The knight contract (mission)

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The knight contract (mission)

Post by Aberham on Sat Mar 07, 2015 10:55 am

Aberham wrote:Mission Name: The knight contract
Mission Rank: Experenced
Location: Hyrule field
Description: A bakers dozen higlian Knights are onto you! They will attack the inn you are staying at during the night. They carry valuables, it would not be wise to let them live. Kill them.
Requirements: Kill or otherwise deal with all thirteen Knights.
Player Count: 1
Reward: 300k rupees 500 xp
Word Count: 3500
Mission Boss: N/A

Aberham was having difficulty finding work.

Usually the black knight as of late had been flooded with work, his notoriety had only increased with the bandits and the cyclops. But word had gotten out that he was out of town. Word had gotten out even more about his crimes as peaple slowly came forth. Luckily he had never shown his victims his face so a knight in dark armor with a cape was hard to track down.

Still, he refused to lay low or even take off his cape and instead moved his portable office to a much smaller town than castle town. It was not known as well. He had been living here for about three days.

He had been letting his wounds from heavy training heal along with eating a bunch of meat to let him build up more bulk. He needed protein and beef, chicken, and hylian fresh salmon was the way to do it. He was staying in a rather nice inn for adventurers. It had three story's and if you bought a room on the top for a much greater price you were considered s top floor customer.

Aberham threw his money around and bought the best room in the place, renting it for a couple weeks. For two reasons. The main reason was that he needed the space to bring all the books on magic and the hero of Hyrule he was studying. Along with some training equipment.

The second was that this no name dirt farmer had almost a half million rupees to his name. To him that wealth we unread of. It was eight harvest seasons atleast! He wanted to throw his money around, eat good food, drink good wine. He wanted a bath to himself, he wanted a view of the town he was in. He wanted to have breakfast lunch and dinner so he could eat with his helmet off!

He sat down with a bottle of champagne, his medicinal bottle of red wine was not far away either. He took a sip before he began to read one of the very first tales of the legendary hero, the latest reincarnation of the goddess Hylia was trapped in a sleeping spell. By his lord Ganondorf.

He read tales of the heros magical prowess, some of the great items he used none more famous than the master sword. He read about how he conquered several palaces, overcame an unorganised army of the fallen Ganondorf, tracked through death mountain with a map made by a blind drunk man while it was fully encamped by some of the mightiest warriors his army had ever been known to have.

Good god, Aberham had to take a stress drink. It was not the liquor he was accustomed to and ended up almost draining the glass. This guy would be so hard to take down! Just imagine his latest reincarnation! Thirteen generations of sword fighting skill coupled with explosives, expert marksmanship, and magical arms and armor coming out of the but. He would not let up his training a single bit!

Next he delved into his study of magic. He was reading a tome called, "The application of weapon based magic for an Experenced caster and you." He would need to match the hero of Hyrule spell by spell! He learned of crazy complex incantations, rune signs, magical artifacts that he could and would have to learn how to use.

Never before had he appreciated the painstaking work that went into creating the enchantment on his armor! He had paid a blacksmith a lot of rupees to improve the frame so he could even pay the Mage way, way more to enchant it. He could see why it was in the shop so long, but the advantage is that he was imbued with the strength of a master. He could lift heavy burdens easily with it on. He looked at a ticking cocoo clock that told him he was getting late. His sweaty armpits from reading a tale that glorified his future foe so much let him know that he should get in his bath.

He donned his armor and a dark hood and silently left his room to go to the bathroom on the top floor. He entered the steamy room to find it empty. It was a bit late and soon they would take the coal out of the furnace to stop heating the water. But he had a good twenty minutes to take a good bath. He walked passed the big main bath and into a room with his room number on it, to make him feel even more secure he turned the key in the lock and the secure wooden door opened to a small room with a bath that went into the floor and a few hangers to hang your clothes.

Aberham smiled, he closed and locked the door behind him. Feeling nice as he felt the weight of the thick door. He saw a towel on a small holding cabinet made of oak. He took off his hood and his armor and then stripped off his under armor and hung it up.

