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Name: Asthar
Alias: Young King
Age: 23
Class: Swordsman
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Hylian
Kingdom: Holodrum
Special features: Contrary to his appearance he actually has pointed ears, something rare in Holodrum. He hides it behind his long hair and it is mostly assumed by the people that his ears are the usual round shape of the people of Holodrum.

Personality: Despite his immense royal upbringing, Asthar is actually a pretty nonchalant individual, almost as if he had not a care in the world. When it comes to duties he can be quite childish due to his nonchalant nature, however when it comes down to things he finishes what he started with grace and professionalism. He is a very charismatic person and a very smooth talker, quite popular with the ladies.

Even though he holds such a casual personality it isn’t to say that all his life’s training didn’t affect him in the slightest. He is normally a clam individual who can act with the demeanour of a king quite easily, holding the polite manner. Despite this he usually mixes this with his actual personality in which he is a bit eccentric, loving to find fun in whatever he can find. He can be lazy, but he loves a good fight and enjoys finding a good challenge. He is however a kind individual that doesn't mind going out of the way for somebody in need

Behind all this Asthar is a pretty cunning man. He enjoys getting under certain people’s skin and actually finds pleasure in dealing with Labrynna’s king. Though he is very mischief, he knows when to be serious and can be a very different person, a side of him that is very rarely ever shown. There is more to the young king however, something hidden deep within the façade set by the perfect king. A perfect king is only a fable after all and surely the façade of the perfect king would one day fade and show the true form of Asthar…

Likes: The ladies, fighting with weaponry (preferably swords), relaxing
Dislikes: Loud people, cocky people, king Galadhion in general
- The people: For a kingdom, the people are the most important aspect of it. Their desires and fears are his own and his actions are dependant on them. The ladies motivate him even more!
-The mysteries of the world: Asthar takes great interest in the secrets of the worlds and legends as well. Asthar do whatever is needed to unravel these mysteries
- The destruction of his land: If he loses the land and the people he would have nothing left.
- His true desires falling: Asthar places everything into his goals and if they shall fall then there would be nothing for him.

Height: 6 ft
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blond

History: The kingdom of Holodrum had always seemed to carry on a negative outlook throughout the lands. What mirrored this snobbish land was that of its leader King Rikel. Rikel was a cruel and cunning man, doing whatever he felt would benefit himself and his kingdom instead of working for the people. The people begun to lose their trust and in the fear of a rebellion Rikel began to act. Rikel chose a woman no different from the other peasants that roamed the streets to be his wife. A union between the rich and the common, it was truly something the people envisioned would be a sign of greater times to come. This vision would only skyrocket the very moment the prince was born.

And so Prince Asthar lived the life seeing the world through both sides, both the rich and the poor. His father showed him the values of the rich while his mother showed him the struggles of the poor. Eventually this dynamic took a shift as the mother who had wished to escape the poor life she lived eventually begun to accept the power she had been given as queen. In no time at all, merely 4 years of stagnation, things returned back to how it was before the marriage. The kingdom slowly reverted back to its selfish and snobby ways, and Asthar was heavily taught through intense training in order to be the next king.

Things did not change for the prince however the prince did make time to sneak out of the kingdom for a moment’s peace. Everything however changed 4 years later when the queen was mysteriously murdered. With such an event occurring, the king grew enraged and grew far more brutal to his people. He took his wrath upon his people, however, 5 years later the king found himself growing sick. With each moment the king found himself growing far more ill and ill and the people began to believe that the king was getting what he deserved. Through this time it was the 13 year old Asthar who took the duties of his father while the man would lay in his bed. During the time of the king's illness, Asthar worked as the public face for the kingdom, making decisions for the kingdom while unfortunately following the ideals of the king, albeit with numerous changes behind the kings back. For 4 years the king suffered and in the end King Rikel died a horrid death from a horrible disease, a horrid fate that caused some of even the kings worst enemies to pity. With Rikel's death this left the 17 year old Asthar to the throne.  

