By His Side [Mission][Complete]

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By His Side [Mission][Complete]

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 10, 2015 11:19 pm

Gareth Evershield wrote:Mission Name: By His Side
Mission Rank: Amatuer
Location: Hyrule Castle Town- Hyrule Castle
Description: After the Bulblin raid on the eastern side of town (The Night Watch), a knight guarding the gate with Gareth is mortally wounded. Gareth has been instructed to accompany the man to the infirmary within the castle, as his left hand had also been injured.
Requirements: Speak with the dying knight Olin Varith.
Player Count: 1
Reward: 50k rupees, 75 exp, [The Fallen Knight's Ribbon], and a new motive.
Word Count: 750
Mission Boss: No

Gareth winced as the nurse finished bandaging up his arm, nodding his thanks as she walked away. He sighed, looking around. The infirmary was completely barren. A good thing, he supposed. The only other person occupying the long row of thin steel framed beds was the Knight Olin Vairth. He had taken a carver sword to the chest, and Gareth had accompanied his gurney ride back to the infirmary. Once he had been dropped off, they immediately set about applying red chu-chu jelly to his wound, apparently doing their best to close it before he bled out. It clotted the wound, but immense damage was already done. If he managed to survive, he would never be able to fight again. Gareth frowned, as he stood up from his bed, moving over to sit on the one beside the knight, looking at his ragged breathing, his bloodied, jelly, bandaged chest rise and falling irregularly. Gareth looked back as his arm. The shield he had used was almost equivalent to the armor the knight was wearing... so why didn't he lose his hand? Was the Bulblin leader weaker than everyone thought? No... Was Gareth stronger than them? He snapped back to reality as he heard a groan.

"Ngh... Ugh.... Wh-... Where am I-" He sucked in painfully, his chest on fire as his head lifted up slightly. Gareth stood up, over him. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy, Sir Knight. You're chest is..." He hesitated, not sure what to say. The knight's rugged face, black long hair and grizzled. scruffy chin rested upon the pillow, sighing as he inhaled painfully. "I... see.... So it... -did- happen." He managed to say between breathes. Gareth shook his head. "Yes, but that's not important right now. What's important is that you rest, and get better." The knight shook his head. "My life... was never... important. The people... they're... important." Gareth tiled his head, surprised at the dying man's selflessness. He slowly grabbed something around his neck, pulling it off lightly. It was some sort of scarf. No, it was a ribbon. It was yellow, made of fine silk as it laid in the knight's open palm. "T-take this t-... to my wife... Meralin. Kak.. Kakarik-...Village.... Please..." His voice dripped with pleading, wrenching at Gareth's heart. His sad face nodded, understanding where he needed to go as he took the yellow ribbon in his head. "Hey, I'm giving this to her for you to retrieve, yourself. Tell her you're coming home, soon." He smiled hopefully at the man. He grinned weakly back. "T-thanks kid... It... Makes sense..." Gareth raised an eyebrow. "What does?" The knight pointed his index finger upwards towards his face. " Your eyes.... your strength... Your protection... T-to think... I was wo-... worthy of a sh-" Gareth was dumb-struck. Someone could explain his eyes? How he fought back that monster? Bring peace to his question? Perhaps not, for Olin's body trembled, than seized suddenly, as he coughed harshly, blood dripping from his mouth as his face was stricken with pain and horror. Gareth stod up straight, avoiding the airborne blood as he shouted down the hall. "Nurse! NURSE! We need help! NURSE!"

The nurses could not stop the inevitable. Olin died, and Gareth could hardly stomach the sudden transition from life to death, his mind flashing back to the patroller, who never even got the chance to say goodbye. He had just... died, fell off the ramparts with an arrow in his head. Gareth shuddered, the cold feeling of death wrapping around him as he threw up, his mind and body collasping as he sat with his hands on his head, sweat dripping down his face. Goddesses, he was signing himself up for death. He needed to go. He needed to run away and.... He looked at his hand, clutching the fallen knight's ribbon. He took a deep breath, blanching a bit at the taste of his puke, but steeled himself. This man gave his life for Hyrule, to protect it's civilians, fighting for his family. Gareth just thought about deserting, after this man was dead... because of him. No, not because of him, because of that Bulblin. Had he stood by idly, or ran, the gate would have fallen sooner, and the townsfolk slaughtered. No, Gareth did the right thing. But he needed to be better. Stronger. He needed to protect his comrades, even if they didn't know his name, feared him and his devilish eyes. He would grow stronger, he would keep this kingdom safe, and he would find out who he truly was. Fortunately for him, his mother had moved to Kakariko Village. Two birds with one stone. He gave Olin one last look on his deathbed, placing a hand on his arm, nodding. "Your sacrifice... Will be the last, brave knight."

Word Count:798

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Re: By His Side [Mission][Complete]

Post by Saria on Fri Mar 13, 2015 12:55 am

Approved! Rewards shall be added soon!

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