating
Mission Rank: Amatuer
Location: The sea of storms
Description: Well, the plan to escape is in motion. You need to elongate your stay, and with what better way than to beat up three guards who came to beat you?
Requirements: Beat up the three guards.
Player Count: 1
Reward: 120k rupees, 100 xp (These rewards have been approved by Impa here: )
Word Count: 1200
Mission Boss: N/A

The punishment had not even began.

Thomas knew this, for this was not the first time where he has been punished like this. Sure, hurry started by hoisting you up on the side of your prison cell, this was just a taste for what was to come as the guards worked out the paperwork. Here you had to sign a form to beat someone, for if the guards did give one person to many in a short period of time then they would expire.

It had been three days since his friend had come to him the plan was simple, he would elongate his punishment to an entire month so that other prisoners could steal several items that were needed for an escape plan in three months. He could only guess how much time had passed, he forced himself to stay up longer than he wanted to so that he would only sleep when he presumed it to be night and he would know relatively how much time has passed.

It was urging one of these maps that he was woken up in the worst way possible. A guard kicked the lever beneath him that caused him to drop all the way down onto the stone floor. He was not as high up as he thought he was but it still hurt to hit the ground. He wa kicked in the stomach and his shackles were unlocked after he hit the stone wall. He was taken away from his cell, he knew where he was being taken. Even if he had a black bag over his head.

He had been taken to the beating room countless times during his stay in this prison. Demon ding on the severity of your punishment depends on how many guards you would get. He walked for about three minutes then was thrown down on the floor he heard the steel door close behind him. He started being kicked from all manor of directions, his hands were bound behind his back. Good gods there were a lot of boots coming to kick his teeth in.

Now normally, to get through a beating in this prison you kept your head down, you did not whimper, you did not cry, you did not beg them to stop. You. Just waited for it to be over, almost instinctively he began to do this until he realized that he needed to get is extended, not shortened. He fought his way into standing up but then got punched right in the face and could not see where it was coming from. He fell back down and he could hear laughter all around him. That was not going to work, he remembered trying that his first day here and getting similar results, so he needed to try something else.

He struggled with his wrists bound by hemp rope behind him. Everything in this prison was a peice of crap, it dug into his skin which cried out for lotion. That's when an idea hit him, everything in this prison down to the guards were cheap as hell. He kicked himself over to a wall and started really struggling against them, his goal was to break them and he could just.... Barly.....

YES! The rope snapped at the weakest part. The guards were still laughing at him but when he stood up and ripped the back bag off his head and looked at them. Three unarmed men stood in front of him. He had beaten more in the past, but the question was despite his best efforts did his training in this prison hold up?

He got it his fighting stance. A guard tried to tackle him back on the ground but by using simultaneous defense and offense he sidestepped his full body flying tackle and punched him in the head before he hit the stone wall. It would not be enough to knock him out however, he knew this.

Right after he had so brutally countered the first attack the other two guards looked straight up fearful to be locked in a room with him. Rumors of Thomas being a great fighter had spread through the prison on day one of his arrival. He had beat up more guards in his time here then every other prisoner combined in the last fifty years.

He would punish this fear using claw strike he closed the distance to the first one. His fingers raked across his hairy, gross, sweaty chest and bruised it quite badly. He then punched him the he stomach to further stun him before he finished the job with leopard combination. He held back ever so slightly with the final blow so that the guard would still be able to stand and take more punishment.

The last guard ran at him with a look of desperation in his eyes, he knew that the man was ready to smash his face in so he beat him to the punch literally. He power punched him right on the face and rocked his whole world with a major concussion.

The very first man he had hit got up and took out a knife. He walked forward and tried to cut Thomas open, it looked like he did not care about killing him. He stepped back from the first knife attack, for the second he sucked his gut in and got a cut on his hairy, muscular chest. The theirs attack he limbo dodged and the knife went right over his face. The guard, pissed off with his dodging took the knife in his hand and lunged to stab Thomas right in the heart.

Thomas caught him by the wrist and tried to fight against the man, he was hardened and fighting much harder than him, but his foe was much better fed and less beat up. Just when the knife was touching his skin he cried out and head butted he man. He used the proper technique and aimed for the bridge of the nose Tom stripping the knife from his hands and his foe was pushed back a step, then he took the knife, flipped it around and kicked him out with the handle of the knife.

When his second opponent stood up he readied his fists to fight him but instead he opened up the metal door. Tom looked outside and saw that there were five men waiting outside the soundproof room to beat him up. One of them had a mace in his hands and stepped forward immediately to see what was going on.

Just as the guard who had opened the door pointed at him and just before he could say anything Thomas stripped the mace from the guards hand, slammed it into the head of the guard who had opened the door, the whipped around and delivered an even mightier blow to the guard who's weapon this was.

He threw the mace to side and made a break for it. He knew he could not escape, but he sure could lead the guards on a wild goose chase. He jumped up on a wall and ran horizontally while gaining height over the four guards. He landed right next to the door less stone entrance and said. "Catch me if you can." Before running off.

The prisoners would swap story's of this for months to come. Tom was like their hero.


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