Ganondorf Dragmire

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Ganondorf Dragmire

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 17, 2015 8:32 pm

Name: Ganondorf Dragmire
Alias: The Great King of Evil, The Demon King
Age: Eternal (Appearence: 39)
Class: Caster
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Gerudo
Special features: Mark of the Triforce on the back of his right hand.
An orange gem in the center of his forehead, which may or may not be a weak point.  

Personality: Ganondorf is extremely no nonsense when it comes to his personality. He is a cold, domineering, vicious man, willing to do anything in order to get what he wants, which is power and dominion over Hyrule, using the God's artifact, The Triforce. He has proven to be devious, fooling even the smartest noblemen into thinking that he is a kind, and generous man. In reality, this couldn't be further from the truth, as Ganondorf believes kindness and mercy are signs of weakness. He has quite an ego about him, believing that only he is fit to rule Hyrule, and no one else, underestimating his enemies despite his devious and calculating nature, and this has lead to his downfall a few times before.

The one thing Ganondorf wants is power, even when it seems like he has achieved limitless amounts of rule and strength, he still craves for more. This reveals that one of Ganondorf's most defining traits is greed. Hid desire for power is limitless, and it may never be quenched, even if he manages to obtain the entire Triforce, rather than just his favorite piece, The Triforce of Power. Ganondorf finds strength in the darkness, and detests light, as the magical essence of Light is the one thing that weakens him, aside from The Master Sword, the fabled Weapon of Evil's Bane.
Likes: Darkness
Crushing his Enemies

Dislikes: Defeat
Being Sealed Away
Motivations: To Conquer and Dominate Hyrule.
To Obtain The Triforce and achieve full power
Fears: Losing Power
The Chosen Hero - One of the only believers of the Myth aside from Zelda, as he has encountered an incarnation of The Chosen Hero many times before, every encounter ending with defeat, for Ganondorf himself is not multi-incarnate, he is eternal.
The Master Sword -  Nicknamed "The Sword of Evil's Bane", it is one of the only weapons that can truly cause him fatal harm.

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 248lbs.
Eye color: Blood Red
Hair color: Orange

History: Ganondorf is the soul incarnation of the Demon  King Demise, a deity that has wrought death and destruction upon Hyrule and the people who live there. He began as a petty thief, stealing from the residents of Hyrule, mostly pick pocketing, with little to no success. This is until one day, when he actually managed to steal The Triforce, a relic rumored to grant what the holder most desired. With the Triforce, he gave his wish, to rule over Hyrule as the true King of Evil. The Triforce granted his wish, transforming the land of Hyrule into a demented hellscape of it's former self, and transforming Ganon's body into that of a hideous beast. However, his rule was short-lived, as not soon after his conquering of Hyrule, he was defeated and sealed away into the Dark World by The Chosen Hero Link, with assistance from Zelda, the Princess of Hyrule. This would soon become the very definition of Ganondorf's very existance. On one rare occaision, he would find a way out of the Dark World, and he would attempt to assume power, yet he would be defeated once again by Link and Zelda. After floating aimlessly in the Dark World, nothing more than a body-less consciousness for what seemed like centuries, he had finally found a way out once again. This time, would be different. From what he had gathered, The Hero of Legend had faded into nothing more than a child's bedtime story. Truly now would be his hour of triumph. He began scouring Hyrule, gathering those foolish enough to forsake the light and join his cause, as well as using his dark magic to summon legions of demons to join him upon his dark crusade. He would achieve power...and nothing would stand in his way.

RP Sample: Free. Once again, after centuries of floating in an empty void of nothingness, he was free. Standing alone in the Gerudo deserts, Ganondorf had a scowl on his face, his arms crossed. This was not the first time he had escaped from the Dark Realm, and if he had anything to say about it, it wouldn't be the last. The Time had come for him to fulfill Demise's Legacy, and take the Tri-Force for his own. However, this time, he would do it differently. He had fought alone before. This time, he would amass an army, of both Hylians, and demons alike. Hylians were easily corruptable, so gathering followers in that department would be easy. He planted his feet firmly in the sand, a low growl coming from his mouth as he focused his still recouperating power. A dark black aura formed around him, as the red gems on his gauntlets began to glow. "HhhhhhrrrrrrrYAGH!" The Demon King growled as he cast his spell, flinging his hands forward ,the dark aura spilling from his finger tips onto the sand in front of him. Slowly from the sand, demons of all sorts began to rise. Moblins, Bokoblins, Darknuts, it was a small force, but they were still deadly. "You all serve me..." Ganondorf muttered to his newly summoned minions. "You will do my bidding....and defend me with your life. And if ANY Of you, attempt any gross acts of insubordination....just know this. I created you...and I will just as easily destroy you." The monsters didn't seem too keen on betraying their creator and master, especially not after that speech. Ganondorf turned his back to his skirmishers, beginning to lead a small march, summoning his signature weapons, the two Greatswords of Dispair. Hyrule would be his...and this time, no Ancient Hero would be able to stop him.....

Reference: I'm friends with the owner of the site. Razz
Face claim: Ganondorf as he appeared in Hyrule Warriors.

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Re: Ganondorf Dragmire

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I see nothing wrong here. All word counts match.


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Re: Ganondorf Dragmire

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Re: Ganondorf Dragmire

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