As he lay in the pleasantly hot waters and started cleaning himself with some soap and a pleasantly clean scrub brush. He admired the dragon scales that he collected personally from his friend Dracul at his family's dirt farm. It was the time of year when he was shedding so having someone come by and take his old set of scales was welcome. Traditionally he would bury them, because they would float back to shore if you tossed them out to see and he clearly could not burn them.

The blacksmith had hammered only the hardest scales on his back, they were as hard as any steel and he had woven them over the cyclops leather to give him fire protection. It almost made skinning the cyclops and getting positively covered in blood worth it.

He poured some water over his soapy brown hair causing a bit of dirt to fall out with it into the water. "Almost..." After he cleansed his entire body one tried off with the fluffy towel, redressed himself and retired back into his quarters for the night.

For breakfast he had one of his favorites, cocoo eggs and hazelnut soup. The eggs were hearty and the soup was rich. He decided to go downstairs today. He was getting hayfever from staying in all day long for the past three days. It was good to have the barista's company along with the other third floor customers.

He did not make small talk with the many numerous travelers in poor clothing. They were his peaple, but his persona, the black knight did not talk to such folks. It ruined his image.

He decided to see the town! He left his lodgings today out of the thick door and walked right outside of the town, and what a town it was! He saw open aired stalls attempt to sell their wares. "Ten rupee jewelry over here! Bottles, bottles for sale. One only, we start the auction at three hundred rupees... Step right up!"

Aberham was particularly drawn to the last voice. This was certainly a booming trading town! A travelling magician pulled up his cart lead by two horses. He unfolded the cart at the middle and revealed all sorts of fun surprises, jack in the boxes, magical mirrors, wands of all shapes and sizes. The tall man dressed in a black suit with a tie and a top hat.

"Step right up" See The amazing marks many magical items of darkness and wonder!" Many young kids dragged their parents to go see but a few bored adults and elderly stepped forward to see what was going on.

The man removed his hat, looked deep inside then stuck his entire arm inside. He wrenched about for a bit, his entire arm up to the shoulder in some kind of pocket dimension. Eventually he produced a spell book that was very big and very heavy. His magical hat had to stretch to get it all the way out. Once it was the caster struggled to hold it with just one hand before he donned his hat yet again.

"Mystical items for sale at rock bottom prices. Behold, a mirror that shows the users very soul and affects their appearance for hours to come! Aberham saw a glimps of himself in the mirror, the dark shadow version of the black knight had glowing blue eyes and was looking at him through a very plain set of armor. He looked terrible, his skin was pale and while his eyes glowed they had no life in them. The shadow version of himself had no humanity. Aberham turned away after seeing the glance of himself and the entire crowd had mixed reactions. Many of the kids gawked over it and many of the adults looked a little scared.

The magician decided to switch to something with more mass market appeal. "Gaze into the workings of this music box. What is magical about it you ask? Well everyone hears a different song once it is wound up. Observe." He wound the music box tightly, and after a few moments poppy, fun jazz music washed over the crowd. Aberham caught himself tapping his foot and the crowd as a whole seemed to like this one much better. But he noticed everyone else was tapping their foot or moving completely out of step with the rhythm and beat of the music, perhaps it was magical after all?

"And all of these wands have different uses. Behold the power of this one!" He took a brightly colored red wand with golden glitter that shone brightly in the sun and then waved it in the air. A shining firework shot into the sky's like a missile and burst high in the air. It would be visible for miles around, while everyone had to squint their eyes to see the blast past the sun they clapped their hands and cheered once It was all done.

He let everyone see his wares, the more creepy of his magical items did not get much attention but everyone flocked to see his wands. He actually had some cool stuff be Aberham caught himself checking how many rupees he had on him for a firework wand of his own. But they were very costly and had so few charges each he decided against it. This did not stop the more privileged peaple from buying a few and walking home.

"And be sure to see my new magic show tonight at twelve in the theater behind me." He said as the customers dispersed. He gathered his things, closed his shop and with a few heavy looking bags walked into the currently dark, closed night theater. Aberham resolved to see this show tonight.

