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Anderson Jameson

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Name: Anderson Jameson
Alias: Andy, Ander.
Age: Nineteen
Class: Ranger
Sexuality: Heterosexual…Though he is very fond of Pineapples.
Race: Human.
Kingdom: Hyrule.
Special features: Nothing really special.

Personality: When one first meets Anderson, he usually could be the reason you're missing a few rupees. If that's not the case, then he may come off as an insatiable pervert or as he likes to put it,"a hopeless romantic." Of course, he doesn't flirt with every woman he meets. In fact, if he gets to know them, he'd actually act as more of a brother to them. And though he might not flirt with men, Anderson will act brotherly to guys he's learned to care for.

When it comes to plans, Anderson isn't exactly the best on making them. Most of the time, there's a slip up or a kink in the plan that makes him have to think on the fly, which he actually happens to be good at. Even if someone points out that his idea isn't the greatest, Anderson will go through with it, along with the blind sense of courage he has.

One can't really get on his bad side. That doesn't mean, however, that he doesn't have one. One must be really annoying to him to get there. Though he wouldn't do anything serious, most likely just steal from you next. If one has stolen from him, then they might find an arrow or two lodged firmly in the ground next to them. Aside from stealing from him, Anderson actually tries to avoid combat as much as he can. Though if needed, he won't be afraid to loose an arrow or two at those attacking him. Using a bow, Anderson is perfectly okay with staying faraway from his opponent. This gives him the chance to run away if the few arrows fired first doesn't stop them.

-His bow
-Practicing Archery
-People messing with his pineapples.
-Thieves with no justice.
-He wants to be known as the great "Thief of Justice" throughout the land.
-He wants to try and write a song about pineapples.
-He fears he will fail those who need him desperately.
-He fears nobody will care about his efforts.

Height: 5 Feet, 10 inches.
Weight: 199 lbs. 
Eye color: Green. Emerald Green.
Hair color: Blonde
Appearance: Explain what you look like, 75 word minimum. If you use a picture you don't need to explain your looks.

History: Every thief has their beginning. Some were poor and tried to steal to live. Others stole for the dreams of great riches. Anderson began because he wished to impress a girl. When he was young
RP Sample: Create an rp sample of THIS character, 300 words minimum. If applying for a canon, Sage, or Noble Figure, you must make a sample that is 500 words minimum.

Reference: Found it myself…through that ad.
Face claim: Anderson Jameson /Ranger/Disgaea

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