Ark Shadow Abilities

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Ark Shadow Abilities

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 11, 2015 12:09 am

Name: Shadow Dance
Rank: Amateur
Description: When active Ark is surrounded by a dark mist as he falls/jumps into a shadow. As he reappears out of his target shadow Ark is completely black and appears to be a shadow form of himself. The shadow quickly disappears from his body once fully out of the shadows.
Duration and cooldown: The Shadow Dance is an instant teleportation that can only be used once a thread.
Strengths: The strengths of the move is ability to get Ark quickly behind his enemies for attacks. It can also be used to escape attacks or situations that are life threatening.
Weakness: Ark must have a target shadow picked out before jumping meaning it can be predicted if one knows the trick. It is also instant meaning he can not hide in the shadow and wait for an attack. He can not use just any shadow, but only those big enough for himself to fit through.

Name: Shadow chain
Rank: Amateur
Description: Out of the shadows within ten meters of himself Ark can make up to three black chains appear. Each chain appear and feel like metal yet is light to the touch. Each Chain is only ten meters each.
Duration and cooldown: 2 posts/3 posts
Strengths: The chains can be used to catch an enemy from behind to trip them up or used for a distraction. Ark can make the chains move as he want in the air.(within in reason) The chains themselves can be used by Ark as ropes in other to reach high places or by other means.
Weakness: The chains are not very strong and can be broken or knocked off by weapons of equal or higher lever. Ark must have a shadow source in order to use and must stall within ten meters or the chains disappears.

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Re: Ark Shadow Abilities

Post by Oliver Windhelm on Tue Mar 24, 2015 7:14 pm

Shadow Dance. I need range. How far away can you teleport?


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