He had been waiting for about fifteen minutes at the door. Aberham checked his pocket watch and saw that it was five minutes from midnight, he paid fifteen rupees for his ticket and just before he was walking in the woman selling them behind iron bars told him he would have to leave his weapons behind as per company policy. This was a chain establishment. "Don't tell me what to do." He said as he brushed her off and walked in. Aberham was a real different person in this armor.

He sat down in one of the front row seats just in time, using his cape as a blanket because it was cold enough inside the theater for him to see his own breath. A furnace that had been lighted recently promised warmth in the near future.

The curtains opened on the small stage and mist poured in into the audience. The magician sat raised on a wooden platform that elevated him above the bare stage. Once the curtains were completely opened for all to see the mist pouring out behind stage the man in a suit raised his arms and floated off of his feet before landing softly on the ground.

He bowed. "I am the magnificent Mark! Today I will dazzle your mind with dark magics, origins of which are untold." He lifted his hat, reeded in deeply and pulled out a jet black bunny. The audience oohed and awed at how cute the rabbit was. He placed it gently on the ground and it hopped off backstage.

Next he showed the audience the inside of these dark cap and collapsed it, one, two, three times. Then he reached inside and pulled out the steel book from earlier today. He chanted an arcane incantation while looking deeply into one of his pages, then the mist poured out much more violently covering Aberham's entire vision. When it cleared the man was slowly walking up a set of steps, he was slipping on a straitjacket and the sleeves automatically tied behind him.

He said no words, instead heavy chains wrapped around the man's ankles. He melodramatically fell in head first, his back to the audience. The small platform he was on blocked their view of his head. For several seconds he struggled against his restraints but then he began to slow before a few bubbles went up and he stopped moving entirely. The audience gasped out loud, and gasped even harder when the corpse slowly turned around and they could see that he and been reduced to a skeleton!

All the lamps flickered for a second and suddenly the straitjacket was empty. For a few second there were some worried sounds coming from the audience, questioning what had just happened. Then the magician came from the side of the stage slightly wet trying his head off with a towel, he dried his head off and flung his towel to the side where it disappeared. The audience as a whole cheered and gave a great applause. He even got a few heavy metal claps from Aberham himself. He was impressed with this mans sorcery and ability to fool his special vigilant eyes.

“ And for the main event!” The caster said producing his spellbook again out of nowhere. “I shall pull shadow incarnate out for all to see. “ He wound up his arm, twinkled his fingers a little bit before delving his hand straight into the book. He struggled with it for several seconds his hand disappearing into a shadow dimension.

Eventually his fingers got ahold of something, he pulled out a monster from the book triumphantly. He held it up for all to see, it looked like a two dimensional creature and it squirmed and tried to get free of his hand. It had little legs and a big head with big teeth. It looked like something you would see in nightmares after the crowd got done applauding he bowed and the creature disappeared into black fire.

“Thank you thank you everyone for seeing this special midnight show. I will be here for the next three days with a different act each night. Be sure to catch the others!” Abe left the theater that night feeling satisfied. He had gotten his money’s worth and had gotten out of his room today, he wondered if he would see the caster ever again.

The next day Aberham went downstairs for breakfast again. He was having biscuits and bacon. A simple, good meal that reminded him of home. Then he heard the door open, it was very early for travelers to be arriving and he heard the clanking of any people in armor.

The black knight did not even look their way. He just wrapped his body even tighter in his black robe and continued to eat in the dark corner.

He heard a man talk with the innkeeper. “We are looking for this man.” Aberham looked at the front of the inn with the corner of his eye. There were no less than a dozen Highlian knights not including the man in armor showing  wanted poster with a rough sketch of Aberhams armor on it! Normal people would have panicked but Aberham just finished a biscuit, drank his last sip of coffee and closed the font of his helm over his mouth, which was partially opened so he could eat. The inkeeper had personally checked him into the third floor when he arrived. There was no way she could not remember him in armor! She immediately asked them for identification and when they proved they were genuine knights for the crown she pointed them upstairs to his room. Little did she know that he was one of the few people downstairs eating an early meal.

