Torture (mission)

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Torture (mission)

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 17, 2015 10:54 am

Mission Name: Torture
Mission Rank: Amatuer
Location: The sea of storms
Description: Beating up those guards in that last mission did not earn you any favors, try to survive a month of torture as a result. Don't worry, they cannot cut your skin with anything, so it will not be that kind of agonizing. But there is a lot of things they can do to a man, even if he is hardened....
Requirements: Survive the month of punishment, don't loose your mind.
Player Count: 1
Reward: 100k rupees, 75 xp
Word Count: One 1200 word post.
Mission Boss: N/A

It had been a hard few weeks for Thomas.

While beating up those guards was satisfying as all hell they were getting their satisfaction back by means of torture like containment. They had him in heavy chains hanging from a stone wall over a twenty foot fall into a stone floor above his cell. He had a bag over his head and it was removed twice a day for him to eat and five times to drink.

Whenever the guards would come by to feed him he would laugh. For as much as they could hang him and feed him extra stale food if they beat him any more than normal or pierced his skin with a knife for true torture then he would run the risk of dying on them. Once during a routine wipping it went about thirty lashes over the assigned number and the man died. As punishment the next day the guard was given so many lashes he was crippled by his commander and now he can only work the watch of the exterior walls for runners because his back was more scar than skin and he could not stand up straight.

If you got put into grey rock prison it was not so you would die of the treatment there. It was so you could perish in the worst possible setting imaginable. It has been two days since he had so badly beaten the three guards. He knew what it would mean, he had been punished like this several times, more guards, more brutal beatings. His looser shackles would be replaced by cuffs akin to torture devices and no matter what he did he would not be able to get out of it early. He could get out of it late. As he found out three of the four times he was in a very similar situation, he remembered climbing up these very chains and releasing himself with a pair of keys he found on a hook.

There was a pathway atop this wall facing his cell, it was used exclusively by guards. It had an iron gate leading to the other cold stone pathways, a table, a chair that was not brought up from the fiery pits of hell and last time it had a keychain on a hook on the wall. Regardless, after a couple escape attempts they not only taken greasing the chains as they got closer to the top, but even after he had somehow managed to climb them by wrapping the chains around his fists to climb up halfway then wall running the other last time he found that they had simply taken the keys. This prison felt inescapable, but he still kept hope beating in his hardened heart.

It was the. He felt his chains being lowered. Had he been so careless as to let the guards sneak up on him in their clunking armor? Had he been to lost in his own thoughts that he did not notice them? Regardless, he got ready to defend himself. It was not the first time they had gotten bored and taken to beating him in the middle of what he presumed to be the day. When his feet finally touched the ground he tore the bag off his head and saw a guard standing in front of him, he had a spear on his back, and a pair of keys on a plate with some bread and a torch in his hands.

Thomas pulled back his fist and got ready to power punch him so hard he would see the faces of the gods but he stopped at the last second when he peered past his helmet at his face through the torchlight. "Tommy?" He asked him bewildered. Tommy, as he was known in Grey Rock. Was Tom's best friend and very popular with all the prisoners. Tommy used to be a smooth talking tax collector with a history as a politician, but after he used his positions to embezzle the crap out of some money that had never been found again he was sent here, now he is over ninety percent of the prison economy. If you needed something short of escape he could get it to you.

Thomas was freezing as he was just wearing a pair of pants that could serve as a potato sack better than a pair of trousers. He folded his arms and kept quiet, because he knew that talking in a normal voice could be heard a football field away in this quiet dark place. "Happy to see an old friend Tom?" Thomas outstretched his hand for a handshake but winced a bit when his freinds fingers brushed up against his red wrists. " Oh sorry buddy." He said. It was nothing, Thomas had been through worse.

"Now I don't have very long here before they realize there is a scarecrow in my clothes in my cell instead of me, so listen close. Ever since you beat those guards they were taken off their shifts, and more guards were assigned to your block for your punishment. This is great! Well not for you, but in my block they are criminally negligent. Me and some of the other prisoners have worked out a system where we can get anything by stealing it from guards by stealing it when they leave their shifts. I'm not going to lie to you Tom, with some of the stuff that we could get our hands on.... We could all have a pretty good chance of escape."

Thomas let that sink in his gut for a moment, a real chance of escape. No matter how slim or dangerous he knew deep in his heart he would take it. "What do you need me to do?" He asked, looking him in the eye with no hesitation. His friend could have waited to tell him is at the next meeting, but he would have only came down here if he needed to tell him something now. "Well first." His friend said turning the keys into the locks on his shackles causing them to fall. "I need you to rest for a few minutes, and eat this." He handed Tom a half loaf of bread and Tom ate it like it was the last piece of food on earth. He knew how his friend had gotten this, the guards often mocked them by eating bread while they served them gruel. After the first few bites he paced himself, he did not want to heave it back up after all.

"And second, I'm sorry to ask you this. But I need you to get this punishment extended to the end of the month. Sorry friend, I wish there was any other way. You are in a block filled with frail women and old men, when more guards get posted in this block it relieves just the right amount on ours for our business to be conducted, just one month and we will have what we need, enough disguises to keep stealing stuff without your help, then we can get this escape operation down in three months."

Tom nodded, by the time he was done the delicious, strengthening food was finished and he was slapping his own cuffs back on. "Say no more, I am in this like all the rest of us." "To the end." They both sad at once. The shackles were not as tight, Tommy hoisted him back up and left the bag loose on his head so he could breath. "Just one month, just four more weeks and you're good." Tom nodded, and hear his friend's footsteps fade.

He could hear another guard coming. "Give me all you got you MOTHERF*CKERS!" He yelled like this for ten minutes until they started hitting him with a long metal rod. He smiled under his bag. He could take a month of this.

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Re: Torture (mission)

Post by Saria on Wed Mar 18, 2015 1:31 pm

Approved and locked. Rewards shall be distributed soon.

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