Outside in the prison, present and past. (toms missions)

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Outside in the prison, present and past. (toms missions)

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 16, 2015 7:21 pm

Mission Name: The climb
Mission Rank: amatuer
Location: The lost woods
Description: Well Tom, you've killed some people and in a few short days will be sent to prison. This takes place ten years in the past where you meet a certain forest sage while trying to absolve yourself of sin by climbing a tree and eating a fruit.
Requirements: Eat the fruit and have your sins forgiven in the eyes of the gods.
Player Count: 2
Reward: 100k rupees, 75xp
Word Count: 1200, 200 each post.
Mission Boss: N/A

Mission Name: Torture
Mission Rank: Amatuer
Location: The sea of storms
Description: Beating up those guards in that last mission did not earn you any favors, try to survive a month of torture as a result. Don't worry, they cannot cut your skin with anything, so it will not be that kind of agonizing. But there is a lot of things they can do to a man, even if he is hardened....
Requirements: Survive the month of punishment, don't loose your mind.
Player Count: 1
Reward: 100k rupees, 75 xp
Word Count: One 1200 word post.
Mission Boss: N/A

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Re: Outside in the prison, present and past. (toms missions)

Post by Zelda on Mon Mar 16, 2015 7:27 pm


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