Six knights detached to go search his room. A smart man would have let them go and attempted escape with only seven knights watching four exits. But Aberham had quite a lot of things in his room that he was not willing to lose.

He stood up and walked to the stairs they were taking to go to the third floor, though his light armor lightly clanked his robe still hid his identity from view. “Step aside sir!” Said a young scrappy knight in the lead of the group of six. Abrerham replied. “You’re not going to my room, you will tear apart all of my books.

The knight reached for his sword but it was too late! Aberham threw his robe forward and it covered his face. Before he could throw it off the black knight drew his sword and cut his throat ear to ear. He fell down on the ground choking out his last breath and everyone in the room besides his killer gasped. “Seize him!” Said the guard in charge. Thats when everything devolved into chaos.

The men in front of Aberham drew their weapons to run him through and one that was very near him treid to tackle him to the ground. But even with two pairs of armor on Aberham was still fast enough to beat them up the stairs to get away. Once he got to the top he saw all of them struggled to get up the thin stairwell. He picked up a set of wooden drawers next to the top of the stairwell over his head and for a brief moment the knights beneath him could sense that something was wrong…

The thin wooden stairs were buckling underneath the weight of the six grown men in armor. “Retreat!” Said one in the front, they struggled to get away but they were all completly prevented from going downstairs by their own bodys. The captain watched and scratched his head at why his highly trained knights where scratching, clawing and punching to get off the stairs but he found out when Aberham lept into the air and threw the droors onto the middle of the pile with the enhanced strength of a master.

Bones broke and the entire stairwell broke at the foundations. The men who were coming up would not be available for the coming fight. Aberham strolled on over to the other stairwell and slid down the rail nonchalantly. The few people and staff on the ground floor were running out of the inn house in terror.

Abehram stared down the sex remaining knights. One of them looked like he was about to join the fleeing masses but his commanding officer held him in place. Aberham looked the fat captain right in the eye and when all of the peaple had cleared out who wanted to clear out there was relative silence.

Abe spun his blade and the blood came off of his sword. “Oh, are you ready to fight yet?” He asked, yawning from genuine tiredness because of how early in the morning it was. The knights rushed forward, swords, maces, and ax’s raised.

They were slowed by a bunch of tables. Aberham slashed his sword at the fastest one of them ripping through the armor like it was made out of tin plated dirt. He fell to the ground and clutched his chest for his heart had been cut halfway through.

He walked forward a bit more and blocked a mace strike with his black shield. He then kicked a chair into the attackers upper body and in shattered from the fource. Then with three slashes to chinks of his opponent's armor he fell to the ground dead.

Two more came to him this time at once. He parried a blow from one of them but the other one raked across a chink in his armor. A normal strike like this would have carved open his flesh like a thanksgiving turkey. But the sword raked harmlessly across dragon scales and it only made Aberham smirk. The black knight disarmed the man he parried then slashed a vital artery in his neck. Then for the other he stabbed him right through the spine, causing him to fall down and die paralyzed.

There were only two knights left, one charged forward with his longsword raised but Abeham stepped forward into his charge, grabbed him by his scrawny little neck, wrung the life out of him for a few brief moments then snapped his neck.

He walked forward to the captain, a veteran fighter who had a sword and a shield and was clad in heavy armor. He looked like he would be hard to beat. With minimum effort expenditure Aberham summoned an ax out of thin air which planted itself firmly in his face. He would be having a closed casket funeral.

Aberham strolled over to the heavily injured surviving men on what used to be the stairs and finished them all off. Then he walked upstairs and threw everything he wanted to keep in a bag. There were only a few expensive books on magic and rare books on the hero he wanted to keep. Then he stripped the wallets off of all the bodys. They were all filled with golden shining rupees, it looked like they had already been paid to kill him.

Aberham smirked, he donned another robe and walked out to retrieve his horse from the stables and make his escape. He was doing the work of Ganondorf one inn full of Hylian knights at a time.

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Re: The knight contract (mission)

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