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Name: Thomas Barric
Alias: The master
Age: Thirty.
Class: Fighter
Sexuality: Strait
Race: Human
Kingdom: Exiled from Hyrule.
Special features: He as marks on his wrists and ankles from where he was shackled.

Personality: Thomas is a warrior with no honor, he fights for himself and for no one else. Though he carry's discipline and can be very patient. Thomas is a very cunning individual, good at thinking fast and excelling under pressure. He is not a very respectful man. Laughing off those he considers equal. Family is not important to him and he feels no remorse for those that he hurts. If he has mercy on anyone he usually has an ulterior motive behind that.

Thomas has problems with over aggression, while he can hold himself back with great self control he feels bitter rage at almost the entire world around him. Sometimes he likes to play with his opponents, and his fighting style the leopard demonstrates this very well. In combat he will often enter it defensively, preferring to dodge or block attacks while testing his opponents defense with minor attacks. But as soon as he detects an opportune in his environment or in his opponent he leaps in and delivers powerful devastating blows. He has taken vows only to himself and hates feeling forced to do something by someone else, he spits at the idea of kings or leaders and prefers to etch out his own path in the world. Even if it is harder as a result.
Likes: Nature, boldness, power.
Dislikes: Kings, industry, conquerors.
Motivations: Obtain fame as the most powerful warrior in the three kingdoms, get his revenge on the Hylian crown.
Fears: Imprisonment, powerlessness.

Height: Six feet tall
Weight: 260ibs
Eye color: Dark brown
Hair color: Black with hints of brown.
Appearance: Picture

History: Thomas was born the very first son of a couple of dirt farmers. In his youth he spent long hours working the field or walking through the nearby patches of forest. He loved spending time with nature and all of the hard labor conditioned his body to be very muscular. Thomas was not a good brother, he would beat up his younger siblings and spent almost ninety percent of his childhood in some kind of trouble. He channeled much of his aggression into creating and perfecting his own martial art, the leopard style.

When he was of age to leave he got a respectable job as a guard for the castle. He proved himself very quickly over the course of three years. He busted all sorts of illegal activity inside castle town, including a massive contraband operation that he discovered himself. The king himself asked for Tom to step up and become a royal guard. He did so with honor, but once he became a guard he discovered he was doing very little guarding for the king.

He would be told to escort people out, or break the legs of some poor protesters. He had to turn a blind eye to all the laws the king was breaking because voicing them could lead to public shaming, or execution. Then he was told to leave the castle and hunt down eight suspected criminals. They were accused of being sympathizers to a terrorist organisation that wanted to see the return of Ganondorf.

He hunted them all down one by one and mercilessly. Killing every single one of them with his bare hands. But then the citizens accused the king of killing them! They were protesters sure but were well within their rights and were of no danger to anyone. Even when they ripped the houses apart of all of the victims they still could not find any evidence that pointed to the need for them to be killed.

There was an uproar, riots would be imminent. Almost in a panic the king dumped all the responsibility onto Thomas. The people were not pleased. He was made out to be a vigilante who took the law into his own hands. Many called for his head, but in a gesture of mercy the king sent him off to the worst prison they had available to them instead. The king said not a single word, nor did a single flash of guilt pass his eye as he gave the order to ship him off and arrest him without trial.

For ten, agonizing years he lived in that prison. It was a bleak building on an island in the sea of storms. There were no windows, no light, no hope. About forty guards guarded thirty of Hyrule's worst criminals. He was beaten often, he got a bath once every six months, he ate gruel, his chamber pot got emptied about every three days and he spent days upon days in chains. When he was released to work his muscles in solitary confinement he pushed himself to the limits to try and get strong enough to break his chains. One day.... One day he would break his chains and fight his way out of here!

RP Sample:
Five attackers surrounded Thomas.

They wore the black masks and wielded the weapons of ninja. But they had them at their side and were instead intent on beating him down. It was fair enough. Thomas sighed and stood up. The master assumed his fighting position and looked around at his five attackers. They had clearly had much training doing this because they were all an equal distance away.

One appeared to be using tiger style, one was using crane style, one viper, one mantis, and one eagle. These would not be an easy group to beat, but without letting hiss face show a single hint of fear he raised his hands into the special leopard fist. The eagle, the ninja directly infront of him charged forward. His fingers in the shape of an eagles talon. Just after him was the mantis who attempted a flying kick at his head.

He ducked the kick and redirected the talon strike. The viper lunged in on him going for a throat, he knew that dodging her blow would not be an option because of all of the fast hand movements associated with the style would overcome him. Instead he responded aggressively with a strike to the throat and an overhead kick. She was not prepared for such weakness exploitation and crumbled to the ground.

Next came the crane master. He blinded Tom with man blows and raked his fingers across his chest. Thomas cried out and his eyes filled with bitter rage burning from his very soul. He lunged forward and drove his fist into the mans jaw. It left him reeling, then Thomas gouged out his eyes, lifted him off the ground, and threw him into one of his mates.

Mr.Mantis tried a roundhouse kick to Tom's head, it was no use Tom was done holding back. He caught the leg and drove it's owner to the ground before striking the leg with all the power he could muster shattering it. He could no longer fight. The eagle master came in for another attack and Tom began dodging all of his blows swiftly, his foe lost more and more energy with each strike and eventually caught his arm. His opponents eyes widened it terror and Thomas hit him in the throat so hard he broke his windpipe.

The dream faded. "Prisoner! Get back in your chains, your solitary time is over!" Thomas sighed and did as he was told, but he would never stop strengthening his body.
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