In the 6 years Asthar completely made a change to the government of Holodrum. The government became more in tune with the commoners. It was however still difficult to erase the stigma that had clouded Holodrum so negatively and though it would take a lot of work it seemed under Asthar’s rule things were actually looking up. Asthar managed to repair bonds with Hyrule however the attempts to bond with Labrynna was not quite successful. Let’s just say Labrynna’s king Galadhion and Asthar get along quite “well”, more "well" than his father who never really payed Labrynna much attention. Asthar just loves his little bouts with the old man after all.

RP Sample:  A throne, something that many desired so much with their heart, something they wished for to ease themselves from the struggles of life, but for dear ol’ Asthar this throne was nothing more than a boring chair. He could not understand just why so many desired to sit upon the seat, after all Asthar really did not actually like sitting upon this chair. To sit on this chair meant for him to listen on to the blabbing of the common people. Today was a prime example of such a thing. All the blahs yet it lacked the cute girls, it was honestly disappointing to say the least. In what seemed like a long day, the people eventually emptied out the throne room and all alone sat the young king. He rested his cheek upon his knuckle quite bored as he lazily held up a piece of parchment right in front of his face and stared upon it with a sigh.

“Geez…practically all these requests are basically complaints about others…” Asthar let out with a groan as he waved the piece of paper in front of his face. Asthar basically continued to groan as he stared on upon the sheet of paper before him, however his ears perked up the very instant he hear something swooshing towards him. Immediately the young king shifted his head to the side as a dagger jet past and hit the back of his throne. “Geeeeeeeeez, don’t you know you can poke somebody’s eye with that thing?” Asthar said leaping up to his feet as he pulled the dagger from behind him and twirled it with his fingers “No point in hiding anymore…at this point yelling and screaming as you attack will yield the same result my dear assassin” Asthar said nonchalant as he narrowed his eyes with a smirk. Taking grasp of the dagger’s handle, Asthar immediately stepped forward and tossed the dagger.

There was no scream, but the body from above fell from its hiding spot up above and cringed upon impact on the floor, his arm bleeding from the dagger now lodged into his arm. “well well well, you should be more careful…random flying daggers flying about…I really should get somebody to fix that” Asthar said with a wink. Regardless of his nonchalant form, the assassin ignored it and rose to his feet, almost as if he was ignoring the dagger in his shoulder. “Oh? You can stand?” Asthar said calmly with a smile on his face.

“I have come for your life, ruler of the throne of Holodrum, Asthar” the man spoke in a stoic calm voice staring forward. Though the voice was professional sounding, the emotion on the assassin’s face betrayed him. It was a well attempt at hiding it, but Asthar can pick up the anger in the man’s eyes, the anger of the horrid past of Holodrum and the mere fact that he was wounded.

“My life? Can one such as yourself take such a life? A life that holds far more importance to the world than you can comprehend?”
Asthar said closing his eyes with a small chuckle as he slowly began to step forward, the assassin prepping himself with another dagger he drew out. “Have you heard the tale of the goddess and her hero? The tale of a man that has reincarnated numerous times to quell the land of darkness? Blessed upon his hand holds the sign of his power, the sign of courage that shall save the world, you stand before him here and now!” Asthar said this with quite the passion, the assassin attempting to think of this as nonsense, but plagued with a tiny form of doubt. “Behold the truth of my courage, behold the triforce!” Asthar yelled out raising his fist, showing the mark upon the back of his hand.

“…thats not the trifo-“

And instantly the assassin’s words were halted by the fist of Asthar colliding with his face, a fist that held a poorly drawn triforce symbol upon it. “HAH! Can’t believe that worked!” Asthar said cheerfully. Pulling his fist back he watched as the assassin fell down unconscious, causing the king to merely poke the body with the tip of his foot. “Oh don’t you worry my friend…the real hero shall appear soon enough and I cannot wait to meet him” Asthar said narrowing his eyes with a smirk.

Reference: Found via an ad
Face claim: Howl/Howl's Moving Castle

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Re: Asthar

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Approved and moved! Go forth young king!

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