The second tale (Mission)

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The second tale (Mission)

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 11, 2015 12:41 am

Mission Name: Prison story 2
Mission Rank: Amatuer
Location: The sea of storms
Description: You wetted their appitites with the tale of the first man you killed, these prisoners want a good story. Share the tale of the other man you killed, who put up a much better fight.
Requirements: Tell the story/Kill the man for the king.
Player Count: 1
Reward: 100k rupees, 75xp
Word Count: 1200, one post.
Mission Boss: N/A

Thomas was so sick of living in prison.

He spent almost every minute of every day in a crouched position, with shackles digging into his wrists. His knee's on a piece of cloth that looked like they probably bought a set of thirty for three rupees. It dug into his knee's like hemp rope, every single day in Stone rock prison hardened his soul a little more. But he definitely had time to think. He thought of wild escape attempts, killing dozens of guards, wrapping their body's in chains, then using their corpses as a raft to swim through miles and miles of ocean. For every ten of these incredibly convoluted plans he had at least twenty simple ones. That was the effect of living in darkness like you were a blind man. Your imagination slowly dies.

The guards came for him. That was weird. They were at least eight pisses in the chamber pot late. He had not seen the sun or even the moon in literally years. He smiled as they released him of his chains. For sometimes, when he went upstairs to the rare occasion of light and company, if he strained his ears he could hear the sound of the rain slamming against the outside walls. Every time when the mood in the meetings was more somber than happy then all twenty of the men and ten of the women would sit and listen to the rain. It reminded them that there was a world out there, that they were people and that there was something else in the earth besides Grey Rock. But today he would tell story's.

When he got up that day and sat on his relatively comfortable wooden chair (better than being forced into a debilitating crouching position where your hands are chained to the walls) he noticed that his friends were all swapping story's. "So whenever I was suppose to collect taxes from the town right, I would gather up all the rupees that they owed. But then I would go collect from this old geezer. This guy was stacked. He had this three story estate right in the middle of the mining town. Whenever I would knock on the door to collect from him he would invite me in, offer me some tea and empty a safe that he put all his tax's in. He'd give me all the dough and I would mark that he paid up that month, but really I would take it back home for myself and mark that all the money was present and accounted for. That's the problem with a broken system like the one we have now, the tax collector can just do this for years and years and years and years and not get caught. Hehe. Now, the only reason I did get caught at all was because I started seeing his granddaughter on the sid- Oh hey Tom!"

Everyone was glad to have him at the table, every day because of his original eh- "Agressivness" With the guards they have to use additional security whenever they transport him now. So he always came last, even if it meant he lost twenty minutes of this precious time. To him it was still worth it to break all the bones in that guys hand. Everyone was dressed in the same brown prisoners tonic, there was very little room for customization but some people still wore piercings or got tattues to compensate. With such a tight nit community, he felt like he knew everyone.

"Hey aaa Thomas, Lets ere' another story bout how you got in here eh?" Said a large Gerudo man sitting next to him. "Well, alright." Thomas said with a groggy voice. Oh how he missed coffee, fresh fruit. He would literally murder a man to get his hands on an apple right now. Not even Tony could negotiate getting one of those from the guards, and it wasn't like he could get his family to send him anything. No one could know where the prison was, it was top secret and it's existence violated the inmates human rights.... He missed his family dearly. His mother, father, all of the siblings he used to beat up but that loved him regardless. He wished he knew what they were doing. Was Aberham an adventurer? What day was it, how long had he been down here. Could his sister have gone to collage in this time?

He looked at the metal gate that barred this room from all the others, he hated that gate. But he shook off these thoughts, for it was time for him to share another story with his compatriots. "Well let's see. It had been about three weeks since the last mission."

"The fat b****** needed me to do more. I was still physically ill from the last time. I would wake up at nights with cold sweats and had all kinds of night terrors. It made it unbearable to sleep. When he called me in that morning, I was even more groggy, unhappy, and tired than I am right now, and everyone at this table knows how hard that is to beat."

"He told me that thanks to my success on dealing with the last "terrorist." That I was starting to prove myself. He told me how another man had been causing trouble for the crown. Now this prick may have been the only justified killing I committed. This guy would beat up everyone on a trading cart bound for Hyrule, and then take what he could before kicking the rest of the cart into the lake. The kings spy's had tracked him down to the safe house he was residing in. So I slipped on the gloves and went to go do more dirty work."

"This house was very discrete. In a part of town filled with abandoned buildings you could easily mistake it as one. It had boarded up windows and looked like it was falling apart from the outside. But when I pried open the wooden planks and crept inside I saw that it was loaded with stolen goods. You had Gerudo spices, Zora rugs, and all kinds of good that were bound for outside the city. I crept past some more rooms like this until I caught him trying to stuff a fur suit into a hall closet. Now this fur suit was made for a fricken walrus alright, it was huge. He threw it at my face and using my metal claws I cut through ten thousand rupee's of some high end fur. The guy took off out a window and ended up on the wooden roof."

" I caught up to him fast enough, climbed it easily with my gloves. Then we were standing on two opposite ends of the roof gauging each other up. The guy held a sword in his hand, and I could tell he knew how to use it. He was in another fighting stance kind of like mine." "So he was a ninja?" "No fingers he was just a guy who could use a sword! Anyways, I take a step towards him and his grip gets real tight, like he was expecting this might be the end you know? He was backed up against a brick chimney and we were about eight feet away from each other. He looks in my eye's, I look in his eyes. He leaps up high in the air and without missing I beat I do to. I make my fingers into a shape like this and I used my claw strike ability to lunge in on his heart. He lunged in trying to cut me up as well. We meet in midair, both swing, then go sailing past each other and land where the other had been standing. After a few moments of us both standing still, I noticed the chump had missed me. When I turned around to look at him he clutched his chest and fell over dead. He was scum, but even scum had a family to miss it."

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Re: The second tale (Mission)

Post by Saria on Wed Mar 11, 2015 12:43 am

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