Forest Where My Ancestors Resided (Open)

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Forest Where My Ancestors Resided (Open)

Post by Ehrandil on Thu Mar 12, 2015 2:55 pm

This was it, here where his ancestor settled back in the ancient days of Hyrule. The ranger walked on the grasses softly and gazed upon the trees which surrounded it. The old fort ruins of the Waystrider clan was still here, but they were covered by mosses and surrounded by the vines. Bastian's father was right about the Waystrider's ancient encampment, even though after centuries it was still here but the scene of it showed that it was abandoned long time ago and no doubt, forgotten by the people around Hyrule.

Bastian was not sure that his people were still remembered by the people of Hyrule today. Even so, no doubt the Waystriders remembered as heroes and perhaps, the blood thirsty clan who fought with another clan over a blood feud. No one knew what happened back then, not even by the Hyrule royal family since the bloodied clan war happened and no one knew the reason or why. Sometimes Bastian wished that he could go back into time and stopped his ancestors from clashing with the Vankirks. The bloodied war clan raged until the royal family of Hyrule intervened since the clan war caused great damages and innocent people were hurt. After what happened, the Waystriders were banished from Hyrule since they were the one who attacked the Vankirks in the first place but even so, the royal family was saddened with their decision but they knew that they must remained fair and just for the sake of their people within Hyrule. The Waystriders, did not rebelled the royal family's decision and they marched away from Hyrule, thus settled in the Wood of Winter until today.

After done gazing the ruins, Bastian approached a rock and sat on it. He unslunged his bow and placed it beside his knee, Bastian pulled down his hood and his mask, he took a few breaths and enjoyed the gentle breeze within the forests. Even so, Bastian thought and curious about the hooded individual whom he met few days ago, he did not know how did the figure knew his name. Furthermore, the figure requested Bastian to search and help the hero who will bring hope to these lands as there were forces of darkness descended upon it. What was surprising is, the individual told Bastian that the time to reclaim his clan's honor has come. Before the ranger could say anything, the figure vanished in the thin air before Bastian's eyes. Right now what made him puzzled was, what kind of hero he seek? Thus, where was he?

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